Die Houtplek Stilbaai

Die Houtplek Stilbaai

Die Houtplek Stilbaai

Die Houtplek in Stilbaai

Die Houtplek Stilbaai

Skilled and experienced carpenters in Still Bay manufacturing custom-made furniture. In the Hessequa area, Western Cape, along the Garden Route with its distinctive beauty. On the eastern side of the Goukou River in the industrial area. They specialise in working with wood, house renovation as well as manufacturing wood-products and are proud of their workmanship. Die Houtplek is a well established business in the woodwork area with years of experience in the field. Consequently they could supply a client with solid advice on products available on the market at any given time.

Their prices are reasonable, they deliver quality work, and they also believe in honesty at all times. They offer excellent and reliable customer service, as well as extremely neat workmanship. Although they are in Still Bay, they also work in Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein and surrounds.

Die Houtplek Stilbaai Services

This woodwork company in Still Bay builds and installs top quality, neat cupboards in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms as well as any other area in the home. They mostly use Melamine for the built-in cupboards. Melamine comes in various styles and colours, of course making it a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. If a customer prefers another type of wood, they will of course use the wood of his choice.

They install built-in cupboards, built-in desks and built-in bookshelves in new homes as well as in new extensions to existing homes. Furthermore they do home improvements, replace old cupboards, revamp kitchens and bathrooms as well as business offices.

Die Houtplek also offers custom-made furniture on request such as cabinets, non-standard doors and loose-standing cupboards. Also desks, tables, whitewashed furniture, bookcases, coffee tables, TV stands, etc. of course made from the wood of your choice.

Furthermore they build decks from hardwood complete with steps and handrails for safety as well as wooden flooring and wooden fences and gates.

You could bring a length of wood to their shop and their will cut it precisely according to your measurements for you. They could also advise you on the best and latest practices as well as products for the project you want to undertake.

Die Houtplek Stilbaai Products

The wood mostly used for built-in cupboards is Melamine which has a compressed wood core covered with melamine resin and paper finish. Melamine also come in different styles and colours from which you can choose the one you want for you cupboards.

They make the counter-tops from Ceasarstone quartz which is a polished home and commercial interior surface in a variety of colours. Ceasarstone quartz is used for kitchen counter-tops, vanity tops, wall cladding as well as flooring. It is also non-porous, thus cleaning is very easy. Choose the Ceasarstone quartz for your kitchen and bathroom from the variety available.

They also make use of granite for counter-tops and work surfaces. Also an old time favourite offering a luxurious look to the kitchen or bathroom. Check the samples and choose the one you like best for your home.

Formica consists of layers of plastic bonded to a particle board in various colours and patterns and is also used for counter-tops, tabletops and other work surface. If you want Formica counter-tops and work surfaces, take a look at what is on offer and choose the one that would best fit in with your house’s colours.

Die Houtplek vir Houtmeubels en Ander Houtwerk in Stilbaai

Vaardige en ervare skrynwerkers wat houtmeubels maak volgens die kliënt se spesifikasies in die industriële gebied in Stilbaai-oos. Hulle spesialiseer in die bou van houtprodukte soos ingeboude kaste in kombuise en so ook badkamers en kamers. So ook bou hulle houtdekke kompleet met trappe en handrelings.

Hulle maak baie gebruik van Melamine vir die ingeboude kaste maar sal ook ander hout gebruik as die kliënt dit so versoek. Vir die blaaie op die kombuiskassies en badkamerkassies het hulle Ceasarstone kwarts, graniet en so ook Formica waaruit jy kan kies.

Hulle pryse is redelik, hulle lewer kwaliteitwerk en so ook glo hulle in eerlikheid. So ook bied hulle betroubare en uitstekende kliëntediens en uiters netjiese vakmanskap.

Vincent van Vuuren

Cell: 072 869 9510

060 780 1336


Kloof Industrial Area

Stilbaai East

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