EasyComs - Easy Tech Internet Service Provider in Stilbaai

EasyComs Communications

EasyComs Internet Service Provider in StilbaaiEasyComs - Easy Tech Internet Service Provider in Stilbaai

Easycoms Communications – Internet Access

Internet service provider as well as wireless high speed internet access. In fact the fastest internet or Internet Phone in Still Bay. Fibre solutions – providing a fibre break-out alternative to the unreliable copper cable connectivity as well as has no value for thieves.

They offer premium internet access such as business packages, e-mail and fax-to-email, hot-spots, Internet as well as broadband wireless. Also network services and telephone services as well as additional services such as DSTV installation and trouble-shooting. Furthermore they offer surveillance cameras and networks as well as VOIP Telephone lines.

EasyComs Communications are internet service providers in Hessequa and Mossel Bay, on the whole including towns and areas such as Still Bay, Riversdale, Albertinia, Heidelberg, Jongensfontein, Witsand and Gouritsmond.

EasyComs Communications in summary

  • Wireless high-speed internet access in essence connects you via fibre on the EasyComs network
  • Of course no copper lines are needed
  • EasyComs e-mail address – in fact included with each internet access package
  • Telephone lines with land-line numbers are also available
  • Packages to suit your needs – budget, capped, telephone lines as well as extra email addresses
  • Internet access speeds up to 6 Mbps – 6,000 kbps – breakout solely through fibre solutions thus no copper or ADSL type service are linked to our internet delivery solutions

EasyComs Kommunikasie en Internet Verskaffer in Stilbaai, Mosselbaai, Riversdal en Hessequa

Internet diensverskaffer van draadlose hoëspoed internet netwerke. Hulle verskaf Wifi en so ook die roeteerders. Hulle verskaf ook Telkom-telefoonlyne of punte en doen ook DSTV- installerings in Stilbaai en Jongensfontein en so ook die hele Hessequagebied en Mosselbaai.

  • Hoëspoed Internet Netwerke
  • Benodig geen landlyn vir aansluiting nie
  • Easycoms e-pos adresse word ingesluit by elke internet pakket
  • Telefoonlyne en so ook landlyn-nommers beskikbaar
  • Internet spoed tot 6 Mbps – optiese vesel dus geen Telkomlyn of ADSL-diens is gekoppel aan die lewering van ons dienste nie


“Die Solder” Building

Opposite the road off SuidKaap Verwe Building

Main Road West



Myra Prinsloo

Cell: 076 107 5922

Tel: 028 754 6222

Fax: 086 604 8159


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