2nd Hand Knysna

2nd Hand Knysna

2nd Hand Goods (Second hand goods, Collectables, Novelties, Antiques or even Real Estate or Properties for sale. A platform where users can buy and sell second hand goods, 2nd hand products.)

This page is here to promote the safe sales group “2nd hand Knysna”. Please request to join today by searching and asking to join and I will review and accept potential sellers and products.

To advertise products you need to find the Facebook group “2nd Hand Knysna” and request to join this online community. I will then accept costumers and traders. Feel free to post your collectibles as well as all other surplus items on this group once you have been accepted.

The basic idea was to get back to the completely free small adverts we used to get in action adds paper.

Richard Court

Cell: 084 748 8299