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Era Juices – Era Soda & Sappe Riversdale

A wholesale company in the fruit juice, fruit concentrates, squashes as well as soda beverages business. In the beautiful town of Riversdale at the foot of the Sleeping Beauty peak in the Langeberg mountain range. In the Western Cape on the N2 along the famous Garden Route. Distributing fruit juices, fruit concentrates, soda drinks and dairy fruit juice ice suckers in small plastic bags (Bompys) to clients all over the Western Cape & Hessequa area.

During summer the temperature in the Riversdale area often soars extremely high, thus crying out for an ice cold drink. This is the time when caterers as well as people in the hospitality business are really grateful for this wholesale company. People organising sporting events, Sunday school picnics, kiddies birthday parties, in short, any event, should make use of Era Juices – Era Soda for lovely different flavours of fruit juices where the flavour makes the difference. The prices are very reasonable since it is a wholesale business. They provide fruit juices, soda beverages, squashes as well as fruit concentrates and Bompys to businesses such as cafes, convenience stores and general dealers.

Era Juices Products

Squash, or cordial, is a non-alcoholic syrup, usually with a fruit flavour. Concentrated fruit juice is made by removing a good portion of natural water from the fruit juice, thus reducing the volume. This reduces transportation costs and can be transformed back into the original strength with water. Soda, sparkling beverages, or effervescent soft drinks are also non-alcoholic drinks with carbon dioxide. Flavoured water.  Everybody know and like cool drinks such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Orange Crush and many more.

A very popular fruity product Era Juices – Era Soda provides is a small plastic bag containing iced dairy fruit called a Bompy. Children absolutely love the pure pleasure of the mixed fruit flavour in this cool ice sucker. They simply can’t stop enjoying them.

Visit Era Juices – Era Soda today and see how they can make your life cooler.

Era Sappe in Riversdal

Groothandel besigheid wat vrugtesappe, vrugtesapkonsentrate, vrugtekwas, gaskoeldrank en so ook Bompy melkvrugteysies verskaf. Ook gegeurde water. Besighede soos kafee’s, algemene handelaars, gemakswinkels, en so ook persone in die onthaalbesigheid en gasvryheidsbedryf staan, kan baie baat vind by Era Sappe. So ook skoolsnoepies en persone wat byeenkomste soos sportgeleenthede reël.


The famous “Bompy” – all kids love it, even the adult ones.

Era Bompy - Era Soda & Sappe