Anansé Naturals Still Bay

Ananse Naturals Still Bay

Anansé Naturals -Still Bay

Handmade soaps along with other bath and body products manufactured from natural ingredients. In fact, Anansé Naturals uses only plant-based oils and butters for their artisan soaps, scrubs, salts and creams. Still Bay is a friendly coastal town in the Hessequa region in the Western Cape Garden Route.

Anansé Naturals – Love Your Skin

At Anansé Naturals they believe a healthy, glowing skin results from using natural, pure as well as affordable ingredients.

They offer a range of products including natural soap, body butter, exfoliating body scrubs, bath salts and foaming bath scoops.

Their Pledge:

  • Always to strive to manufacture products you would welcome in your home;
  • To use the best quality ingredients, natural as well as sourced locally;
  • Furthermore, to choose eco-friendly, affordable packing materials where possible, thus minimising the impact of shipping on the environment;
  • Never to use sulphates (additive to maintain colour), phthalates (help dissolve other materials), or parabens (artificial preservatives).

Anansé Naturals Products Outlets

Buy their skin care products locally in Stilbaai at Namo Health along with The Skin Zone. Also obtainable countrywide from their Online Shop at

Visit the online shop – click here.   Anansé Naturals Handmade Soaps

Anansé Naturals Skincare Products

As mentioned earlier on, they use eco-friendly, biodegradable containers to package their precious pampering products. Handmade products for the bath and body manufactured using only plant-based oils and butters.

They use oils such as baobab, marula, olive and macadamia nut as well as coconut, jojoba, avocado and more. Likewise, they make use of various butters, including cocoa, mafura, shea, mango and avocado butter.

  • Handmade Natural Soaps

While many commercial soaps may strip the skin of its natural oils, their soap contains vegetable glycerine. Vegetable glycerine cleanses the skin without clogging pores while smoothing the appearance of fine lines.

Their artisan soaps come with labels listing the ingredients used to produce the soap.

  • Moisturising Bubbling Bath Scoops

Packaged to look like ice cream scoops, these bubbling bath scoops naturally cleanse while hydrating your skin simultaneously.

  • Body Butters

With several options to choose from, their body butters are super-rich, though non-greasy on the skin.

  • Skin Scrub Body Polish

Anansé Naturals’ skin polishes are all-natural body scrubs that look, as well as smell terrific.

  • Holiday Gift Sets For Pleasure and Pampering

Here they combine their most popular items into one set, thus creating excellent gifts to spoil someone you love.

  • Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are always a good option if you are not entirely sure about the preferences of the lucky recipient.

Wholesale Opportunities

Should you contemplate stocking their natural skincare products in your place of business, contact them today.

Visit the online shop – click here.   Anansé Naturals Handmade Soaps

Anansé Velsorg Produkte Stilbaai

Uitstekende Natuurlike Velsorg Produkte van Anansé Naturals in Stilbaai

  • Handgemaakte bad- en lyfsorgprodukte vervaardig slegs van natuurlike, plaaslik verkrygbare bestanddele van die hoogste gehalte.
  • Hulle produkte sluit in natuurlike seep, badsoute, skuimbadballetjies, lyfbotter, en so ook ‘n lyfafskilferaar.
  • Slegs plantolies en -botters word gebruik in hulle produkte. Dit sluit in olies soos olyfolie, amandelolie-, jojobaolie-, makadamianeutolie-, marulaolie-, sonneblomolie, en so meer. Ook plantgebaseerde botters soos avokadobotter, kakaobotter, galambotter, mangobotter, mafurabotter en so meer.
  • Sover moontlik verpak hulle die produkte in ekovriendelike, bekostigbare material om so die impak op die omgewing te verminder.
  • Jy kan ook geskenkstelle en geskenkbewyse by hulle koop.
  • Sou jy dit oorweeg om hulle produkte in jou winkel te verkoop? Hulle nooi jou uit om hulle so gou moontlik te kontak.

Visit the online shop – click here.   Anansé Naturals Handmade Soaps

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Local delivery in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein is free of charge. You can also find products at Namo Health Shop and Verandah in Stilbaai, and in a growing number of shops across the Western Cape.

Check our web site for a stockist near you.

Anansé Naturals. Love your skin!

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