Boumag Transportation – Riversdale

Boumag Transportation - Boumag Vervoer

Boumag Transportation – Boumag Vervoer

Apart from building, Boumag Construction also transports heavy loads with their 8 ton drop side truck. Loads can literally be anything with a weight up to 8 tons, such as equipment, products, materials, etc. Their services include removing stuff, moving stuff from one place to another, as well as delivering stuff.

Although Boumag Transportation is located in Riversdale, they offer their transportation services all over the Hessequa area. This includes towns as well as all surrounding rural areas like Heidelberg, Witsand, Albertinia, Stilbaai, Gouritsmond, Slangrivier and Melkhoutfontein, etc.

They are friendly, reliable, honest as well as helpful and effective and their prices are affordable and reasonable. Their clients includes private individuals, property owners, other building companies and farmers, businesses, municipalities, etc.

Boumag Transportation Services

The Boumag Construction company in Riversdale believes in making optimal use of the assets of their business. Therefore, whenever their truck is not in use at a building site, they make it available for use elsewhere.

The truck, a 6 wheel, 8 ton, drop side Mercedes, comes with a driver as well as a team of workers that can perform any job to be executed. This means that you don’t have to worry about who’s going to help with loading or unloading of the material or stuff.

Three Types of Transportation Services

Removal & Disposal of Materials:

Examples of possible removal needs:

  • They will remove building/construction rubble from sites and dispose of it at dumping sites, such as chunks of concrete. Also broken tiles and bricks, shards of timber, metal and glass, plastic and discarded packaging materials, etc.
  • Furthermore they will remove garden refuse/rubbish like piled up hedge cuttings and dead or pruned branches of trees. Also bushes, weeds, unwanted stones or broken pots, or garden implements, decorations, furniture and any other discarded garden items.
  • They will also clean a vacant site to prepare for building by removing weeds, vegetation, debris as well as unwanted stones, etc.
  • Moreover, they will undertake to demolish a wall and at the same time remove the rubble. This way they take care of two jobs in one and save you trouble and money.
  • Then, of course, there is that little problem of rubbish, scrap and unsalvageable broken things piled up in the garage and storeroom of a deceased person.

These are only a few examples of removals Boumag Transportation offers to undertake.

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Collecting & Delivery of Materials:

Examples of possible delivery needs:

  • They will collect and deliver all materials needed for construction and building such as sand, crushed stone as well as cement. Also bricks, tiles, pavers, roof tiles, timber, pipes, stone for cladding, etc. The drop sides and back of the truck make it easy to unload these materials.
  • Furthermore they will collect heavy merchandise from markets as well as wholesalers. Then deliver the merchandise in remote areas such as farm shops and small retail businesses.
  • In addition they will gladly pick up and deliver animal feed to farms such as chicken feed, cattle, sheep, swine as well as horse feed, etc.
  • Likewise they will pick up and deliver farm equipment and implements not heavier than 8 ton.
  • Moreover they will deliver bulk gardening/planting materials to nurseries, serious gardeners and farmers. These include items like compost, fertilizer, potting soil, planting pots and garden ornaments. Also concrete supporting/retaining blocks, trees, plants, grass sods, etc.

Again, these are only some examples of deliveries Boumag Transportation offers to make.

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Moving/Transfer of Materials from one Location to Another:

Examples of possible transfer needs:

  • They will move bulk farm products from the farm to the market or anywhere else the farmer needs the products to be moved to.
  • Furthermore they will move heavy equipment or machinery from one location to another, such as heavy construction machinery or farming equipment. Some of such are not suitable to run on roads, or don’t even have wheels.

There are many more possible materials Boumag Transportation offers to move.

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Should you be unsure if they can help with your bulky/heavy problem, they invite you to just contact them and ask.

Henry du Plessis 

Cell: 076 538 4543

Cell: 076 356 6720

Boumag Vervoer in Riversdal

Boumag Transportation is deel van Boumag Construction. Hulle stel die besigheidstrok beskikbaar vir die vervoer van swaar goedere wanneer dit nie deur die bouers gebruik word nie. So, hulle maak optimale gebruik van hierdie voertuig terwyl dit in onbruik staan. Hulle vragvervoerdiens sluit in die verwydering, verskuiwing en so ook die aflewering van goedere.

Die besigheid is in Riversdal, maar hulle bied hierdie vragvervoerdiens aan oor die hele Hessequa-gebied. Dit sluit in al die dorpe en so ook omliggende plattelandse gebiede, soos Stilbaai, Heidelberg, Albertinia, Jongensfontein, ens. Hulle is vriendelik, betroubaar, eerlik, hulpvaardig en so ook effektief en hulle pryse is billik en bekostigbaar.

Boumag Transportation – Dienste

Die trok/lorrie, ‘n 6-wiel, 8-ton, klapsy Mercedes, kom met drywer, sowel as ‘n werkspan wat enige werk/arbeid kan doen. So, jy hoef nie te bekommer oor wie die goedere gaan oplaai of aflaai nie.

Drie Tipes Vervoerdienste

Verwydering & Weggooi van Goedere:

Voorbeelde van moontlike verwyderingsbehoeftes:

  • Hulle verwyder bou-/konstruksierommel van persele en neem dit na stortingsplekke. Dit sluit in stukke konkreet, gebreekte teëls en bakstene, afval hout, metaal, glas, plastiek, verpakkingsmateriaal, en so meer.
  • Verder verwyder hulle vragte opgehoopte tuinvuilis soos boomtakke, bosse, gebreekte tuinpotte en tuinornamente. So ook ongewensde klippe, stukkende tuingereedskap, stukkende tuinmeubels en enige ander tuinafval.
  • Dan maak hulle ook erwe skoon en verwyder die gemors terselfdertyd.
  • Sou jy ‘n muur of ander struktuur wou platslaan, sal hulle dit vir jou doen en sommer die rommel ook verwyder. Twee vlieë met een klap.
  • By die afsterwe van ‘n eienaar, mag daar dalk baie afval en rommel wees wat verwyder moet word. Soos stukke hout, geroeste pype, waardelose, stukkende items en so meer in die stoorkamer, garage, of op die erf.

Moenie sukkel nie – bel net vir Boumag Transportation

Optel & Aflewering van Goedere

Voorbeelde van moontlike afleweringsbehoeftes:

  • Hulle vervoer en lewer bou- en konstruksiemateriaal af soos sand, gruis, sement en bakstene. Ook teëls, plaveistene, dakpanne, houtbalke, pype, klip vir bekleding van mure en so meer.
  • Dan ook kan hulle swaar vragte verkoopsware en produkte optel by markte of groothandelplekke. En dit dan aflewer by plaaswinkels, klein afsetpunte, en so meer.
  • Of hulle kan vragte voer en kos vir diere op plase gaan aflewer, soos hoenderkos en voer vir ander lewende hawe.
  • So ook kan hulle plaastoerusting en implemente gaan haal en aflewer wat tot 8 ton kan weeg.
  • Meer nog, hulle kan vragte tuinmaak-/landboumateriaal aflewer by kwekerye, ernstige tuinmakers en boere. Sulke materiaal kan insluit kompos, kunsmis, potgrond, plantpotte, tuinornamente, konkreet stutblokke, bome, grassooie, en so meer.

Jy hoef nie te sukkel nie. Jy bel net vir Boumag Transportation.

Verskuiwing van Goedere van Een Plek na ‘n Ander:

Voorbeelde van moontlike verskuiwingsbehoeftes:

  • Hulle verskuif graag jou plaasprodukte/oeste na die mark of enige ander plek waarheen dit moet gaan.
  • Verder verskuif hulle swaar toerusting of masjinerie soos swaar konstruksiemasjinerie of plaasimplemente en so meer. Sommige waarvan nie op paaie kan ry of nie wiele het nie, maar van plek tot plek moet verskuif.

Sukkel is nie ‘n opsie nie – bel net vir Boumag Transportation.


As jy onseker is of hulle kan help met jou bonkige/swaar probleem, nooi hulle jou uit om hulle tog net te kontak en te vra.

Henry du Plessis 

Cell: 076 538 4543

Cell: 076 356 6720