Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing and Welding

Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing and Welding - Stilbaai Staal Vervaardiging en Sweiswerk

Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing and Welding – Stilbaai Staalvervaardiging en Sweiswerke

Highly experienced welder, designing, manufacturing and installing/erecting new steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium builds. Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing & Welding also cleans, strengthens, repairs or replaces damaged parts of steel objects or modifies steel items. They offer free quotes, reasonable prices, friendly service as well as excellent workmanship which comes from year of experience.

Dylan Lang, Welder and Owner of Stilbaai Vervaardiging en Sweiswerke

Dylan has more than 12 years of engineering and steel welding, steel construction, stainless steel bending and cutting experience. He and his team are competent in the metal joining processes of brazing as well as TIG and MIG welding. (Tungsten Inert Gas welding and Metal Inert Gas welding)

Welding in simple terms, is the act of fusing pieces of metals together. This is vital when creating anything made of metal. The work of a welder requires precision and patience as well as minute attention to detail. These skills are acquired only through practice.

Stilbaai Staalvervaardiging en Sweiswerke is located in the Industrial area in Still Bay East. Dylan and his team believes in safe work habits as well as using the necessary safety equipment.

Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing & Welding – Services

  • Free advice – Dylan and his team has years of experience in working with steel and can offer valuable advice to a customer.
  • Design – They can design and detail special items for a customer if the customer doesn’t already have a plan.
  • Fabricate/Manufacture – Dylan, with the assistance of his team will custom produce any steel, stainless steel or aluminium item a client might need.
  • Install/Erect – Products which need to be installed or erected, Stilbaai Manufacturing & Welding, of course installs or erects for the client.
  • Welding work – They are experienced in brazing as well as TIG and MIG welding. Therefore they can fuse any stainless steel, plain steel, aluminium and pure metals. As a result of his experience he delivers high quality and precision welding.
  • Repair – They clean, strengthen, repair or remove and replace weakened or damaged segments of any object or structure. Items such as washing lines or trailers.
  • Modify – Dylan and his team can also modify or rebuild steel items for another purpose such as enlarging a security gate.
  • Cut and Bend – They also do cutting and bending of steel to produce products such as stainless steel steps and spiralling balustrades.
  • Free quotes – Stilbaai Manufacturing & Welding offers free quotations.

Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing & Welding – Products

Stilbaai Vervaardiging en Sweiswerke Works with plain steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium. They do almost any steelwork, thus invite you to approach them with your steel or aluminium requirement or need. Bring your own plan and specifications, or discuss your need with them. They will advise, custom design, manufacture and install whatever it is that you require. Bear in mind that they do not fish in another one’s pond, meaning they do not compete with standard products already available in shops.

Due to the nature of their expertise, their customers come from the residential, commercial, agricultural as well as industrial sectors.

Steel and Stainless Steel Products

  • Large steel constructions – They specialise in large steel constructions such as factories, warehouses, barns, steel frame houses as well as farm poultry houses. Also smaller steel structures such as carports, storage sheds, farm sheds, boat sheds, huts, etc. However large or small, what you need, is what Dylan and his team build.
  • Protection and security – palisade and other steel fencing, sliding or swinging entrance/driveway gates, designed and sized to suit customer requirements, security/safety gates for doors, burglar bars/proofing.
  • Barbecue/braai and fireplace related products such as fireplace baskets, grids as well as firewood holders, tailor made to fit your space. Also various types of braais, built-in as well as free-standing and movable braais designed to your space and requirements. They can also fabricate custom made braai accessories if you want something different from those found in shops, such as braai grids, tongs, pot stands, grid stands, etc.
  • Vehicle related steelwork such as custom manufactured bakkie, trailer and truck canopies and rails, roof carriers/racks, roll bars, bull bars, side steps, back steps and much more.
  • Non-standard household accessories custom designed to fit in a specific space or of a design not readily found in shops such as custom made washing lines, laundry stands and garden hose hangers.
  • Architectural products such as custom designed balustrades, balcony railings, also staircases, steps, handrails and more to enhance the aesthetics of the building.
  • Steel furniture such as steel tables, workbenches, as well as various kinds of trolleys e.g. food trolleys.
  • General steel items not readily available in shops like various kinds of brackets, supports and braces, tailor made for your purpose.

    Aluminium Products

  • Aluminium constructions – They have the skills and equipment to cut and fuse (TIG and MIG welding) aluminium, they can build any aluminium frame or structure, large and small. Structures such as custom fabricated carport frames, greenhouse frames, aluminium solar panel mounting structure, sheds, pergola frames, etc.
  • He does not fabricate aluminium window and door and shower frames, though, simply because there are aluminium and glass specialists around and he does not want to poach on their territory. He focuses more on special needs of customers. Things that have to be custom fabricated because it is not economically viable to compete with items already available in shops.
  • Vehicle accessories – Stilbaai Vervaardiging en Sweiswerke, builds custom aluminium products for bakkies and 4×4 vehicles such as special canopies, special roof carriers, specially designed livestock rails for transporting cattle and sheep, specially manufactured hunting rigs, special ramps and steps, etc.
  • Architectural products – They fabricate all types of aluminium balustrades, staircases, steps, handrails, etc.
  • General items such as custom washing lines and aluminium folding camping tables specially sized to suit the customer’s needs.

The products mentioned above are by no means an exhaustive list of what they can produce for you. These are only meant to spark your imagination.

Call or visit them for free advice and a free quote today!

Dylan Lang

Cell: 066 156 5251

41A Steadfray Street

Stilbaai Industrial

Stilbaai East

Stilbaai Vervaardiging en Sweiswerke

Hoogservare sweiser wat ontwerp, vervaardig en nuwe staal, vlekvrye staal en aluminium bouwerk installeer of oprig. Verder herstel, versterk of vervang hy ook swakplekke op staal items en verander ook bestaande items vir ‘n ander doel.

Dylan Lang, Sweiser en Eienaar

Dylan het meer as 12 jaar ervaring van soldering en so ook TIG- en MIG-sweiswerk. Die werkswinkel is in die Industriële gebied in Stilbaai-Oos.

Stilbaai Vervaardiging en Sweiswerke – Dienste

  • Gratis advies – uit monde van sy ondervinding, kan Dylan en sy span jou van waardevolle raad bedien.
  • Ontwerp – Hulle sal items vir kliënte wat nie klaar planne en spesifikasies het nie, ontwerp.
  • Vervaardig/Fabriseer – Hy en sy span vervaardig enige staal, vlekvrye staal en aluminium items of strukture wat nie geredelik in winkels beskikbaar is nie.
  • Installeer/Oprig – enige ding wat hulle vir jou vervaardig het en wat geïnstalleer of opgerig moet word, sal hulle doen.
  • Sweiswerk – Dylan is baie ervare in soldering en TIG en MIG sweiswerk, dus kan hy enige staal, vlekvrye staal, aluminium en so ook edel metale las.
  • Herstel – Hulle sal enige staalvoorwerp of struktuur wat beskadig of verswak is deur roes, skoonmaak, versterk, herstel of verwyder en vervang.
  • Verander/Aanpas – Hulle sal ook items verander of herbou om dit te verbeter of op ‘n ander plek te gebruik, bv. om ‘n bestaande veiligheidshek groter te maak.
  • Sny en buig – So sny en buig hulle ook staal om produkte soos spiraal balustrades en rolbrekers vir bakkies te vervaardig.
  • Gratis kwotasies

Stilbaai Vervaardiging en Sweiswerke – Produkte

Stilbaai Steel Manufacturing & Welding werk met gewone staal, vlekvrye staal en aluminium. Hulle doen feitlik alle staalwerk volgens jou plan en spesifikasies en hulle maak nie standaarditems wat reeds in winkels beskikbaar is nie.

Hulle kliënte kom uit die residensiële, kommersiële, landbou en so ook industriële sektore.

Staal- en Vlekvrye Staalprodukte

  • Groot staalkonstruksies – groot strukture soos fabrieke, stoorplekke, skure, vliegtuigskure, hoenderhokke op hoenderplase. So ook kleiner strukture soos afdakke, hutte en so ook verskillende tipes klein stoortjies.
  • Sekuriteit en veiligheid – spesiaalvervaardigde heinings, -ingangshekke, -veiligheidshekke en -diefwering.
  • Braai- en kaggelverwante produkte – kaggelmandjies, roosters, brandhouthouers, verskillende tipes braais en so ook spesiale braaigereedskap.
  • Voertuigverwante staalwerk – spesiale bakkie-, sleepwa- en trokkappies en relings, dakrakke, rolbrekers, bosbrekers, sytrappe, agtertrappe, en so meer.
  • Nie-standaard huisverwante produkte, pasgemaak vir kliënte insluitende badkamer en kombuis relings en houers. So ook spesiaalgemaakte wasgoedlyne en tuinslangrakke.
  • Argitektoniese produkte – balustrades, balkonrelings, trappe, traprelingsen so meer .
  • Staalmeubels – spesiaalvervaardigde staaltafels, werksbanke, en so ook verskillende trollies soos kostrollies.
  • Algemene staalprodukte soos verskillende soorte spesiaalvervaardigde klampe, stutte en hake.


  • Hulle vervaardig nie deur, venster en stort rame nie want daar is reeds aluminium- en glasspesialiste wat dit doen. Hy fokus op spesiale, nie-standaardprodukte wat nie in reeds die handel verkrygbaar is nie.
  • Aluminiumkonstruksies – enige aluminiumraamwerk, groot en klein, bv. afdakrame, kweekhuisrame, sonpaneelmonteringsraamwerke, en so meer.
  • Voertuigtoebehore – vir bakkies en 4×4 voertuie soos spesiale kappies, dakrakke, bees en skaaprelings en so ook jagrelings.
  • Argitektoniese produkte – balkonrelings, balustrades, trappe en so ook traprelings.
  • Algemene items soos verskillende tipes wasgoedlyne.

Die genoemde produkte is geensins al wat hulle kan doen nie, so bel of besoek hulle sommer vandag vir gratis advies en ‘n gratis kwotasie.

Dylan Lang

Cell: 066 156 5251

41A Steadfray Street

Stilbaai Industrial

Stilbaai East