JDP Computers Riversdale

JDP Computers Riversdale

JDP Computers Riversdale – Repairs, Software, Support and Maintenance of Computers throughout Hessequa

Information Technology Company offering IT support as well as computer repair and maintenance services. Also computer and cellphone data recovery, internet installation and router configuration, and website design and hosting. JDP Computers was started in  2003 and later moved to Riversdale, servicing the Hessequa area, Still Bay, Jongensfontein and Heidelberg.

Computer Repairs and IT Support Services

The experienced computer technicians at JDP Computers will diagnose the problem with your computer as well as fix it as quickly as they can. Their job includes laptop and PC hardware repair, unexplained system crashes, as well as printers that won’t print. Also PCs that will not turn on or load Windows, are running slow or present the blue screen of death.

When your computer breaks down, it could cause a standstill in your business or personal life. Bring your computer to the shop or call these guys to assist you at your business or home. They will do whatever is necessary to fix your problem from disk fragmentation to reinstalling the operating system. When your computer is running slow it may need a complete tune-up which typically includes removal of viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware, worms, adware, etc. Computer tune-up also includes performing computer upgrades. They will also install hardware, printers, drivers, or add a new hard drive, RAM, keyboard, video card, power supply, etc.

Sometimes all your computer needs is a proper cleanse, removing all the dust which often is the reason why computer parts overheat. If you have trouble installing software, they will do a software installation for you. Speaking of which – JDP Computers would like to remind you that Microsoft is terminating security updates and support of their Windows 7 operating system on 14 January 2020. Hence they invite you to make an appointment with them to upgrade your computer to Windows 10.

JDP Computers – Data Recovery Services

This computer repair shop will help you recover and save lost data, documents as well as pictures, even if the computer refuses to turn on. They can backup and then restore your documents and pictures after the computer has been fixed.

JDP Computers offers to copy cellphone photos and documents to your computer as well as to update your computer, cellphone, tablet or laptop. They will assist you to install programmes on your computer, cellphone or tablet, including anti virus programmes. Moreover, they will recover, repair and install your email in the event of a loss of data and messages.

Of course it is always good housekeeping to backup your data regularly and ensure that you have the maximum security against nasty attacks.

Internet Services

The Internet is a wonderful thing, but many a soul have problems with the technical side of Internet access. JDP Computers will gladly assist you with the installation of your internet access and wireless network. If you have trouble configuring your ADSL router, call them. They will also assist with Internet fault finding, testing the modem, ADSL or WiFi router. Furthermore they will assist with connecting devices to the Internet, e.g. a ‘smart TV’. A smart TV offers internet connectivity and support for a range of applications such as streaming video, playing games, checking social media and even controlling connected gadgets in the house.

They also do configuration of ‘WCDMA FLLA’ Telkom telephones. (Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access Fixed Line Look Alike) These phones look and work like fixed or landlines, but are wireless. They are typically used where no copper cables are available or frequently get stolen.

JDP Computers as a Website Designer and Hosting

JDP Computers also offers a website design and hosting service. They will help you create your own website or web-page where you can advertise your business and the services you offer. Such a website includes different aspects such as the layout, the colour, graphics and fonts you choose as well as the contents. Your website needs certain technologies and services to be viewed in the Internet which they, as a web host provide.

Additional Services

  • They do call outs.
  • JDP Computers is also a registered Rica agent. They stock a large number of pre-paid sim cards for Vodacom, MTN, Cell C as well as Telkom Mobile. If you need help with activating the sim, they are able to assist you.
  • They assist with social media marketing and Google business listing management.
  • There are various items for sale in their shop such as printers, ADSL modems, network and USB cables, network switches, computer components and other peripherals.

Business Hours

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00 (8:00 am – 6:00 pm)
Saturday 09:00 – 15:00 (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Inligtingstegnologiemaatskappy in Riversdal

Werksaam in Riversdal sedert 2003 in die rekenaartegnologie en bedien die hele Hessequa.

Dienste Aangebied Deur JDP Computers

  • Herstel en opgradering van rekenaars.
  • So ook opgradering van tablet-, rekenaar- en selfoonprogramme en installering van antivirus programme.
  • Terugvind van ‘verlore’ data op rekenaars, selfone en so ook tablette.
  • Kopiëring van selfoondokumente en foto’s na jou rekenaar.
  • Installering van hardeware soos drukkers, aandrywers, en so meer.
  • Opstel van internet – konfigurering en toets van ADSL roeteerders en hantering van internetprobleme.
  • So ook die opstel van Telkom draadlose telefone – ‘fixed line look alike’.
  • Ontwerp van webtuistes.
  • Koppeling van toestelle na die internet soos die ‘slim TV’.
  • Opstel, en so ook herstel, van verlore e-pos.
  • Hulle is ook geregistreerde Rica agente met ‘n groot voorraad voorafbetaalde simkaarte vir Vodacom, MTN, Cell C en Telkom Mobile.
  • Gratis advies met jou stadige internet.
  • Hulle diens ook rekenaars – maak skoon; verwyder die stof wat so dikwels die oorsaak is van oorverhitting van onderdele; en dateer sagteware op.
  • So ook het hulle ‘n uitroepdiens om jou rekenaarprobleem by jou huis of werk te kom oplos.
  • Verder kan hulle jou help met die lys van jou besigheid op “Google” en “Google maps” asook die verifikasie proses.
  • Hulle hou ook produkte aan soos drukkers, ADSL modems, netwerk- en USB-kabels, netwerkskakelaars, rekenaarkomponente, en so meer.

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