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Susan Roos Juwele – Susan Roos Jewellery in Stilbaai

Qualified and highly experienced Goldsmith specialising in designing as well as hand forging rings to die for. Apart from rings, Susan Roos Jewellery store in Stilbaai stocks a variety of other jewellery as well. Visit them to witness the lovely necklaces and bracelets, brooches, earrings as well as watches and more. Although she focuses on making rings, she will also make other jewellery on special request.

Over time she has developed a stunning characteristic style. Her designs vary between bulky and bold to petite and feminine, often coupled with a vintage look. To achieve this she uses oxidisation to give the sterling silver a blackened look, the result being simply sensational.

The price of their rings of course depends on the size and type of the stone as well as the metal used, but is not exorbitant. Their service is outstanding and they also put a lot of careful effort into the packaging of your jewels.

Obsessed with jewellery, particularly rings, or not, this is a shop you simply have to visit. But, be warned, you are in danger of becoming beguiled with their unique rings. And soon after of course, a proud (and fortunate) owner of a Susan Roos original! Just when you think there can be none more beautiful, you see the next one… Oh man!

The shop is in the Fynbos Centre just off Main Street West in Still Bay, adjacent to the Fynbos Chemistry. This lovely coastal town is a very popular holiday destination. Even more so because of the Goukou River running through the town and spilling into the Indian ocean. Stilbaai, of course, is in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape Garden Route.

About Susan Roos Juwele

  • Susan Roos is of course a qualified Goldsmith with more than 35 years in the jewellery business. Over the years she has developed her own range as well as style of hand crafted jewels. Lately she focuses more on designing and producing stunningly beautiful rings using a variety of metals and stones.
  • A proudly South African product, her unique rings are timeless and will last a lifetime with proper care. In fact, her rings will become an heirloom for generations to come.
  • Susan Roos Juwele has a beautiful selection of jewels like necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, watches and rings. Some, especially the rings, of her own designs, while other pieces come from elsewhere.
  • Although she mostly designs rings, she will also design and hand forge other jewellery. For example, a bride might want something that will go with her ring.
  • You can choose any of her designs, but with a stone of your own choice or also with or without certain detail. She will gladly adjust the design to suit your taste.
  • Moreover, you can provide your own stone or stones.
  • She can also remodel existing rings. This, of course depends on the metal. You will need to bring the ring to the shop for evaluation of the feasibility and possibility of modifying the ring.
  • Furthermore they clean jewellery to look new again.

How Do I Order My Dream Ring?

  • Any person anywhere in the world can order the Susan Roos original of their choice. When ordering, remember to indicate your ring size. (Wrap a length of string around the base of the relevant finger and mark where it overlaps. Then measure that piece of string on a ruler in millimetres.)
  • Special/custom made orders are not for sale, because she designs and hand crafts such rings uniquely for the client.
  • There are three ways to order a ring:
    • You can either send a message to their Facebook Inbox
    • Or you can send an email to
    • Lastly you can send a WhatsApp message to 076 873 8240.

Susan Roos Juwele – Rings and Other Jewellery

They design and make jewellery (focusing mainly on rings) varying from robust to petite. Their timeless designer rings and other jewellery come in a variety of prices and designs. Prices of course depend on the materials they use such as metal and stones. They manufacture all their rings themselves, ergo they can make you a special one using the metal/s as well as stones of your choice.

Not only do they design stylish and elegant rings for ladies, but also matching  rings for couples as well as masculine pieces for guys. Their expertly crafted rings are very versatile – flashy, gorgeous and playful with different coloured stones, each equally unique.

A ring for everyday wear, wedding rings for him and her, special anniversaries as well as special occasions. To spoil a loved one, a special gift of thanks to Mother on Mothers’ Day, or even to hide a guilty conscience…! Birthstone rings, antique rings, signet rings, vintage rings, endless possibilities and invariably, each one a stunner.

  • Metals and Materials

    • Amongst others, Susan Roos Juwele works with Sterling Silver. This she applies in different ways to produce that exact look she envisaged while designing the piece. She makes use of either polished silver, oxidised silver, or plays with a combination of black and silver. (Oxidisation of Sterling Silver turns the metal’s surface black, giving it an antique look.)
    • She also makes use of 9 carat Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold (alloy of gold and nickel imitating platinum). Or she uses more than one metal together (called two-tone), the effect of which is simply sensational.
    • Furthermore she makes use of semi-precious stones varying in size, shape and colour such as synthetic Alexandrite. Also Morganite nano crystal, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, cubic Zirconia and many more. In fact, they import their Zirconia themselves.
    • Of course you can provide your own stones when ordering a ring (or other piece of jewellery) from them.
    • There are only four precious stones because of their exquisite colours, their rarity as well as their quality. These four stones are, no surprise here, Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies. The use of these stones will, of course push the price of your piece quite remarkably. Should you specifically want one, though, they will oblige.
  • Designs, Settings, Shapes and Patterns

    • Settings – she designs around various ring settings such as tension settings, channel, flush and also scallop settings. Stunning pavé settings where the shank or band is covered in dozens of small zirconia creating an all-over sparkling effect. Also halo settings where they set small accent stones around the centre stone in various ways.
    • Stone shapes – stones come in various cuts like the princess (square), radiant, round, heart and oval/oblong cuts. Also the emerald (rectangular), and the elegant marquise cut (boat cut) to name but a few.
    • Ring shapes – ring heads come in different shapes such as pear, heart, oval, scallop, round, square, six-sided (hexagonal), eight-sided (octagonal), etc.
    • Shank or band styles and shapes – a variety of styles such as split shanks, twisted, tapered, straight, knife-edge, bypass, pinched shanks, etc. Ring shanks also vary in shape, width and depth. Some are curved for comfort while others have a straighter fit.
    • Patterns and accents – she uses various intricate decorative detail like wild vines, the famous fleur-de-lis as well as crosses. Also the simple Celtic knot, damask patterns, tiny studs, delicate flower petals, curls, swirls, filigree, geometric shapes, waves, etc. Inspiration for her ring designs sometimes comes from the indigenous fynbos such as the marvellous Protea flowers.
    • Looks and vibes – her designs varies from simple, delicate, dainty and feminine to dramatic, bold and bulky. In her characteristic way she loves to play with the contrasting effect of white shiny silver combined with darkened silver. Her rings ooze medieval vibes, bohemian vibes, Victorian vibes as well as Celtic vibes. The more robust rings with the tint of vintage such as the marquise ring evoke an elusive, niggling romantic feel of yesteryear.

You simply have to have a Susan Roos Original, so visit them today. It will blow you away!

Tel: 028 754 2949

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Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00
Sunday: Closed

Susan Roos Juwele - Susan Roos Juwellery

Goudsmid en Juwelewinkel in Stilbaai

Hulle ontwerpe wissel van groot en bonkig tot fyn en vroulik, dikwels gepaardgaande met ‘n antieke of gedateerde voorkoms. Die ou voorkoms word verkry deur sterling silwer te oksideer, ‘n proses wat die metaaloppervlak so ‘n swart kleur gee. Sensasioneel, om die minste te sê.

Die prys van die ringe hang af van die tipe steen, die grootte van die steen en so ook die metaal wat gebruik is. Nieteenstaande is hulle pryse billik en hulle lewer uitstekende diens. Hulle neem ook groot sorg met die verpakking van jou kosbare juwele.

As jy versot is op juwele, veral ringe, is hierdie ‘n winkel wat jy net moet besoek. Wees egter gewaarsku, die gevaar is baie groot dat jy totaal betower gaan word deur hulle ringe. En so by so natuurlik ook die trotse (en gelukkige) eienaar van ‘n oorspronklike Susan Roos ring. Want nes jy dink dit kan nie mooier nie, dan sien jy die volgende een… Ai, mens!

Die winkel is in die Fynbossentrum net af van Hoofweg-Wes in Stilbaai, reg langs Fynbos Apteek. Hierdie lieflike kusdorp lê weerskante van die Goukourivier in die Hessequagebied in die Wes-Kaap Tuinroete.

Oor Susan Roos Juwele

  • Susan Roos is ‘n gekwalifiseerde goudsmid en al meer as 35 jaar in die juwelebesigheid. So deur die jare het sy haar eie reeks en kenmerkende styl ontwikkel. Deesdae fokus sy meer op die ontwerp en maak van asemrowende mooi ringe uit ‘n verskeidenheid metale en so ook edelgesteentes.
  • Hulle produk is trots Suid-Afrikaans, uniek, tydloos en sal ‘n leeftyd hou met die regte hantering. So ‘n ring kan ‘n familie-erfstuk word.
  • Susan Roos Juwele koop ‘n verskeidenheid juwele in wat hulle in die winkel verkoop. Juwele soos halssnoere, armbande, borsspelde, horlosies, oorbelle, en so meer. Hulle ringe is meestal self ontwerp en handgemaak.
  • Sy maak wel ander juwele as ringe op versoek.
  • Jy kan enige van haar ontwerpe kies maar met die steen van jou keuse en so ook enige aanpassings wat jy verkies.
  • Jy kan ook jou eie steen of stene verskaf.
  • Verder kan hulle bestaande ringe verander of hermodelleer, afhangende natuurlik van die metaal. Jy sal sodanige ring moet inbring vir evaluering.
  • Dan maak hulle ook juwele skoon sodat dit weer so goed soos nuut lyk.

Hoe Bestel ek my Droomring?

  • Jy kan vir jou ook so ‘n oorspronklike Susan Roos ring van enige plek in die wêreld af bestel. Onthou net om jou ringgrootte te noem.
  • Spesiaalontwerpte ringe op bestelling is ontwerp en handgemaak vir die kliënt. So, jou ring is uniek en enig in sy soort.
  • Daar is drie maniere om ‘n ring te bestel:
    • Stuur ‘n boodskap na hulle Facebook
    • Of so nie, stuur ‘n e-pos na
    • Alternatiewelik kan jy ‘n WhatsApp-boodskap stuur na 076 873 8240

Susan Roos Juwele – Ringe en Ander Juwele

Hulle ontwerp en maak juwele, met die klem op ringe, wat varieer van bonkig tot petite. Hierdie tydlose ontwerperringe en ander juwele verskil in prys en so ook ontwerp. Die prys hang natuurlik af van watter metale en stene gebruik is. Hulle maak al hulle ringe self, so jy kan kies watter metaal en stene vir jou ring gebruik moet word.

Hulle ontwerp nie net stylvolle en elegante ringe vir dames nie, maar ook bypassende ringe vir paartjies en so ook ringe vir mans. Elkeen van hulle ongelooflike ringe is uniek en daar is iets vir elke geleentheid.

  • Metale en Gesteentes

    • Onder andere werk hulle met Sterling Silwer. Vir sommige silwerstukke gebruik hulle slegs gepoleerde silwer. Ander stukke is ‘n kombinasie van silwer en geoksideerde sterling silwer. Die oksidasieproses gee aan die silwer so ‘n swart kleur.
    • Verder gebruik sy 9 karaat Geelgoud, Roosgoud, Witgoud of twee-kleur (meer as een soort metaal tesame)
    • Dan gebruik sy Halfedelgesteentes in verskillende groottes, vorms en so ook kleure. Hulle gebruik dikwels sirkone wat hulle ook self invoer.
    • Jy kan natuurlik ook jou eie steen of stene verskaf vir die stuk wat hulle vir jou op bestelling moet maak.
    • Ware Edelgesteentes word so genoem a.g.v. hulle voortreflike kleure, kwaliteit en rariteit. Daar is slegs vier ware edelgesteentes, nl. die robyn, diamant, smarag en die saffier.
  • Ontwerpe, Setwerk, Vorms en Dekoratiewe Detail

    • Monture – sy maak gebruik van verskillende tipes monture soos die kanaalmontuur, vlakmontuur, halomontuur, pavémontuur en so meer.
    • Steenvorms – gesteentes word in verskillende vorms gesny. So is daar die prinsessnit (vierkantig), rondesnit, hartvormige snit, ovaalsnit, smaragsnit (langwerpig) en die Markies of bootsnit, ens.
    • Ringvorms – die boonste deel (kop) van die ring kan in verskillende vorms gemaak word, nie noodwendig dieselfde as die steenvorm nie. Ovaalvormig, rond, vierkantig, peer- of hartvormig, gekartel, seskantig, agtkantig, en so meer.
    • Ringbandstyle en -vorms – daar is verskeie style soos gespleet, gedraai, reguit, geknyp, spits, en so meer. Ringbande verskil ook in wydte, vorm en dikte.
    • Patrone en aksente – sy gebruik verskeie intrinsieke dekoratiewe detail soos wilde lote, die bekende fleur-de-lis, kruise en klein knoppietjies. So ook die eenvoudige Keltiese knoop, delikate blomblaartjies, krulletjies en draaitjies, geometriese vorms, golwe en so meer. Sy put ook inspirasie uit die omgewing se fynbos soos die immergewilde Proteablom.
    • Voorkoms en gevoel – van fyn, delikaat en vroulik tot opvallend, bonkig en manlik. Sy speel graag met silwer in kombinasie met geoksideerde egte silwer wat so ‘n swart kleur aan die silwer gee. As jy na haar ringe kyk, verskuif jou gees so stilweg met heimweë na lang vervloë dae.

Jy móét net ‘n oorspronklike Susan Roos ring besit, so besoek hulle vandag nog. Jy sal jou asem wegslaan!

Tel: 028 754 2949

1Buitekant Street

Fynbos Centre

Stilbaai West