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Bay Coffee


A Coffee Bar right next door to Bay Linen in Still Bay, Western Cape and it complements the stylish linen shop also owned by Gina & Seth. Following the soft opening that commenced on the 01 May 2018 the official opening was on 11 June 2018. The Coffee Bar is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00 and on Saturday from 08:30 to 13:00.

While the wife browses the exquisite linen and accessories to her heart’s delight, the husband can delight in a cup of perfectly prepared coffee and also have something delicious to eat to fortify the inner man.

Take a seat at the L-shaped Bay Coffee Bar, Stilbaai for the best coffee in town. Relax in one of their barstools with adjustable height to ensure the most comfort. Their focus is on quality coffee with cake or a healthy meals to accompany the aromatic and flavourful coffee coming off the espresso machine prepared by baristas trained to extract the ultimate coffee from the Jacobs coffee bean.

Bay Coffee Stilbaai offers their coffee in a variety of forms such as Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and Café Latte. There is also a variety of other drinks available ranging from tea and rooibos to the Mochaccino, Red Cappuccino, flavoured coffees and cool drinks.

Bay Coffee Menu

On their menu they offer a health breakfast as well as a waffle breakfast. Also open toasted sandwiches or closed toasted sandwiches with as choice of white, seed loaf or rye bread. Furthermore they offer a variety of pies and quiches served with a side salad, as well as hearty soups served with a bread basket. Not to mention their toasted or fresh tramezzini and toasted quesadilla – a toasted tortilla wrap filled with something delectable. Likewise they offer vegetable lasagna as well as their own Bay platter with hummus and sun-dried tomato pesto. Also olive tapenade, chilli, salsa with Melba toast, seed loaf and bruschetta.

For those not wanting some form of coffee, they offer ice tea, juice, soft drinks and bottled still or sparkling water.

What a way to conclude your shopping! Simply stroll to the other end of the shop and flop down for a refreshment you will want to come back to repeatedly.

Bay Coffee in Stilbaai – Koffie op sy Beste!

In die verste hoek van die linnewinkel, Bay Linen in Stilbaai, in die gang oorkant die Blombos Apteek. Hulle personeel is intensief en professioneel opgelei om die Jacobs koffieboon op sy beste voor te berei.

Bay Coffee bied kwaliteit koffie op verskillende maniere voorberei soos espresso, cappuccino en filter koffie en so ook rooi cappuccino. Verder bied hulle ontbyt en ligte maaltye aan soos geroosterde toebroodjies, pasteie en quiches. So ook sop, tramezzini, quesadilla, groentelasagna en hulle eie Bay-bord.

Vir diegene wat nie koffie wil drink nie, is daar ook ander drinkgoed soos ystee, vrugtesap en so ook gebottelde water.

Die lekkerste manier om jou inkopies by Bay Linen af te sluit – met ‘n verfrissende koppie koffie of twee en ‘n lekker eetdingetjie daarby!

Seth & Gina Stephens

Tel: 028 754 3218

Cell: 071 051 4223

Bay Coffee Stilbaai

15 Voortrekker Street

Bay Square Mall