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IBP Plumbing Service Stilbaai – IBP Loodgieters Stilbaai

Committed, qualified, as well as experienced plumbers in Still Bay for all your plumbing needs. Still Bay is a growing coastal town in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape along the lovely Garden Route. Handling all plumbing system related maintenance, such as burst or leaking pipes, blocked drains, new installations and replacements. Although they are not into construction work, they do the plumbing work involved with renovations. They also take care of the plumbing side of geyser problems. In their own words: ‘if water runs through it, we do it’…

About IBP Plumbing Service Stilbaai

This plumbing company has been operating for more than six years. It was, in fact originally started in the Helderberg wine producing area of Cape Town before moving to Still Bay. Currently it is servicing Still Bay and surrounding areas with its competent and experienced workmanship as well as affordable rates. Moreover, all work is carried out by qualified, hands on plumbers.

IBP Plumbing Service is, as can be expected, registered with the PIRB. (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) As a result they carry a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance certifying that their work complies with the standards set by the Plumbing Industry.

They also offer a 24/7 plumbing emergency service.

Specialised Services offered by IBP Plumbing Service Still Bay

New Installations and Renovations

  • Installation of toilets, basins, urinals, baths, spa baths, kitchen sinks, geysers, etc.
  • Also installation of taps (UK) or faucets (USA) – all types of taps, old and modern, compression, ball, cartridge as well as disc taps. Also floor mounted, wall mounted, pillar taps (most common), mixer taps, etc.
  • Shower piping, taps and shower heads.
  • Remove old toilets, baths, basins, etc. and replace with modern equipment designed for saving of water.
  • When replacing with new installations they make sure everything is in its right place. They manage all supply lines, reroute existing lines where necessary as well as clear out all debris from any original fittings.

Plumbing Maintenance Stilbaai & Jongensfontein

IBP Plumbing Service also attends to maintenance work such as:

  • Toilet repairs – flush valves, fill valves, broken handles, water running constantly or intermittently from tank to bowl, leaking toilet outlet pipes, etc.
  • Tap/Faucet repairs – modern taps are different from older taps and not only work differently, but also break differently. They maintain bathroom taps, kitchen taps, shower taps, laundry taps, garden taps, also mixers. Dripping or slow leaking taps, replace or repair parts of the taps such as washers, o-rings, ceramic discs as well as clean taps especially outdoor taps while fixing leaks, etc.

Blocked Drains

These professional plumbers have the right tools, skills as well as experience to perform proper drain unblocking and cleaning services. They will diagnose the problem, then unblock the drain with their special equipment to fully clean the sewerage system.

Common causes for blocked drains are hair, dirt and debris, soap, detergents and shampoo build-up, grease build-up as well as toilet paper and sewage build-up.

So, before hubby overflows the kitchen floor, rather call the people with the right tools and skills, call IBP Plumbing Service.

Burst and Leaking Pipes

A common plumbing problem is burst or leaking pipes. Pipes burst for different reasons such as freezing conditions (not common in Still Bay at all), age, misuse or damage. There could even be a fault in the piping, either way, the effect of a burst pipe can be dramatic and devastating. If the pipe is hidden in the flooring, or in the wall or in the roof space, the damage can be extensive.

First thing to do when that happens to you, is to turn off the stopcock on the main water supply line or municipal water supply. (If you do not know where the stopcock is located on your property, be sure to find out before an emergency hits. And for those non-technically inclined minds – you might want to somehow indicate which way to turn the stopcock to close it…)

Once the stopcock is turned off, open all taps and while waiting for them to drain, call IBP Plumbing Service, no matter the time of night or day. They will detect the leak and repair or replace the pipe thus having you back online as soon as they can.

Geysers Installations and Repairs

For any problems with geysers, electric, solar, gas geysers, these plumbers have the skills and equipment to solve the problem pronto. If your geyser is constantly overflowing, there is a already a problem or a problem is developing. Dripping in the roof is not always because of a leak in the roof. There might be a safety valve or Latco valve problem or also a problem with the thermostat. In areas where water is hard, such as in Still Bay, scaling can cause the heating element of the geyser to trip the electricity.


They offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

IBP Plumbing Service Still Bay

Alten Roelofse

Cell: 082 385 2823

IBP Loodgietersdiens in Stilbaai

Toegewyde, gekwalifiseerde en ervare loodgieters in Stilbaai wat alle loodgieterverwante onderhoud doen. Hulle hanteer gebarste of lekkende pype, geblokte rioolstelsels, nuwe installasies en so ook geyserprobleme. Hulle is geregistreer by die PIRB, hulle pryse is redelik en hulle bied ook ‘n 24/7 nooddiens aan.

Dienste aangebied deur IBP Loodgietersdiens

  • Nuwe installasies en renovasie van bestaande installasies – nuwe toilette, baddens, wasbakke, borrelbaddens, stortkoppe en so ook krane en geysers. Verwyder ou installasies en vervang met nuwe moderne en waterbesparende installasies, en so meer.
  • Loodgieterverwante Onderhoud – lekkende toilettebakke en pype en so ook alle soorte lekkende krane in en om die huis.
  • Verstopte dreine – dit word veroorsaak deur hare, seep en sjampoe aanpaksels, vetterigheid en so ook toiletpapier en ander riool wat aanpak. Hulle het die regte gereedskap, kennis en vaardighede om rioolverstopping vir jou oop te maak.
  • Lekkende of gabarste pype – ‘n algemene probleem wat maklik in ‘n nagmerrie kan ontaard. Dit word veroorsaak deur onder vriespunttoestande, ouderdom, misbruik, beskadiging en so ook ‘n foutiewe bepyping. Pype in die muur, onder die vloer of in die dak kan groot skade veroorsaak. Draai dadelik die stopkraan toe en roep IBP Plumbing Service dag of nag om die probleem op te spoor en so gou as moontlik te herstel.
  • Geysers – as jou gas, elektriese of sonkrag geyser aanhoudend lek of die krag aanhou uitskop, kan dit dui op probleme met ‘n aangepakte element. So ook ‘n foutiewe termostaat, gebarste geyser, veiligheidsklep en die Latco-klep. Kry hierdie loodgieters voor jou probleem dalk vuurwarm op jou kop neerstort.

Loodgieters Nooddiens

Hulle bied ‘n 24/7 nood-loodgietersdiens diens in Stilbaai en omgewing.

IBP Plumbing Service Still Bay

Alten Roelofse

Cell: 082 385 2823