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Beach House Upholstery Still Bay

Beach House Upholstery is the perfect shop in Still Bay for all your upholstery, stitching and fixing needs. Their upholstery services are available for items like diving suits, tents, canvasses, lounge suits as well as seats and chairs.

This lovely upholstery shop is located just behind the local OK Grocer in Still Bay West. The perfect location for a quick visit when buying those essentials!

Their products and services include:

• Upholstery, repairing and stitching services;
• Restoring of furniture;
• Whitewashing as well as other painting techniques
• Suppliers of various plastic products;
• Gifts, artworks and paintings;
• Tiles

Beach House Upholstery Services

Furthermore, they can upholster cushions for cane furniture, headrests for beds, car and boat seats as well as backpacks. Not only do they upholster various items and products, but also repair and stitch up your broken items. You can rely on Beach House Upholstery to cover your boat seats and accessories or the cushions of your patio furniture. Using transparent plastic or weather proof material for protection against dirt and rainy weather.

Additionally, they restore old furniture and let them appear as good as new. Contact them for all your whitewashing or paint effects on wood, products and services. Other paint colours are also available for painting furniture.

Plastic Products in Still Bay

This Plastic Shop offers a variety of plastic products, such as different types of lunch boxes, kitchenware and cleaning equipment. As well as children’s toys, coffee mugs, clothing hangers, trash cans, laundry baskets, ice buckets, spray bottles and containers.

Beach House Upholstery & Plastics are not limited to these plastic products, contact them for more information!

Paintings and Artworks

You will find various types of wooden artworks at Beach House Upholstery. Handcrafted wooden decorations and gifts. Wooden picket fences, chairs, coffee tables and multifunctioning racks to name a few.

Stilbaai and Jongensfontein Art. They have beautiful, inspiring and unique paintings available, painted by several local artists in and around Still Bay.

Beach House Upholstery Flooring & Blinds Products

In addition to the upholstery and repairing services, and the numerous products available, they also provide interior services such as stylish tiles and blinds. These tiles as well as blinds are perfect for your home.

Important Information

Beach House Upholstery receives new stock regularly and because of this they might have products not listed above. This is why they invite you to contact them for that unique product, you never know, they might have it!

Beretha Beukes

Cell: 071 195 1274

Main Road West

OK Grocer Building (Parking Area Section)