Stilbaai Builders
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Stilbaai Builders

Construction company for quality building of new houses, renovating, extending as well as restoring existing houses. Stilbaai Builders has been in the building business in Still Bay since 2002. This company is known for its top quality structures as well as perfect finishes which include Cemcrete floors, stone cladding, and thatched roofs. The dedicated full-time building team is qualified and experienced in all building related aspects.
Woeker Akademie Wiskunde & Wetenskap klasse
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Woeker Akademie

Vir die afgelope 7 jaar het leerders van verskeie topskole baat gevind by die Woeker Akademie vir Wiskunde en Wetenskap. Skole sluit in DF Malan, Bishops Privaatskool, Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof, Curro Privaatskool, Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck. So ook Hoërskool Durbanville, Hoër Jongenskool Paarl, Oakdale, Hoërskool Langenhoven en York Hoërskool.
Stainless Steel Worxshop in Stilbaai

Stainless Steel Worxshop

Steel work manufacturer specialising in stainless steel products. Stainless Steel Worxshop advises, designs, manufactures as well as installs stainless steel products such as balustrades and staircases. Also handrails, boat accessories, bull bars, roll bars and braais. Although their focus is on stainless steel, they undertake any steel work.
Loodgieter Nutsman - Plumber and Handy Man in Stilbaai
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Loodgieter Nutsman - Plumber

Qualified plumber in Still Bay offering all plumbing services and maintenance work in residences as well as businesses. Contact Loodgieter Nutsman for blocked drains, detection of water leaks, toilet problems, geyser problems, etc. Avoid receiving a large water and electricity bill and save by fixing plumbing problems before they become big and get out of hand.
Die Appelboom Roof Paint Spesialists

Die Appelboom - Roof Paint Specialists

Top quality roof painters offering top quality roof painting services in the residential, commercial, agricultural, public as well as industrial sectors. Die Appelboom operates in Still Bay, Jongensfontein and Riversdale as well as their surrounding areas. Their services include cleaning the roof, waterproofing, repairing roof leaks, adding a primer where required as well as painting.
Laser4U Slimming & Aesthetics Stilbaai

Laser4u Slimming & Aesthetics

Beauty salon using laser technology for fat reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation as well as permanent hair removal. The qualified therapists at Laser4u offer professionally customised skincare treatment programs as well as laser hair removal and slimming. They are dedicated while constantly keeping up with the latest developments in the field of their state-of-the-art technology. Their professional aesthetic services are affordable, effective as well as comfortable.
Lawn it - Instant Lawn in Stilbaai
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Lawn It

Supplies, delivers and installs instant lawn as well as handle landscaping, irrigation and chemical weed control aspects related to lawns. Lawn It! is in the couch grass business offering the best instant turf for residential lawns, sports grounds, parks and businesses. No lawn is too big or too small for them to roll out their instant natural lawn. It might be a small decorative lawn enhancing your garden's appearance. Or else it might be part of the garden layout on the grounds of a new housing development. Or maybe simply part of the golf course that needs replacement because of damage to the existing green.
Body Sonic Wellness Clinic in Stilbaai

Body Sonic Wellness Clinic

Suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue, short memory, depression, obesity, acidity, headaches, etc.? Body Sonic Wellness Clinic has the solution: meta therapy based on creating an energy that stimulates the body's natural ability to heal. Revolutionary, non-invasive as well as extremely effective. This therapy offers excellent results in areas such as weak immune systems, acute and chronic pain and inflammation and allergies. Also old age related illnesses, stress, arthritis, hormonal disturbances, spinal symptoms, eczema, etc.
Garage Doors MHR Jacques Theart
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Garage Doors

Providing, installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors, access gates, gate motors as well as garage door openers. MHR Garage Doors in Riversdale works in the private, industrial, agricultural as well as business sectors. Their scope also includes solar panel products, G-Speak Ultra phone intercoms, providing remotes and batteries and welding of access gates. Riversdale is a rural town on the N2 route through the scenic Garden Route in the Western Cape.
House of Sarah Interior Decorators

House of Sarah Interior Decorators

Custom interior decorating service in Stilbaai throughout the year. The services of House of Sarah Interior Decorators include kitchen design and decorating, wallpaper, rugs, curtaining and tiebacks, blinds, upholstery, lighting, etc. All of their quality products are hand-made, extremely neat as well as always finished off perfectly. Trust them to design your perfect home or business space.
Violette Florist & Nursery


A division of House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in Stilbaai. Violette consist of a florist selling fresh flowers and arranging bouquets and casket sprays as well as a nursery selling roses. Also bonsai trees and spekboom trees and many other garden plants, flowers, seedlings, indigenous plants, succulents, climbers, and many more. House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is located opposite the entrance to Palinggat Oord in Main Road West in Still Bay near the turn-off to Jongensfontein.


A division of House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in Still Bay. Rosemary sells Velvet furniture, interior decorating items as well as exclusive ladies clothing from Le Riche Design and Iconic Designs. They also make furniture on order as well as repair, restore and upholster furniture. The shop is located in the last building on the premises bordering on Vanilla Tea Garden.
House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in Stilbaai

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre

Company offering Custom Interior Decorating services in Still Bay throughout the year. Also a Florist and Nursery, Tea Garden, Pizza Shop as well as stockist of Velvet Furniture and exclusive Ladies Clothing. House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is the umbrella name for a number of divisions housed in different locations on the same premises. This brave dynamic and zealous enterprise is located on Main Road West in Still Bay, opposite the entrance to Palinggat-Oord.
Liefie se Kombuis Wholesale Bakery in Stilbaai
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Liefie se Kombuis

Home bakery offering rusks and cookies baked with love. Liefie se Kombuis bakes home-made cookies and rusks using traditional recipes to produce all time favourites for teatime. There is no excuse not to have a tin full of teatime bites at all times, but especially when the family is coming for the holidays. Christmastime without cookies in Granny's pantry is simply unimaginable. Fill up your cookie jars with delicious cookies and rusks from out kitchen and see them indulge.
Stilbaai Duine Hospital

Stilbaai Dialysis Unit

The first of the planned Services of the Stilbaai Private Hospital, the Stilbaai Dialysis Unit, or Stilbaai Fresenius Dialysis Unit is opening very soon. This brand new 6 bed dialysis unit is in Stilbaai East in the Stilbaai Private Hospital (Stilbaai Duine Hospitaal) and will serve residents of, as well as visitors to Stilbaai and all surrounding areas. This is very welcome news to all people living with kidney failure and in need daily of kidney care.