Gattis Ice Cream Stilbaai

Gatti Ice Cream Stilbaai

Gattis Ice Cream Stilbaai

Gatti Ice Cream Stilbaai / Gattis Roomys Stilbaai

General dealer in Still Bay selling Gatti Ice Cream as well as groceries and sweets. Algemene handelaar wat Gatti roomys, sowel as kruideniersware en lekkers verkoop.

This shop specialises in Gatti Ice Cream which comes in a variety of super temptations such as ice cream desserts and full cream ice cream. Also sorbet ice cream, supa crema, cones as well as ice lollies, ice cream lollies and milk lollies. And of course ice cream wafers, as well tubs and cartons. Just the thing for the hot summer days in Still Bay…

In addition they sell general grocery items such as coffee, tea and rooibos tea, sugar, Milo and long-life milk. Also gas cooldrinks like Coke, cooldrink concentrates, long-life custard as well as canned fruit and vegetables, tomato sauce and cereals. Furthermore they can help out with baking stuff such as cake flour, oil, salt, eggs as well as butter and honey.

In addition to the ice cream temptations Gatti Ice Cream Stilbaai offers even more of the delicious sinful stuff like chocolates, chips, biscuits, dried fruit sweets and a variety of other sweets and snacks.

All of this and much more at excellent prices at Gatti Ice Cream Stilbaai.

Gatti Roomys en Algemene Handelaar Stilbaai

Gatti Roomys spesialiseer in die verkoop van ‘n verskeidenheid van Gatti roomys versoekings. Soos volroom roomys, horinkies, roomysstokkies, asook roomys in bakke en kartonne.

So ook ‘n verskeidenheid belangrike kruideniersware soos koffie, tee, suiker, botter, eiers, langleef melk en vla, asook meel, olie en sout, ens.

En natuurlik verkoop hulle ook lekkers, sjokolade, aartappelskyfies, koekies en nog meer.


Raldu Potgieter

Cell: 072 390 7775