Albertinia Local Business

looking for a businesses in Albertinia here in Hessequa The Explorers Garden Route. Download the Free Garden Route and Klein Karoo App or use the website to search via the search filter. All the businesses or services can be found by name or category.Also find the businesses in nearby towns like Gouritsmond, Stilbaai, Riversdale, Mossel Bay or Heidelberg. Albertinia is conveniently next to the N2 on route from Cape Town to Mossel Bay or George.

Anansé Naturals Handmade Soaps
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Anansé Naturals

Anansé Naturals is a handmade skincare company located on the Goukou River in Still Bay. We handcraft skin care products that make you glow. Made with the finest natural ingredients in small-batches, your healthy skin is our priority.
Ghian's Surf Shop Stilbaai
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Ghian's Surf Shop

Business supplying quality branded apparel, footwear and accessories for an outdoor sports lifestyle. Ghian's Surf Shop dresses you for the beach, water sports, sun and surf. They specialise in the Boardriders range of outdoor sports which includes brand names such as Quiksilver, Billabong, ROXY as well as DC Shoes and more. Their focus is on young-minded people with a preference for a casual lifestyle.
Hygiene Experts Disinfectant Liquid
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Hygiene Experts

In order to ensure a hygienic and healthy lifestyle the Hygiene Experts at Pest Control offers you information, disinfectants, sanitation products and advice. Hygiene makes up such an important part of modern life. Dangers presented by germs, bacteria and viruses that can be found in all walks of life.
Woeker Akademie Wiskunde & Wetenskap klasse
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Woeker Akademie

Vir die afgelope 7 jaar het leerders van verskeie topskole baat gevind by die Woeker Akademie vir Wiskunde en Wetenskap. Skole sluit in DF Malan, Bishops Privaatskool, Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof, Curro Privaatskool, Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck. So ook Hoërskool Durbanville, Hoër Jongenskool Paarl, Oakdale, Hoërskool Langenhoven en York Hoërskool.
Garage Doors MHR Jacques Theart
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Garage Doors

Providing, installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors, access gates, gate motors as well as garage door openers. MHR Garage Doors in Riversdale works in the private, industrial, agricultural as well as business sectors. Their scope also includes solar panel products, G-Speak Ultra phone intercoms, providing remotes and batteries and welding of access gates. Riversdale is a rural town on the N2 route through the scenic Garden Route in the Western Cape.
Randall Vervoer - Randall Transport
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Randall Vervoer - Randall Transport

Transportation company for the removal of rubble and delivery of all kinds of materials with his 3 ton tip truck. Randall Vervoer in Still Bay will remove building rubble and garden refuse. They also deliver sand, crushed stone, cement, building materials and gardening materials, etc. Furthermore they will move goods (including furniture) from one place to another anywhere in the Hessequa and surrounding areas. Their clients include private persons, property owners, other builders, farmers, businesses, municipalities, etc.
PJK Earthworks Construction
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PJK Earthworks & Construction

Owners of a variety of heavy duty earth-moving machines, equipment as well as trucks. PJK Earthworks & Construction rents out heavy construction equipment for large scale commercial, agricultural as well as civil projects. Their earth movers and other powerful equipment will speed up earthwork, demolition, construction as well as materials handling.
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Haarhoffs Ceilings, Cupboards & Drywalls

Haarhoffs Ceilings, Cupboards & DrywallsHaarhoffs Ceilings, Cupboards & Drywalls in Stilbaai For all your ceilings, cornices, decorative mouldings as well as DADO rails, corbels and medallions in Still Bay. Vir alle plafonne, kroonlyste,…
Langeberg CCTV alarm systems
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Langeberg CCTV & Alarm Security Systems

Company specialising in professional home and business security systems and access control. Langeberg CCTV & Alarm Systems is the ideal professional solution to safety and security problems at private homes, on farms as well as commercial properties.
Genisis Building Projects
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Genisis Building Projects

Builders and shopfitters building new houses, renovations, alterations and all other building related jobs. In Still Bay, a popular coastal town in the Hessequa region of the Western Cape along the popular Garden Route.
Pest Exterminators in the Hessequa Region
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Pest Control Excellence

Pests are those animals and insects that impacts negatively or in a harmful way on human activities. Pest Control Excellence is a professional pest controlling enterprise that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Their purpose is to assist in eliminating and preventing general pests issues thus protecting people's health, food as well as property. Their customers come from both residential as well as commercial sectors. They live and operate by a bold motto: 'What more do you want, when you can have excellence!'
Autoboys Riversdale
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Autoboys Riversdale

Auto-glass specialists offering auto-glass fitting services in Riversdale. On the N2 route through the Western Cape along the famous Garden Route. All technicians of this automotive glass replacement or repair company are certified and professional, offering the best service possible. Not only do they perform glass-fittings at the shop, but they also offer a mobile glass-fitting service for your convenience.
BHT Glass & Aluminium Eden Riversdale
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BHT Glass and Aluminium Eden

Professional glass and aluminium contractors in Riversdale, Western Cape on the N2 highway along the Garden Route. They supply, manufacture as well as install aluminium doors and windows, balustrades, frameless showers, etc. All made to order according to the customers' specifications. BHT Glass and Aluminium Eden makes use of only top quality aluminium and glass as well as all the necessary fittings.
Seamless Gutters Waterproofing Riversdale
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Seamless Gutters

Company providing residential and commercial seamless gutter systems and waterproofing. They offer quality installations, professional customer service, value for money as well as competitively low prices. The seamless gutters are manufactured on-site to the required length and width with a mobile factory. Their work includes gutter systems on houses, barns as well as hangers lending a professional finish to your home. This gutter company is stationed in Riversdale, but they work all over the Hessequa region
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EV Skips

A company in Still Bay which is serious about waste – building waste, garden waste, residential waste as well as public waste. They will remove any rubble, rubbish, refuse and garbage in their bright red skips for hire. Simply let them drop a red one, you fill it up with your rubbish, and they make it disappear. A no worry, no fuss way of getting rid of that pile of useless junk that has been hurting the eye for so long.