Kloof Motors Stilbaai

Cronje Towing & Repairs previously Kloof Motors Stilbaai

Kloof Motors Stilbaai

Cronje Towing & Repairs previously Kloof Motors Stilbaai

Automotive mechanical repairs and 24/7 towing and recovery service in Still Bay. A very special little seaside village in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape, along the famous Garden Route. A hard-working motor mechanic offering assistance with with everyday vehicular problems. Running his own business in the Industrial area on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay East. All car and vehicle mechanic repairs and services in Stilbaai, Jongensfontein and Hessequa.

About Kloof Motors Stilbaai – Motor Mechanic

Frans began Kloof Motors in 2014 because he believed that he could deliver a service to Still Bay and its inhabitants, as well as visitors and holiday makers. He has lived in Still Bay all his life and believes in honesty, quality work as well as friendly service. His main concern is to be there for Still Bay and its people and that his clients will be satisfied.

Kloof Motors Stilbaai – Car & Motor Mechanic Services

The company offers a 24 hour (24/7) towing and recovery service of which it is very proud. This had been its main objective all along. For this very reason Frans had acquired a brand-new functional towing vehicle which adheres to all safety regulations.

Not only does Frans offer a towing service, but he is also a qualified automotive mechanic of course offering all the usual mechanical services. He services cars, repairs or replaces any broken part such as brake shoes, exhaust systems, suspensions and shocks and batteries. Also ignition systems, alternators, fuel pumps, gear boxes, CV joints, water pumps and air conditioning systems, etc. Kloof Motors for the diagnosing and repairing of all makes and models of vehicles, car services and total engine overhauls, clutches and suspension, brakes, etc.

Frans invites you to contact him whenever you have a crisis. He will go the extra mile to assist you in an emergency.

Kloof Motors in die Industriële gebied in Stilbaai

Meganiese voertuig herstelwerk en 24-uur (24/7) insleepdiens in Stilbaai. Die besigheid bestaan reeds sedert 2014 en die eienaar daarvan is ‘n gebore Stilbaaier wat glo dat almal ‘n plekkie in die Stilbaaison verdien.

Die insleepdiens word behartig met ‘n nuwe funksionele insleepvoertuig wat aan alle veiligheidsregulasies voldoen. Benewens hierdie diens, doen Frans ook al die gewone motorwerktuigkundige werk soos die diens van motors.

  • Diens en so ook herstel van voertuie
  • Herstel van voertuig ratkaste
  • Motorvoertuigkundige vir die vervang, diens en so ook herstel alle voertuig meganiese onderdele
  • Herstel van alternators en so ook brandstofpompe
  • Diens en herstel van ontstekingsstelsels en lugverkoelingstelsels.
  • Vervang motorvoertuig remskoene en veringstelsels.
  • 24 uur insleep en hersteldiens


Steadfray Ave

Kloof Industrial

Stilbaai East

Frans Cronje

Cell: 073 457 8453

060 477 8499