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Finding the places to eat has never been this easy. Born in Still Bay and known as the Stilbaai App, or Still Bay App, the popularity of this App increased rapidly. Officialy the Eden Regional Tourism and the developer took hands and the Garden Route and Klein Karoo App was born and resubmitted. Since about 18 months ago it is known as the Garden Route & Klein Karoo App. The scope of the original Stilbaai App was the Hessequa Municipal Area. The GR&KK App includes, besides Hessequa, also the Kannaland, Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay as well as George, Greater Knysna and Plettenberg Bay regions.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Stilbaai App has developed into the Official App for the Garden Route and Klein Karoo. It covers information on accommodation, Stilbaai places to eat, businesses, things to do and see, as well as information on the different regions including festivals and events.

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and start using it. It costs you nothing, but unlocks the area region by region, enabling you to make the most of your hard earned holiday. You literally hold the plan for every day in the palm of your hand, what you want to do, to see, to eat and where you want to stay. You can even book your real time accommodation right there on the App.

Within the 18 months since it became the GR&KK App, there have already been more than 143 000 uses or page views. There are more than 1 400 listings on the platform with already more than 5 500 users from 88 countries active on the App. Thus, Still Bay and the whole of Hessequa, as well as all the way along the Garden Route get exposed to tourists globally 24/7/365. And it is expanding day after day…

NB! Remember, the GR&KK App is COMPLETELY FREE and available 24/7/365.

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Hulle "by die see" - Seafood Restaurant in Stilbaai

Hulle “by die see”

Located on the western banks of the Goukou River, Hulle “by die see” offers a combination of luxury and comfort, along with delectable seafood. Visit this family seafood restaurant for a sensational seafood experience.
Scoops Stilbaai
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Scoops Stilbaai

Ice cream shop, restaurant, health shop as well as a florist, four shops sharing the premises and staff. Scoops caters for everyone, including vegans, vegetarians and diabetics. Not only do they serve healthy food, but they also sell health products, including CBD wellness products. They are seriously into locally produced organic products.
Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse
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Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

Fish Market and Delicatessen shop in Still Bay specialising in fresh seafood, aged meat, as well as specialised exotic products. Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse includes a Sushi Bar, live mussels and oyster bars, a Deli kitchen as well as a fresh fish counter. Here they will fillet your chosen fish while you wait. They also serve the Italian coffee brand, illy coffee, as well as sell the product. Their focus is on exotic brands mainly French, Greek, Italian, Danish as well as quality local names.
Coffee & Cream Stilbaai

Coffee & Cream Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Coffee & Cream Coffee Shop & Restaurant in Stilbaai - Coffee & Cream Koffiewinkel en Restourant "A journey of elevation into a perfect balance between style, enticing ambience and homemade cuisine. Enjoy a countryside breakfast, quality lunches and home-baked patisserie and cake. Moreover, share this delightful journey with others with a delectable takeaway from our choice freshly-baked treats.."
Chick or Fish Take aways

Chick or Fish Take Aways

A variety of delicious fresh fish and chips or chicken and chips takeaway meals in Still Bay. Chick or Fish Take Away Restaurant is at the entrance to the Fynbos Centre in Stilbaai along Main Road West.
Vanilla Coffee Shop or Tea Garden


A section of House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in Stilbaai. Vanilla - Tea Garden or Coffee Shop offers coffee, tea, soft drinks, milkshakes, health smoothies, etc. to drink. They also serve delicious cakes and other sweets as well as a gluten free cake and gluten free muffins. In the shade of trees and shade nets in the nursery garden, peaceful and also perfect for small functions. House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is located opposite the entrance to Palinggat Oord in Main Road West in Still Bay near the turn-off to Jongensfontein.
Ghians BBQ and Grill House

Ghian’s BBQ & Grill House

Restaurant or steakhouse serving breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Ghian's BBQ & Grill House brings Southern Style barbecue to Still Bay in the Fynbos Centre next to Main Road West. Master Ghian's menu includes a wide variety of delicious dishes spanning from breakfast to dinner. The Grill House opened its doors on 21 November 2019 and promises to become one of the most popular places to eat in Stilbaai.
Thyme to Relish Palinggat Tee Garden

Thyme to Relish

Restaurant, tea garden or coffee shop offering breakfast, light lunches, cakes and sweets as well as something to drink. Located at the back of the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau which also houses the Blombos Museum of Archaeology. Overlooking the fenced in rock fountain or palinggat where the freshwater eels are hand-fed at 11:00 every day.
Allegaartjie Gift Shop/ Geskenke Winkel

Allegaartjie Coffee Shop

For fresh baked cakes and treats in Still Bay. They also provide a variety of light meals, cold drinks as well as hot drinks, beer ciders and wine per glass or per bottle. Allegaartjie Coffee Shop is part of the Allegaartjie Gift Shop. You can sit inside the shop or, of course at a table on the veranda if you so choose.