Kingsley Beverages Riversdale

Kingsley Beverages Riversdale

Kingsley Beverages Riversdale

Kingsley Beverages Riversdale

Kingsley Soft Drinks, fruit drinks and kingsley mixers. Also our sports & energy drinks and water.

The Kingsley Cola: The Classic Cola taste and refreshment of course made with only the best ingredients.

Also Kingsley Cola Light: All the Kingsley Cola refreshment without the calories. They make Kingsley Cola Light only from the best ingredients.

Fruit Drinks

Fruto: Picking the juiciest of juice blends and squeezing them into the always classic glass bottle which guarantees freshness and refreshing juicy flavour! Orange, Guava, Mango, Tropical and Mediterranean too.

Frutesca: Bring the Fun, Bring Frutesca. As a result we have packed the juiciest flavours into these convenient 500ml PET bottles.

Frugo Sparkling Apple: Crisp, bubbly and refreshing, Frugo sparkling apple is the perfectly sweet and light tangy refreshment for all occasions.

Kingsley Mixers

All things considered, buy our Kingsley Tonic Water our Classic Tonic Water refreshment made with only the best ingredients.

Drink the Kingsley Ginger Ale a fresh, and aromatic ginger ale that will compliment any cocktail.

Kingsley Lemonade its fizzy and zesty consequently the all time favourite mixer.

Try our Kingsley Soda Water: The sparkling mixer that is the perfect fit for any occasion.

Kingsley Dry Lemon this is a timeless bitter lemon flavour that adds the zing to your drink too!

Ice Tea

Carter’s Ice Tea: Jump into a glass of pure sunshine! Carter’s Ice Tea uses natural tea extract that gives a crisp, refreshing flavour!

Sports & Energy Drinks

Dragon Energy: Experience the phenomenon! DRAGON ENERGY is specifically designed to maximise mental and physical performance.

Isorade: Engineered for Performance! Isorade sports drink helps replenish fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates lost through sports and physical activity.

Bestmalt: Rich, Tasty and packed with Energy. Bestmalt Malt drinks reward you with the heartiest malt taste, while providing all the energy to keep you going!


In Conclusion our water Aquafria: Aquafria Spring water is bottled at source in the foothills of the majestic Magaliesberg, where every drop has slowly flowed through ancient rock. And naturally filtering the water to be as pure as nature intended.

Kingsley Beverages Riversdale

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