Riversdal Begrafnisdienste

Riversdale Funeral Services

Riversdal Begrafnisdienste

Riversdale Funeral Services

Undertaker services in Riversdale offering funeral and cremation services as well as funeral cover, coffins and tombstones.

In essence Riversdale Funeral Services meet the needs of people in the event of the death of a loved one. They are professionals who, most of all, understand the difficulty for the bereaved person to think of everything that have to be done and arranged.

Consequently they will see to everything around the funeral from moving the body of the loved one to the mortuary, to preparing the body for interment, to bringing the body to the church or chapel, to eventually transporting it to the cemetery. They will also see to all arrangements around the grave.

Riversdale Funeral Services will, in addition, see to the flowers and wreaths, the coffin, the hearse and the memorial leaflets. They have a variety of coffins and tombstones as well as wreaths, from which you can choose. In the case of a cremation, they will see to the ashes and urn, as well as a tombstone in the case of interment.

Furthermore this funeral home can provide you with death insurance policies and funeral covers. All in all that will help you cope with the cost of an unexpected funeral for a loved one. They can also draw up wills.

They are situated in Riversdale, but also have branches in Albertinia, Ladismith, Zoar, Van Wyksdorp, Heidelberg, Slangrivier as well as Still Bay.

Riversdal Begrafnisdienste

Begrafnisondernemers in Riversdal wat ter aarde bestellings sowel as verassingsdienste aanbied by die afsterwe van ‘n geliefde. Maak gerus gebruik van hulle professionele dienste rondom begrafnisse.

Hulle sien om na alles vanaf die verwydering van die liggaam na die lykshuis en die voorbereiding van die liggaam vir die begrafnis. Tot die vervoer van die liggaam na die kerk of kapel in ‘n lykswa, en laastens na die begraafplaas. Ook by die graf hanteer hulle alle reëlings.

Riversdal Begrafnisdienste sluit ook in dinge soos die blomme en kranse, die kis, die lykswa en die begrafnisbriewe. Hulle het ‘n verskeidenheid doodskiste, kranse en grafstene waaruit jy kan kies. In die geval van verassing, versorg hulle ook die as en het ook kissies en kruike waaruit jy kan kies.

Verder bied hulle ook begrafnispolisse en kan ook testamente optrek.

Hulle is in Riversdal, maar het ook takke in Albertinia, Ladismith, Zoar, Van Wyksdorp, Heidelberg, Slangrivier en Stilbaai.


Church Street 87 (87 Kerkstraat)


Sonika Weston

Tel: 028 713 2218 

Cell: 082 413 3250

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