Life Skills Development

Life Skills

Life Skills Development

Life Skills in Motion

Building self esteem, portraying good character, utilising human diversity or do you have a problem with resolving conflicts. If you need to learn self motivating, time management or setting a goal with an action plan. These are but a few important life skills one has to learn.

The Key to Help Unlock Human Potential

Have you heard the following remarks made by people or even experienced it with a sigh: I don’t have enough self confidence; I feel inadequate at times; Life is a bore; What am I doing here on earth; I feel I don’t have real friends; I can’t adapt and consider leaving this town; My work presents no challenges; I find myself in a dead end street; ETC.!!!!

Most probably the solution lies in life skills and/or a purpose in life.

What are Life Skills?

Life skills are those values and principles which individuals master in order to cope better with daily life encounters. It includes but is not restricted to self- knowledge and self-esteem; inter-personal relations; and character such as reliability, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Why are Life Skills Necessary?

Life skills are the key to unlock human potential and the engine to chase ones goals. It promotes a responsible, happy, meaningful, purposeful and thus a successful life. They contribute in becoming what you are capable of and for which you are destined.

What are the Advantages?

Life skills improve self-knowledge; promote self-confidence and sound human relations; they provide purpose in life; and help you to live a more successful and rewarding life.

Where does the Focus Fall?

On self-discovery (who am I) and the development of the unique “me” for a purposeful life. It is done on an individual or group basis, depending on circumstances, and is based on proven Christian values and principles.

How does the Development Take Place?

The development of life skills is in essence based on a partnership between a coach and his/her client(s)

The coach is a friend. Through stimulating questioning and discussions he/she will lead the client to find answers/solutions for his/her unique needs and circumstances. In this way the client will be empowered to unlock his/her potential; take responsibility for own actions as well as to get the most life has to offer. Success is of course dependent on a client’s cooperation.

We also offer other related services, such as workshops, courses, seminars and group discussions on a variety of human and job related skills needed in everyday life.

Examples of Life Skills

Building self esteem

Evidence suggests a strong relationship between how you perceive yourself and the way you cope with everyday life. It all starts in finding answers to the question WHO AM I and WHY I AM HERE.

Developing sound interpersonal relations

Sound relations depend on what you contribute. In short, its a 2 way traffic of give and take.

Portraying good character

Character determines how honest, loyal and dependable you are to yourself as well as to others, in your workplace and in your walks of life. You will rather be remembered by the character you portrayed and not your wealth nor qualifications you accumulated in life.

Utilising human diversity

Each human being was in fact gifted in being unique. Would life not have been dull if we were all the same. But how do we react to people who differ from us? Success lies in utilising differences and not in opposing them.

Requirements for effective communication

How good are you at conveying what you intend and understanding (listening and not hearing) what is being said? It entails much more than merely talking and hearing

How to resolve conflicts

Do we view conflicts as something to be avoided or rather as a fact of life helping us to develop?

Employer – employee relationships

The state of this relationship has a direct bearing on service delivery as well as profitability of a business. Sound relations hinge around the concepts of fairness, respective expectations and also subsequent obligations


After all these years, many people still believe you can motivate others. Think about the camel who won’t drink even if you take him to the water

Time management

There are in essence 24 hours in a day of which we sleep at least a quarter. How smart are we at using the other three quarters of the day?

Goal setting and action planning

Life without goals is like drifting where the wind takes us. Even if we have goals but no plans to achieve them, these goals will also fade away.

If you wish to get more out of life, i.e. to perform at a higher level; understand yourself more deeply; and live with greater purpose as well as fulfilment, please contact us or come and see us to find out more.

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