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Building, Woodwork, Steelworks and Home Maintenance

In the business since 1987, Stilbaai Home Renovations undertakes all types of home renovation projects in Still Bay and Jongensfontein. They specialise in jobs related to building, woodwork and steel-work. Their skills include the installation of garage door motors and gate motors. Kallie also provides and installs secure see-through burglar bars, and they are also skilled in creative garden layout!

Stilbaai Home Renovations offers quality work, exemplary service, honesty as well as comparable prices. Their business rests mainly on three pillars, which are building, woodwork and steel-work with a few supplementary services added to the mix.

Building – Stilbaai Home Renovations

This renovation company handles all extensions on existing buildings, all restorations and renovations, in short, any changes the home owner might want. This includes building, ceilings, painting, tiling, paving, garden walls/perimeter walls. They can also assist with specialist work such as large cracks in walls which they repair with steel rods in the walls.

If you have a roof leaking problem, these people can help you. They will locate the problem and fix it once and for all. If you have encountered any damage as a result of such leakage, they can also help you there. They are dead serious about their work, therefore you don’t have to call them back once they have fixed your roof.

Woodwork – Stilbaai Home Renovations

Stilbaai Home Renovations Build in Cupboards

Stilbaai Home Renovations specialises in beautifully crafted built-in cupboards for the kitchen, bedroom as well as the rest of the house. They also provide cupboards for commercial buildings and offices. They are not bound to standardised built-in cupboards, but also fabricates wooden cupboards and chests on order according to you specifications. No cupboard too small or too large – they build it to fit into the designated space.

Furthermore they manufacture specially ordered wood tops made from special wood, e.g. for your home bar. Or a special dinner table with matching chairs or a specially designed wooden desk or a wooden headboard for the bedroom.

In addition they build custom made wooden decks with wooden balustrades and steps with handrails. They also do wood flooring with hardwood and solid wood as well as laminated wood flooring. In short, they manufacture any wooden thing you need.

Steel-work – Stilbaai Home Renovations

This company also manufactures all kinds of creative things from steel. Their work includes stainless steel stairs and handrails, balustrades, security gates and frames as well as steel decorations. Imagine an entrance gate decorated like a huge spider-web with spiders and their prey here and there. Or rails decorated with intricate curls and twirls of steel – definitely something very special and unique to your property. Decorated steel wall hangings with holders for pot plants adorning your patio. Let your imagination flow and ask them to create your design in steel.

Damage Repairs

Stilbaai Home Renovations also does repairs after damage, e.g. water damage in the case of a burst geyser. This company is on the OUTsurance panel which allows them to handle any insurance claim on your behalf as well as do the repairs. They replace the ceilings where necessary, replace the cupboards as well as repaint the walls.

Additional Services

Garden Layout

These people can also help you to design the layout of your garden, be it a new garden, or redesigning an existing garden. Of course they will take care of the paving of walkways, cement work and building beds for flowers. They will supply and lay the crushed stone areas in the proper way as well as build terraced retaining walls or stone walls. This way terrace soil stays intact in this area where many houses are built on a slope. All you have to do, is to add the plants.

Secure See-Through Burglar Bars or Proofing

An almost invisible burglar-proofing for windows, security gates as well as railings, is UV resistant, does not rust. It does not obscure the view and is fast becoming the most popular modern way of securing your building. Stilbaai Home Renovations can install these secure clear view burglar bars in your newly renovated home, or replace the existing bars.

Installation of Garage Door Motors

They are also qualified to install garage door motors for your safety and convenience. Such a door that can open remotely is especially useful for shorter or older people where strength or back problems come into play. If you can enter your home from the garage, it is very practical during the rainy season, or when arriving at your home at night.

Huisverbeterings in Stilbaai deur Stilbaai Home Renovations

Stilbaai Home Renovations is al sedert 1987 in die besigheid. Hulle spesialiseer in bouwerk, houtwerk en staalwerk en doen ook installering van garagedeurmotors, deursigtige diefwering en tuinuitleg.

Kallie Willemse

Cell: 082 925 1879

Hierdie besigheid bied kwaliteitwerk, uitstaande diens, eerlikheid en so ook kompeterende pryse. Hulle besigheid rus hoofsaaklik op drie pilare – bouwerk, houtwerk en staalwerk, en ‘n paar addisionele dienste bygeklits.


Hierdie huisverbeteringsbesigheid hanteer alle aanbouings aan bestaande geboue, alle restorasies en verbeterings. Dit sluit in bouwerk, plafonne, verfwerk, teëlwerk, plaveisel, tuinmure, en so meer. Hulle doen ook spesialiswerk soos die herstel van groot krake in mure d.m.v. die gebruik van staalstawe. Verder maak hulle ook daklekke heel.


Hulle spesialiseer in houtwerk soos pragtige ingeboude kaste vir die kombuis, kamer en so ook die hele huis. Nie net standaardkaste nie, maar ook kaste volgens spesifikasies van die kliënt. So ook spesiale houtblaaie en kaste, eettafels met bypassende stoele en kopstukke vir jou bed.

Verder bou hulle ook dekke, trappe met relings, en so meer. Hulle lê ook houtvloere met hardehout en soliede hout en so ook gelamineerde hout.


Hierdie besigheid maak allerhande kreatiewe dinge van staal, soos trappe, relings, sekuriteitshekke, staalversierings, en so meer.

Herstel van Skade

Hulle is op die OUTsurance paneel wat die besigheid toelaat om namens jou versekeringseise te hanteer en ook die skade reg te maak, bv. waterskade a.g.v. ‘n gebarste geyser.

Addisionele Dienste

  • Tuinuitleg
  • Sterk deursigtige diefwering
  • Installering van garagedeurmotors sowel as hekmotors


Kallie Willemse

Cell: 082 925 1879