The Drain Surgeon Garden Route – The Drain Surgeon George

The Drain Surgeon Garden Route

The Drain Surgeon Garden Route

Plumbing services available 24/7/365 for any general plumbing problem in your house. The Drain Surgeon Garden Route has a team of qualified and experienced plumbers ready and waiting to fix your plumbing problem. No matter how severe the problem is, their expert plumbers will take care of it, including assistance with possible insurance claims.

This Plumbing business is stationed in George, a charming and vibrant town in the gorgeous Garden Route of the Western Cape. Its services, though, extend over a wide area including towns such as Mossel Bay, Hartenbos, Great Brak River as well as Little Brak River and Glentana. Also Herold’s Bay, Sedgefield, Knysna, Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay and all the way north as far as Oudtshoorn.

The Drain Surgeon Garden Route Services

They are open 24hours, every day of the year for general plumbing issues and problems in the residential as well as business sectors. Their qualified and experienced plumbers can handle any plumbing problem no matter how minor or how serious.

Blocked Drains

They have the necessary equipment and plumbing rods to unblock and clean sewer drains as well as storm water drains. These include the electro-mechanical method where a motor is used to drive a cable through a pipe while continuously rotating the cable to unblock and clean. They also make use of a high pressure hydro jetting machine to unclog and clean out drainage lines.

  • Sewer drains – a blocked household drain is not only an inconvenience, but also holds the potential of spreading disease and infections. Types of household blockages are kitchen and laundry sink drains, bathtub, basin and shower drains and also blocked toilets.
  • Storm water drains – with their equipment they can unblock storm water drains with pipes of up to 900mm in diameter.

Geyser Services George and throughout the Garden Route

  • Install new geysers
  • Repair faulty geysers, for example
    • Replace element or thermostat
    • Dripping/leaking geyser
    • Replace pressure control valves
    • Replace burst geysers – not only do they replace the geyser, but they also assist with the insurance claim.

Burst and Leaking Pipes in George and The Garden Route

One of their key focus areas is leak detection meaning they trace the origin of a leak in a pipe. Once the origin of the leak has been established, The Drain Surgeon Garden Route will repair the leak or replace the burst pipe where necessary. They have the equipment and expertise to establish where the leak is and repair it.

Unfortunately some leaks are hidden in the wall or underground which means a larger, more expensive job involving more damage. Some insurance policies also include such incidents. If that is the case with your insurance, they will assist you with the insurance claim.

New Installations

Not only do they attend to general plumbing-related problems, but they also have the expertise and means to install complete underground drainage systems of new buildings. This includes all of the piping to carry off sewage and waste water to the main lines. It also includes the installation of all plumbing fixtures such as taps, sinks, tubs, basins, toilets, showers and geysers, etc.

Corporate Maintenance Contracts

They believe that prevention is better than cure, therefore they offer maintenance contracts to businesses. This means that they regularly visit the premises to inspect the plumbing and take care of any potential problem before it turns into a costly event. Of course they are also on standby 24/7.

Guttering Systems

  • The Drain Surgeon Garden Route also installs rain guttering systems which catch rain water from the roof and carry it away. This is to reduce water damage to the building. The gutter system consist of, among others, the rain gutters and down pipes or spouts. They also install gutter flashings beneath the roof line and inside the gutter which prevent water from running behind a gutter causing damage to building materials.
  • Furthermore they repair rain gutter seams and joints, down pipes and gutter flashings.

General Domestic Plumbing Problems

They repair or replace items such as:

  • Leaking or burst pipes
  • Broken or damaged toilets
  • Toilet leakages
  • Leaking or broken taps
  • Fix broken central heating system radiators
  • Broken or damaged bathtubs, basins, kitchen sinks, laundry sinks

Vital Info About The Drain Surgeon Garden Route

  • Plumbing Related Products
    They are suppliers of products such as a sceptic tank activator, a root killer as well as chemical and bio-active drain clearing products, oil and fat traps, etc.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service
    Plumbing problems mostly occur outside of normal working hours. The Drain Surgeon Garden Route knows that, therefore they kindly offer their services around the clock every day of the year.
  • Call Free Number
    They want to save you money, consequently they invite you to make use of their call free number – 0800 007 442

Loodgieters in George – The Drain Surgeon Garden Route

24-uur, elke dag van die jaar loodgietersdienste vir algemene loodgietersprobleme in jou huis. Hulle het gekwalifiseerde en ervare loodgieters, so hulle kan enige probleem, eenvoudig of ernstig hanteer.

Die besigheid is gestasioneer in George, maar hulle werk ook so ver weg as Mosselbaai, Groot Brakrivier en Klein Brakrivier. Ook Wildernis, Heroldsbaai, Plettenbergbaai en Oudtshoorn.

The Drain Surgeon Garden Route Dienste

  • Verstopte dreins – Hulle gebruik verskillende metodes om verstopte rioolafvoerpype en stormwaterdreine oop te maak. Hiermee kan hulle pype oopmaak van tot 900mm in deursnit.
  • Geysers – Hulle installeer nuwe geysers, so ook herstel of vervang hulle stukkende geysers.
  • Gebarste en lekkende pype – Een van hulle sleutel fokusareas is die opspoor van lekkende en gebarste pype asook die herstel of vervanging daarvan.
  • Nuwe installasies – Hulle doen ook die bepyping van nuwe geboue en die installering van wasbakke, toilets, baddens, krane en so meer.
  • Korporatiewe onderhoudskontrakte – Hulle bied kontrakte aan besighede vir die onderhoud van hulle loodgieterstelsels. Dit behels gereelde inspeksies en ‘n 24-uur bystandsdiens.
  • Geutstelsels – Verder installeer en herstel hulle reënwatergeute, afvoerpype asook geutlappe onder die daklyn en in die geute om so te verhoed dat water agter die geut afhardloop.
  • Algemene loodgietersprobleme – Hulle herstel of vervang items soos lekkende pype, toilette en krane, stukkende toilette, wasbakke, baddens, kombuisopwasbakke, en so meer. Verder herstel hulle ook die verkoelers van sentrale verhittingstelsels.

Belangrike Addisionele Inligting

  • Loodgieterverwante produkte – Hulle is verskaffers van produkte soos ‘n septiese tenk aktiveerder, ‘n worteldoder, olie- en vet vangtoestelle, chemiese en bio-aktiewe dreinskoonmaakprodukte en so meer.
  • 24-uur nood loodgietersdienste – Hulle is oop elke dag van die jaar, elke uur van die dag om jou by te staan.
  • Tolvrye nommer – Spaar geld en maak gebruik van hulle tolvrye nommer om hulle te skakel. 0800 007 442

Nico & Desire Hyman

Cell: 072 158 4778

Toll Free Nr: 0800 007 442

9A Speldebos Close

Blue Mountain Village


Western Cape