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PJK Earthworks & Construction

Owners of a variety of heavy duty earth-moving machines, equipment as well as trucks. PJK Earthworks & Construction rents out heavy construction equipment for large scale commercial, agricultural as well as civil projects. Their earth movers and other powerful equipment will speed up earthwork, demolition, construction as well as materials handling.

This company is situated near Droëvlakte off the N2 about halfway to Stilbaai in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape. They offer their services throughout the Garden Route as well as the rest of the Western Cape. They share the premises with their sister company, PJK Transport. The two companies also work together very closely in performing their services. The Transport company has a huge low-bed truck with which they move the heavy earthworks equipment to the work sites and back.

When you hire their equipment or trucks, you get the operator or driver as well. They drive and operate their vehicles and equipment themselves, which means in effect, that they do the job for you using their own machinery. Wherever their equipment go, they go too. It also means that they do the complete job, e.g., they dig the trench as well as haul away the excavated soil.

Typical Activities of PJK Earthworks & Construction

PJK Earthworks & Construction mainly works on large scale projects for which really heavy duty, large and also powerful equipment is necessary. They offer their services to the mining, forestry, agricultural, industrial as well as commercial sectors.

  • Equipment rental or Plant-hire
  • Excavations as well as
  • Road construction
  • Sport grounds development
  • Earthworks on large construction sites as well as
  • Large scale trench digging
  • Ripping
  • Grading
  • Compaction of soil
  • Demolition
  • Removal of bulk heavy rubble
  • Control of dust by spraying water, etc., etc.

Earthmoving Machinery For Hire – PJK Earthworks & Construction


PJK Earthworks & Construction has different bulldozers, all really big and strong. The bulldozer, or dozer for short, is by and large one of the strongest heavy equipment used in the construction industry. This machine is a crawler with a wide flat blade in the front and runs on a track similar to an army tank. Extremely powerful, it is usually used to push piles of earth for rough or fine grading. Its considerable weight also helps to crush large boulders.


These machines have a body resembling a farm tractor (large rear wheels and small front wheels) with a shovel in front and a bucket in the back meant for digging. With the shovel they can move dirt and rubble and with the digger at the back they can dig holes, trenches as well as excavations, etc.


PJK Earthworks & Construction offers a choice between a 20 ton excavator and a 5.5 ton excavator. These large construction machines are driven by tracks and has a long bucket arm which is attached to a pivoting cab. The cab can, in fact rotate 360 degrees. They are typically used for large scale trench digging, road construction, bulk earthworks, river dredging, as well as large scale foundations, etc.


A grader is a huge heavy piece of equipment with four wheels and a long blade fixed in the middle between the front and back wheels. The operator can adjust the angle of the blade. The grader is typically used for site clearance, road construction, levelling, etc. The long blade creates a flat surface, sloped surface or drainage ditches with shallow V-shaped cross-sections. Graders are often seen scraping worn dirt roads back to a smooth condition after the rainy season.


A roller is a sit-on machine with a big vibrating drum mounted in front which can be smooth or full of little knobs called a pad-foot roller. The roller is used for soil compaction where a firm base is needed such as in road building or establishing a site. The pad-foot roller is meant for compaction of plastic soils such as silt or clay.


This company has 10m³ tipper trucks, and dumpers, huge vehicles with wheels as high as an average man and capable of carrying a 20 ton load. These vehicle hold licenses to transport loads on conventional roadways. They drop their loads from the rear by tipping the body with the help of hydraulic arms so that the load slides off the truck. Loads can be any heavy bulk of materials such as sand, crushed stone or building rubble. Also excavated soil from road constructions or large construction sites, river dredging or dam building sites, etc.

Water trucks

A water truck has a huge mechanically operated water tank mounted on its back. While the truck is moving slowly, the operator sprays water from the tank on, e.g. a construction site. Or also on the surface of a road under construction, or at a quarry where they crush stones – all causing a lot of dust. The dampening effect of the water on the whole helps to control the dust.

Call PJK Earthworks & Construction today for assistance with heavy duty earth-moving equipment. Not only do they offer the machines, but they also provide the operators which in effect means that they do the work for you. As well as haul away the construction rubble. They are fast, effective, professional.

Tel: 028 754 3339 or 079 208 9528

Pieter Kleinhans

Cell: 082 217 9631

Ané Kleinhans

Cell: 079 514 4554 

PJK Grondverskuiwing & Konstruksie

Eienaars van ‘n verskeidenheid swaardiens grondverskuiwingsmasjinerie, toerusting en so ook trokke. Hulle verhuur hulle swaar konstruksie toerusting uit vir grootskaalse kommersiële, landboukundige, siviele projekte en so meer.

Hulle is naby Droëvlakte en bedien die hele Wes-Kaap in noue samewerking met hulle sustersmaatskappy PJK Vervoer wat die laebed trok beskikbaar stel om die massiewe swaar toerusting rond te karwei.

Wanneer jy ‘n trok of toerusting by hulle huur, kry jy die drywer of operateur ook saam wat effektiewelik beteken dat hulle self die werk verrig met hulle toerusting. So, eenvoudig gestel – hulle grawe die gat en ry sommer die grond weg ook!

Tipiese Aktiwiteite van PJK Grondverskuiwing & Konstruksie

Hulle werk hoofsaaklik op grootskaalprojekte in verskillende sektore en doen dinge soos:

  • Verhuring van toerusting
  • Uitgrawings
  • Padkonstruksiewerk
  • Voorbereiding van sportgronde
  • Grondvoorbereiding op groot konstrusiepersele
  • Grootskaalse slootgrawery
  • Skraap en gelykmaak van grond
  • Kompaktering van grond
  • Demolisiewerk
  • Verwydering van groot klompe swaar rommel
  • Beheer van stof op werkpersele deur die sproei van water

Grondverskuiwingstoerusting te huur

  • Stootskrapers
  • Meganiese grawe
  • Uitgrawers
  • Padskrapers
  • Kompakteerders
  • Wiptrokke/stortkarre
  • Watertrokke

Skakel PJK Grondverskuiwing & Konstruksie vandag nog vir hulp met swaardiens grondverskuiwingstoerusting. Nie alleen verhuur hulle die toerusting nie, maar so ook die drywers/operateurs. Hulle is vinnig, effektief, professioneel.

Tel: 028 754 3339 or 079 208 9528

Pieter Kleinhans

Cell: 082 217 9631

Ané Kleinhans

Cell: 079 514 4554