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Dome Cool Still Bay

Dome Cool Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Dome Cool Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

Dome Cool in Still Bay installing, servicing and repairing air conditioners, cold rooms, freezer rooms as well as industrial refrigeration systems.

Rudie Bruwer is, in essence, in the cooling business. He installs, services, repairs as well as maintains air conditioners. This of course, includes refilling the air conditioner’s gas. He installs and repairs any air conditioning system, be it window mounted using part of a window, or wall mounted through a hole in the wall. Also big air conditioners which are mounted in the ceiling and distributing the air in four different directions at once. He also works on portable air coolers.

In addition Dome Cool Still Bay will install and maintain the cold room walk-in facility you need for your business to keep your products cool, such as florists, butchers, and food shops.

Maybe your freezer room needs a face-lift or is rather in need of reparations. Or likewise you need a new insulated room to keep individual freezers controlled by a central refrigeration system. Then this is the company you are looking for. He will install, as well as maintain, all new equipment for you.

Furthermore he does repairs on household cooling equipment such as refrigerators, deep freezers, slush puppy machines. He will fix the leaks in your deep freeze and replace the rusted pipes with copper tubing. You will not recognise your freezer.

Equally important, he is available 24/7. Call Dome Cool for a no obligation, and of course free quotation.

NB We handle all Insurance Claims and assist you with the necessary paper work.

He is in Still Bay, but also work in Jongensfontein and surrounding areas.

Dome Cool Verkoeling & Lugversorging in Stilbaai

Ingenieur in Stilbaai vir die installering, diens, asook herstel van lugversorgers, koelkamers, vrieskamers en industriële verkoeling.

Dome Cool Stilbaai installeer, diens en herstel alle lugversorgers in huise en besighede. Hy hervul ook die gas. Verder sal hy jou nuwe koelkamer toerus met die nodige verkoelingstelsel of jou bestaande een diens en instandhou.

Verder installeer hy ook nuwe vrieskaste in vrieskamers, asook onderhou en herstel bevriesingstelsels in bestaande vrieskamers.

Hy herstel ook huishoudelike verkoelingsaparate soos yskaste en vrieskaste en ook masjiene soos slush puppymasjiene of roomysmakers.

Ewe belangrik, hy is beskikbaar 24/7. Skakel Dome Cool Stilbaai vir ‘n gratis kwotasie sonder enige verpligting om te koop.

Hy is in Stilbaai, maar werk ook in Jongensfontein en alle omliggende gebiede. Laat osn u bystaan met die nodige vorms en insette soos benodig met U Versekerings Eise.

Dome Cool Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Rudie Bruwer

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