Furniture Removals and Transport


Randall Vervoer - Randall Transport
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Randall Vervoer - Randall Transport

Transportation company for the removal of rubble and delivery of all kinds of materials with his 3 ton tip truck. Randall Vervoer in Still Bay will remove building rubble and garden refuse. They also deliver sand, crushed stone, cement, building materials and gardening materials, etc. Furthermore they will move goods (including furniture) from one place to another anywhere in the Hessequa and surrounding areas. Their clients include private persons, property owners, other builders, farmers, businesses, municipalities, etc.
Japtrap Vervoer & Algemene Dienste
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Japtrap Vervoer en Algemene Dienste

Company for the removal and transportation of building rubble, garden refuse, sand, crushed stone, cement, etc. Japtrap Vervoer removes or transports anything (except furniture) that can fit on their truck. Their motto is 'No Hassles – Only Solutions' and they work in the Still Bay/Jongensfontein area where their truck has become a familiar sight over the years.

Becker Transport

Becker Transport / Vervoer Stilbaai Company in Still Bay transporting any big items as well as furniture in the Western Cape region. Vervoermaatskappy vir enige groot goedere en meubels in die Wes-Kaapgebied.Becker Transport specialises…
Albertinia Meubelvervoer Albertinia Furniture Removals country wide

Albertinia Meubel Vervoer / Furniture Removals

Albertinia Meubel Vervoer / Furniture Removals Transport company from Albertinia operating all over South Africa. This nation wide packaging and furniture removal company really takes care of your personal belongings as if it is their…