Namo Natural Health

Namo Natural Health

Namo Natural Health

Namo Natural Health in Still Bay

Natural Health professionals at the Namo Health Centre specialise in Signature Namo Treatment. This a combination of Spinal Alignment, Pressure Points, Reflectology as well as Massage. They believe in assisting the body’s own healing ability therefore their approach to wellness is holistic. Thus they focus on physical, mental, as well as emotional and spiritual needs.

Namo Natural Health Treatments

Their speciality is the Signature Namo Treatment which combines spinal alignment, pressure points, reflectology and also massage in packages of 30 or 60 minutes. This treatment is designed to help relieve back pain and sore muscles. Also sport injuries and consequently contribute to a general state of relaxation.

Namo Natural Health Products

In addition they have a Health Shop where they offer herbal and natural products and natural medicine. Also organic beauty products, whole foods and healthy snacks supporting a healthy lifestyle. Likewise their own range of magnesium mustard bath salts and herbal teas. Also herbal healing oils as well as five health spices and herbal massage oils.

Namo Natural Health Exercise

Furthermore they have an Exercise Studio where they offer classes in exercise routines connecting body and mind through movement. So, join their stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises through Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi and work on your fitness.

Get rid of all your aches, pains, stiffness and dis-ease. Make your booking today!

Namo Natuurlike Gesondheid en Gesondheidswinkel in Stilbaai

Hulle kombineer Refleksologie, Massering, Drukpunte en Rugwerwelbelyning in halfuur- en uursessies. Namo vir ‘n ontspannende massering of behandeling van rugbeserings, sportbeserings en spierpyn.

Jy kan ook klasse in asemhalingsoefeninge, versterking en strekoefeninge bywoon soos Joga, Pilates en Tai Chi.

Verder het Namo ook ‘n Gesondheidswinkel met verskeie gesondheidsprodukte soos kruieprodukte, natuurlike produkte en natuurlike medisyne. So ook organiese skoonheidsmiddels en gesonde peuselhappies. Hulle verkoop ook hulle eie reeks magnesium mosterd badsoute, kruie tee’s, kruie olies en vyf gesondheidspeserye. 


181 Main Road West

The Village Square / Die Dorpsplein

Next to Nedbank


Henk Liebenberg

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