Stilbaai Local Business

Businesses from Stilbaai, Jongensfontein Area. As well as businesses from the surrounding area that provides a service or also does work in the Stillbay area.

Still Bay -The Bay of the Sleeping Beauty


StillMovin - Passenger Transport Service in Stilbaai
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StillMovin – Passenger Transport Service in Stilbaai

Fast and affordable taxi and shuttle service provider in Still Bay and surrounding areas. The professional drivers of StillMovin are always available and will arrive at your place at the appointed time. Their slogan, namely 'Moving our Community', neatly sums up their activities.
Rinnai Western Cape
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Rinnai Western Cape

Rinnai Gas Appliances agent working across the entire Garden Route in the Western Cape. Jacques Viljoen, owner of Rinnai Western Cape, supplies, installs, as well as maintains water and home heating gas appliances. In short, Rinnai is all about residential and commercial gas water and space heating.
Stilbaai Gas - LP Suppliers
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Stilbaai Gas – LP Gas Suppliers

Mainly focusing on the daily supply and free delivery of LP gas in and directly around Stilbaai and Riversdale. (Stilbaai Gas was previously known as Solagas, and was based in Riversdale.) So, whether you need gas for the heater or fireplace, the stove or barbecue grill, the fridge or the geyser, Stilbaai Gas will take care of you.
Langeberg Solar - Riversdale
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Langeberg Solar – Riversdale

Want to go solar to avoid inconvenient power cuts that affect your lifestyle, work productivity as well as business activities? Langeberg Solar in Riversdale is your answer if you live anywhere in the Hessequa region in the Western Cape Garden Route.
Randall Mini Earthworks- Randall Mini Grondverskuiwing
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Randall Mini Earthworks

We provide quality earthworks, earthmoving and excavation services at an affordable price in Stilbaai, Riversdale and throughout the Hessequa region. Contact us for the cleaning or preparation of erven, building sites or any small business excavation. We also assist in the transport of any mini loads of gravel, sand, sement or any building supplies.
Van Schalkwyk Vervoer & Konstruksie - Earthworks Company
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Van Schalkwyk Vervoer & Konstruksie – Plant Hire and Aggregate Supplier

Owners of a variety of earthmoving machinery, demolition equipment as well as trucks. Van Schalkwyk Vervoer & Konstruksie rents out their machinery, along with their operators for commercial and civil earthmoving projects. In addition they supply and deliver quality construction sand and gravel. They offer their services to customers throughout Hessequa and Kannaland.
Tile & Decor Stilbaai

Tile & Decor Stilbaai

Supplier of tiles for your entire house or building project, including everything needed to install and add the finishing touches. Visit Tile & Décor for the latest in tiles along with tile adhesives, tile cement, grout, tiling tools and accessories. This shop in Stilbaai also supplies vinyl flooring, Formica flooring and synthetic lawn.
East Side Surf School - Stilbaai
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East Side Surf School – Stilbaai

Surf lessons, wetsuit hire, surfboard hire and repairs at East Side Surf School in Stilbaai. Ever watched those surfers riding the waves with obvious joy and exhilaration? Wished you could do that too, but have no one to teach you, no board nor wetsuit? If you are in Still Bay, Neil Marwick is waiting to teach you, on a board and in a wetsuit hired from him!
Still Bay Putt Putt - Stilbaai Mini Golf
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Still Bay Putt Putt – Stilbaai Mini Golf

Right there in Osler Street on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay. Outdoor miniature golf course, fun for the whole family! After you had your fun conquering the 18 holes of the mini golf course, have a cooldrink or snack. Make use of them for an exceptional and extra special birthday party for you kid. Walking distance from the river as well as 750m from the main beach.
Maarten Roode Accounting Practice
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Maarten Roode Accounting Practice Stilbaai

Experienced Tax Practitioner and Business Management Consultant offering professional financial guidance. Maarten Roode Accounting Practice helps businesses as well as individuals to complete and file tax forms. He also prepares financial documents, interprets financial data and assists with management decisions.
SKP Steelworx Stilbaai

SKP Steelworx – Stilbaai

Experienced welders specialising in the welding of nonferrous metal, namely mild steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium. SKP Steelworx welders are all well acquainted with different welding types, welding machines, procedures as well as safety regulations. They draw clients from the private sector and also the commercial and industrial sectors. If it needs welding, it needs SKP Steelworks, finish and klaar!
Construction Dynamis Project and Site Management in Stilbaai
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Construction Dynamics Project and Site Management

Building Company in Stilbaai for any construction or property development, economical as well as upmarket. Construction Dynamics is a broad-spectrum building contractor handling all types of building projects. This site management and planning specialist, in essence offers you a one stop building solution.
Scoops Stilbaai
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Scoops Stilbaai

Ice cream shop, restaurant, health shop as well as a florist, four shops sharing the premises and staff. Scoops caters for everyone, including vegans, vegetarians and diabetics. Not only do they serve healthy food, but they also sell health products, including CBD wellness products. They are seriously into locally produced organic products.
Gerhard Brits Projekte - Building Contractor in Stilbaai
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Gerhard Brits Building Contractors – Gerhard Brits Boukontrakteurs

Professional building contractor in Stilbaai specialising in building turnkey new residential as well as light industrial property. Gerhard Brits Projekte makes use of two methods of construction, namely conventional building and lightweight steel frame building. Not only are they builders, but also project managers, therefore their projects are delivered on time and within the budget.
HomeFix Builders Stilbaai - HomeFix Bouers in Stilbaai
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HomeFix Builders Stilbaai

Building Company specialising in residential as well as industrial construction and maintenance of property. From turnkey new buildings to additions and alterations, Homefix Builders is ready to serve you. Thatch work, paintwork, flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry, in short, any building related job is what they do.