Eden Meati King

Eden Meati King George

Eden Meati King George

Frozen meat business otherwise known as Eden Spare Ribs, Sauces and Spice. In George in the Western Cape, South Africa at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountain along the ever beautiful Garden Route. They provide the South Cape with the best quality, ready to braai ribs and chicken as well as frozen chicken, sauces and spice mixes. In fact, they are, in their own words, the future of tradition – the braai tradition.

Moreover, you will find their stall with free tasters at markets such as the Mossel Bay Family Farm Market on Sundays. Also the Entrepreneurs Night Market, George Nursery October Festival, the Market in Wildernis and Hartenbos, and many more. At these markets they offer meals such as pork spare ribs, chips and salad, as well as frozen ribs and other products for sale. Their succulent and perfectly spiced ribs and great variety of spices are to die for. If you plan to attend one of these markets, bring your cooler bag with you, because will want to take some of their ribs or chicken home.

Pork Belly Spare Ribs 

Eden Meati King is in essence the specialist of spare ribs in the southern Cape. Their product range includes:

  • Pre-cooked marinated pork belly spare ribs, specially prepared to perfection with a unique tasty and sticky sauce, of course vacuum-sealed and frozen
  • Uncooked marinated pork belly spare ribs with unique tasty and sticky sauce, also vacuum-sealed and frozen.
  • Also uncooked spiced pork belly spare ribs, of course spiced with Eden Porky Spice for that braai sensation, vacuum-sealed and frozen
  • Uncooked plain pork belly spare ribs, also vacuum-sealed and frozen

Any of these four choices of ribs is in a class of its own – the best quality as well as value for your money.


Eden Meati King also offers a range of chicken products:

  • Frozen chicken fillets
  • Frozen whole chick
  • Also frozen chicken thighs
  • Frozen chicken drumsticks
  • Pre-cooked butterflied chicken marinated with Eden Chicken Marinade
  • Uncooked butterflied chicken also marinated with Eden Chicken Marinade
  • Also uncooked chicken quarter legs likewise marinated with Eden Chicken Marinade
  • Uncooked chicken wings similarly marinated with Eden Chicken Marinade

Butterflying or spatchcocking means the chicken’s backbone has been removed by cutting through the rib bones. As a result the chicken can be spread out or flattened for a better braai.


Being in the southern Cape and bordering on the Karoo, Eden Meati King will not be King without offering Karoo lamb/sheep. Their products is the Karoo meat department include:

  • Uncooked spiced Karoo ‘staan’ ribs, of course spiced with Eden Tjoppie Spice for that braai sensation, vacuum-sealed and frozen
  • Uncooked plain Karoo ribs, also vacuum-sealed and frozen
  • Also uncooked Karoo lamb chops, vacuum-sealed and frozen
  • Uncooked stewing lamb’s meat for ‘potjiekos’, vacuum-sealed and frozen

Other products on Offer

Eden Meati King also offers a few other products to complement your braai/barbecue:

  • Unique Eden Spices such as Porky braai, Fishy braai, Kiepie braai, as well as Tjoppie braai
  • Also unique Eden Sauces such as their spare rib braai sauce
  • Eden braai kaas – hand-crafted Woodshed Halloumi cheese of course a must have for every braai opportunity
  • Hantie`s Salad dressing
  • Waterblommetjies (Water lilies), cleaned and frozen, ready for the stew
  • Veldstoeltjies – Folding/camp stool with riempies (thin leather thongs) seat and without a back

General information

  • Parking in a parking area
  • Regularly offers specials


Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00
Sunday: Closed

Eden Meati King vir die Beste Braairib en Speserye in George

Ook bekend as Eden Spare Ribs, Sauces and Spice. Hulle verkoop vakuumverseëlde bevrore varkrib, skaaprib en hoender by die winkel en so ook by verskeie markte. Markte soos Mosselbaai Familiemark op Sondae waar hulle ook maaltye verskaf soos gebraaide varkrib met skyfies en slaai.

Hulle produkte sluit in rou of gaar gemarineerde vark rib, en so ook gegeurde en ongegeurde rou vark rib, vakuumverseël en bevrore. So ook lam/skaaprib, tjops en potjievleis, vakuumverseël en gevries. Verder verkoop hulle hoender fillette, heel hoenders, dye, boudjies en so ook gemarineerde hoenderkwarte en hoendervlerkies. Dan natuurlik ook gemarineerde oopgevlekte hoenders waarvan die rugstring uitgehaal is vir meer eweredige braai.

So verkoop hulle ook hulle eie Eden souse, Eden speserymengsels en Eden braai kaas (halloumi). Ook Santie se slaaisous, skoongemaakte waterblommetjies en so ook regte opvou-riempieveldstoeltjies.


Henus Crafford

Cell: 082 898 7742

Cnr York and Laing Street

Western Cape

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