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United Paints Stilbaai - United Verwe Stilbaai

United Paints Stilbaai – United Verwe Stilbaai

Supplier of Emblem paint products and Splash as well as The Bubble Shop cleaning chemicals and sanitiser. United Paints Stilbaai is also an agent for Tjhoko Paint and they paint furniture. They offer you the complete paint solution, free technical advice as well as expert colour matching. Moreover, they guarantee top prices for their quality paint, which is a proudly South African product. A smart and popular choice for home décor and home improvement projects as well as new buildings.

Emblem paint products are manufactured at the United Paints factory in Oudtshoorn. United Paints Stilbaai is one of various Western Cape branches and distributors of Emblem paint products. Depending on the product of your choice, there is a 5-12 year guarantee on their products.

The shop is in Stilbaai East, next to Appelliefie Coffee Shop and near Puffies Pub & Lounge in Main Road East, overlooking the Goukou River. Visit them and experience their service with a smile.

United Paints Stilbaai – Products

Emblem Paint Products

Emblem paint is a South African product for industrial, commercial as well as residential use, low-cost, high value, quality at affordable prices. The manufacturer, United Paints, is a member of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association.

  • Range of Acrylic Coatings – Their acrylic interior and exterior paints range from low-cost to more expensive, but still affordable. Some of these PVA paints are available in standard or pastel colours only while the more expensive ones can be tinted.
  • Variety of Enamel Coatings – The enamel coatings are oil based, for internal as well as external use and come in different price ranges. They also produce an oil/gel based interior and exterior non-drip enamel coating.
  • Various Metal Coatings – They offer emulsion based Zink primer as well as oil based QD primer, anti corrosive primer, top coats and dual coats.
  • Wood Coatings – There are two types of wood varnishes in their range, namely an oil based varnish for interior as well as exterior use and an oil based polyurethane varnish.
  • Floor Coatings – Their two floor coatings are an oil based gloss stoep enamel as well as an oil based gloss finish floor coat.
  • Various Primers – They have four primers on offer, one of which is an alkyd based plaster primer. Then there is an alkyd based universal undercoat, oil based wood primer as well as an alkyd based bonding liquid.

Basic Painting Utensils

United Paints not only supplies paint, but also various items needed for painting such as a variety of brushes in different sizes. Also rollers and pans, sandpaper, drop sheets as well as scrapers, thinners, turpentine, etc.

Waterproofing Products

  • Ductite – this acrylic waterproofing paint is UV as well as weather resistant and comes in white, black charcoal, red and green. A proudly South African product.
  • Super Ductite – this is their premium fibre reinforced waterproof paint, also UV and weather resistant and comes in the same five colours. Also proudly South African.
  • Eco Rubber – this rubberised sealer and roof waterproofing paint is in fact a South African waterproofing product developed for the harsh South African climate.
  • Rubboseal – this is a heavy duty, non-toxic, highly flexible as well as seamless rubberised waterproofing coating.

Tjhoko Paint (Chalk Paint)

  • United Paints is also an agent for Tjhoko paint, a high quality decorative paint and another South African product.
  • This water based self sealing chalk paint is smooth and creamy and does not leave any chalky residue.
  • Tjhoko paint and water based sealant are also eco-friendly and the paint is available in a variety of stunning colours.
  • They also have a collection of cute little ornaments and other items ready to be creatively coated in paint.

Paint Stencils

  • Craft/Hobby Stencils
  • Scrapbooking Stencils
  • Quilting Stencils
  • Wall Stencils

Industrial and Household Cleaning Chemicals

  • Splash Cleaning Products – These products are manufactured in the United Paints factory and include products such as a liquid laundry detergent as well as fabric softener. Also dish washing detergent, a general cleaner, bathroom cleaner and cleaner for floors and furniture. Furthermore they manufacture a car wash as well as degreaser for motor engines, workshop floors and garages. These products come in various quantities and various trade industries and businesses are using them with great satisfaction.
  • The Bubble Shop Cleaning Products – Their products include cleaning materials such as Dish Wash, bleach, Super Clean, and all purpose cleaner as well as pine gel. Also thick bleach, air freshener, bubble bath, Odorite, carpet shampoo, oven cleaner, drain cleaner and window cleaner. Furthermore they provide Fat Crack, Car Wash & Wax, engine cleaner, Dash Shine, Tyre Shine, Black Dip outdoor cleaner as well as Sanikleen and liquid hand soap. Bubble products also come in various quantities.
  • Sanitiser – their factory in Oudtshoorn manufactures a Splash hand sanitiser as well as a large area spray sanitiser. These they sell in various quantities.

United Paints Stilbaai – Services

  • Technical advice – they offer free technical advice.
  • Colour matching – they are also experts in colour matching.
  • Colour consultation and quotes – they offer free colour consultation as well as quotes on the amount of paint needed for a job.
  • Painting of furniture – Want to refresh the appearance of some shaggy looking furniture? Let them work their magic through the creative use of chalk paint and various modern paint techniques. You will not believe how the clever use of paint can change a piece of furniture into a stunning eye popper.
  • Sanitiser – apart from selling sanitiser in the shop, United Paints supplies hand as well as large area spray sanitiser to businesses.
  • Deliveries – They do deliveries in Riversdale as well as Albertinia on certain days of the week.

Business Hours:

Weekdays: 08:00 – 17:00
Saturdays: 09:00 – 12:00
Sundays:     Closed


        Melissa: 064 624 5960

        Sanet: 083 299 5436