Veeartseny Wild Dienste & Chirugie

Veterinary Wildlife Services & Surgery

Veeartseny Wild Dienste & Chirugie

Veterinary Wildlife Services & Surgery

Veterinary Wildlife Services & Surgery

Qualified and experienced veterinarian, Dr Douglas Taylor, specialises in the darting and immobilising of wild animals in order to capture and relocate or treat them.

Dr Taylor, co-owner of Riversdale Animal Clinic, has a special interest in wildlife services. He darts game to immobilise them for different purposes such as relocation of populations into game parks and game ranches. Also to enhance breeding projects involving valuable and rare species. Furthermore for research purposes to examine and mark or tag animals, or to treat them if they are hurt or ill.

When they have done the work on the animal, he administers a reversal drug to quickly wake up the animal. All the while he observes the animal for any signs of distress in order to respond immediately.

He also does surgery on wild animals while the animal is anaesthetised, when they are injured or sick. He then takes care of it to make sure the animal is comfortable and will survive.

Dr Douglas Taylor is well-known for his veterinary wildlife services & surgery in and around Riversdale in the Western Cape, but he also works as far as Gauteng when requested.

Veeartseny Wild Dienste & Chirurgie

Dr Douglas Taylor, mede-eienaar van die Riversdal Dierekliniek, spesialiseer in wilddienste. Hy doen pyling, vang en immobiliseer wild vir verskeie doeleindes, bv. hervestiging van populasie in wildparke en wildsplase. Asook vir navorsingsdoeleindes om diere te ondersoek en te merk, of hulle te behandel as hulle beseer of siek is.

Hy doen ook chirurgiese behandeling onder narkose op wilde diere wanneer hulle siek is of beseer is. Ook hanteer hy die nasorg om seker te maak die dier is gemaklik en sal herstel.

Dr Taylor is veral bekend vir sy veeartseny wild dienste & chirurgie in die Riversdal en omliggende omgewing in die Wes-Kaap, maar werk ook op aanvraag so ver weg as Gauteng.


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