PJK Transport – Bulk/Heavy Load Transporters

PJK Transport

PJK Transport – Bulk/Heavy Load Transporters

Not your average transportation company! PJK Transport has a 36 ton Side Tipper Truck as well as a 22 wheel Low Bed Truck capable of carrying bulk loads and heavy equipment. The company owns the trucks, thus you do not deal with a broker, but with the owners themselves. They are experienced in road freight, reliable, honest, efficient and their service is cost effective.

PJK Transport, and its sister company, PJK Earthworks & Construction, are situated near Droëvlakte on route to Stilbaai. They work throughout the Garden Route as well as the rest of the Western Cape hauling bulk agricultural commodities and other mass raw materials. Or transporting huge earth-moving equipment between construction sites. Of course they have adequate in-transit insurance in place to take care of any unplanned incidents.

PJK Transport – Rent Yourself a Truck (and Operator)

Standing next to the 36 ton side tipper truck or the 22 wheeler low-bed truck, is a very overwhelming experience. The sheer size of these huge trucks tells you that not every Tom, Dick and Harry can drive and manoeuvre these monsters. Therefore this company hires out the truck with driver and all. (No, sorry, you do not get to drive one!) The drivers are well trained, responsible, professional and they also know the importance of safety and timeliness.

Side-Tipper Truck For Hire – PJK Transport

One wheel of the side-tipper is about the height of an average male. Therefore built-in steps are provided for the driver to climb into the cabin. The horse and two trailers combination has 26 wheels and a load capacity of 36 tons. That means a massive quantity of loose materials such as wheat and barley. Also canola, fertiliser, agricultural lime, sand or crushed stone, etc. In short, anything that will slide down and pour out when the drum is tipped to dump the load, e.g. at the silo or the construction site.

This truck will typically be of service to farmers to transport their grain or deliver fertiliser or agricultural lime. Or mining companies to transport their raw materials. Of course they cover the open tops to protect the cargo against the elements and to prevent it from falling out or flying off.

14.5 m Goose-neck Low Bed Truck For Hire

This horse and trailer combination with the built-in ramps at the rear end, can carry any large, heavy equipment or vehicles of up to 30 ton. You can drive the vehicles onto the truck using the ramps. When in transit, these ramps are folded upwards towards the truck where they stay during the trip. Huge broken down equipment or large heavy broken vehicles can be transported on this truck. They transport any abnormal equipment working in different sectors such as the mining, forestry, farming as well as industrial sectors.

Their sister company, PJK Earthworks & Construction often uses this low-bed to move their earth-moving machinery between sites. They have all the necessary equipment such as chains and ratchets for fastening and securing the cargo.

For any seriously bulky or heavy cargo loads, call them to do the hauling to wherever you need it to be.

10m³ Tipper Trucks for Hire

For bulk transporting sand, crushed stone, ground, excavation or construction rubble, etc. hire one of these 10m³ tipper trucks. These heavy load trucks are ideal for delivering bulk loads of heavy materials or for hauling loads of heavy stuff away to a dumping site. They are licensed to travel on conventional roadways.

Call PJK Transport to hire one of these trucks to haul away that excavation rubble from the building site of your new dam on the farm. For these heavy duty tipper trucks this is mere child’s play.

PJK Vervoer – Abnormale Swaar Vragte

Hierdie is nie jou gewone vervoermaatskappy nie. Hierdie maatskappy vervoer groot vragte goedere met hulle 36 ton sykantelwa en 22 wiel lae platbaktrok. Hulle is gestasioneer naby Droëvlakte op die pad na Stilbaai en werk deur die hele Tuinroete en so ook die res van die Wes-Kaap.

As jy langs een van hierdie voertuie staan, besef jy waarom hulle die trokke met bestuurder en al verhuur. Die goed is massief! Die wiele is so hoog soos ‘n gemiddelde man. Natuurlik is daar ook genoegsame in-transito versekering op vragte wat hulle vervoer.

Kantelwa te Huur by PJK Vervoer

Die perd met twee sleepwaenskombinasie het 26 wiele en ‘n laaikapasiteit van 36 ton. Dit beteken ‘n massiewe hoeveelheid losmaatgoed soos koring, hawer, canola, kunsmis, landboukalk, sand, gruis en so meer. Enigiets wat sal uitloop as die drom gekantel word, byvoorbeeld by die silo of op ‘n konstruksieperseel. Die bokant van die oop drom/wa word met seile toegemaak so geen weerselemente sal dit beskadig nie en die kan ook nie uitval nie.

14.5 m Gansnek Lae Platbedwa te Huur by PJK Vervoer

Hierdie perd en sleepwakombinasie het 22 wiele en het twee aangeboude laaipanele aan die agterste punt waarteen voertuie kan opry. Wanneer gery word, is hierdie panele teruggevou en staan dit regop agter die trok. Abnormaal groot voertuie en baie swaar toerusting word tipies op hierdie voertuig vervoer. Dit sluit in gebreekte swaar masjinerie soos padskrapers, grondverskuiwingstoerusting en so meer. Hulle doen baie werk vir hulle sustermaatskappy PJK Grondverskuiwing & Konstruksie. Alle nodige kettings, en vasmaakgoed word ook voorsien wat die vrag veilig vashou.

So, vir enige ernstig swaar of omvangryke vragte tot 30 ton maksimum, skakel hulle om dit vir jou te vervoer waar jy dit wil hê.

10m³ Wiptrokke te Huur

Hierdie 10m³ tiplorries is ideaal om groot hoeveelhede swaar materiaal soos sand, gruis, grond, konstruksierommel en so meer te vervoer. Hulle is gelisensieer om op konvensionele paaie te ry. So, kry een van hierdie wiptrokke om daardie grond weg te ry wat uitgegrawe is vir daardie nuwe dam op jou plaas.

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