Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

Fish Market and Delicatessen in Still Bay specialising in fresh seafood, aged meat, as well as exotic products. Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse includes a Sushi Bar, live mussels and oyster bars, a Deli kitchen as well as a fresh fish counter. Here they will fillet your chosen fish while you wait. They also serve the Italian coffee brand, illy coffee, as well as sell the product. Their focus is on exotic brands mainly French, Greek, Italian, Danish as well as quality local names.

Visit this extraordinary shop with its wide variety of imported specialised food products. You will be pleasantly surprised with the relaxed and inviting ambience of this spacious, clean and neat shop and its friendly staff.

About Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

The shop opened its doors on 20 December 2020 after having identified a market for fresh fish in Stilbaai. They have also realised the local fishermen’s desperate need for sustainable support. Hence they came up with the idea of a fresh fish market, as well as a delikatessen. There is also a considerable need for affordable prepared meals such as shepherd’s pies, bobotie, pastas, etc. These types of quality carefully prepared meals are, in fact, available on a daily basis.

Furthermore, they have the holidaymakers and other sophisticated clients in mind therefore they also offer exotic dishes and products. There are a large range of Italian, Greek, French, Danish, as well as quality local products lining their shelves.

This fish market and deli is in the Fynbos Centre just off Main Road West in Still Bay West. They now occupy the premises where the popular Mamma Mia used to to business. The new owners have expanded the shop in such a way that they utilise the full length of the veranda as well. Starting from the northern side going in a westerly direction and around the corner in a southerly direction up to the end of the veranda.

Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse – Some Useful Facts

  • The shop is open every day of the week.
  • They will gladly fillet your fresh fish on request.
  • Clients can order small, medium as well as large sushi platters from the Sushi Bar.
  • Wednesdays are pensioners’ day which means they offer specific meals at a special price. Non pensioners can, of course, also buy these meals, but at the normal price. Delectable meals such as fish shepherd’s pie, sushi platters, ravioli, cappelletti as well as tortellini and more. You can also order your meal and have it delivered for free.
  • Outside seating is available where clients can enjoy a delicious sandwich, savoury muffin, French croissant, etc. While at the same time enjoying a gorgeous cup of Italian illy Coffee from the Deli.
  • They are also agents for the illy Coffee products.
  • Their prices are affordable and competitive.
  • They do free deliveries of orders from the shop such as fresh fish, pizzas, sushi, freshly baked pies as well as salads and many other gorgeous delicacies.
  • Load shedding does not affect them – they are open and functioning.
  • The shop has air-conditioning, therefore they keep the doors closed.
  • Parking is available in the parking bay outside the shop.

So, sanitise those hands, adjust that face mask, grab a trolley and start exploring!

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 14:00

Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse – Products and Services

From the Deli Kitchen

Free delivery of orders!

Their Michelin Star Chef manages the cooking and baking of their freshly prepared quality gourmet food:

  • Savoury food to die for – A variety of pies fresh from the oven, even cob pies; quiches, muffins, scones, French croissants; also sandwiches, open sandwiches with special toppings, pizzas, etc.
  • Food for the sweet tooth – Freshly home baked crunchy cookies; fruitcake; Hertzoggies; rusks, custard slices topped with chocolate, etc.
  • Freshly baked bread – Interesting round ones; flat ones; Ciabatta (Italian white bread); rye bread, etc.
  • Enticing pasta dishes – Spaghetti bolognese, Ravioli, Tortellini, Cappelletti and more

Fish and Other Seafood – Fresh or Frozen

  • Sushi Bar – You simply have to visit their Sushi Bar. They have a special menu offering a variety of Maki (rolls) and salads to choose from such as salmon roses as well as strawberry or Philadelphia rolls. Also rock prawn or tiger rolls and salads like salmon, crab and tuna. Their Sushi Chef prepares the best sushi from the available seafood. You can also order small, medium or large sushi platters for events.
  • Mussel Bar and Oyster Bar – Where they keep live mussels and oysters for you to choose your own. So, how much fresher do you need them?
  • Fresh Fish – They will fillet the fish of your choice for you while you wait. Choose from the range of fish on ice including Cape Salmon, Cob, Hake, Yellowtail as well as Mackerel. Also Santer, Galjoen, Kingklip, or Red Stump-nose, Tiger and many more. In short, whatever the local fishermen’s catch of the day includes.
  • Frozen Seafood – Apart from the fresh seafood, they also offer a variety of frozen seafood such as prawns, shrimps, seafood mix, mussels and cob fillet. Also other fish’s fillets, soft shell crab, green crab, crab sticks, calamari rings, calamari steaks as well as cleaned and vacuum packed crayfish tails.

Meat Products – Exotic and Local

  • Dry Aged Meat – Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse has their own meat ager in which they hang their meat to dry and mature. This way their gourmet meat becomes more tender and aromatic as well as tastier. Here you can find beef cuts like T-bone steak, fillet steak, rump steak as well as various lamb cuts and more.
  • Cold Meat – A range of exotic cold meats like Parma ham or prosciutto, pastrami as well as Black Forest ham. Also Landjäger sausage, salami and mini salami sticks, cabanossi sausage, biltong, drywors and more.
  • Frozen Meat – Various chicken cuts, chicken livers, stuffed chicken rolls, beef patties as well as boerewors and pork belly ribs. Also skilpadjies, cleaned sheep’s head and sheep’s tail, bacon, cheese grillers, smoked viennas, etc.
  • Braai/Barbecue Items – Very conveniently, they also provide for your braai with products such as Yellow Maize meal (geelmeel). Also braai sauces and seasoning, Atlantic sea salt, Mediterranean garlic, and, the most important one, charcoal!

Dairy Products – Exotic and Local

  • Butter – Various imported and local brands real/genuine butter, salted as well as unsalted, French butter, Deli lemon butter and others.
  • Cream – Also French, Danish as well as South African cream.
  • Cheese – A wide range of imported cheese, French, Danish, Dutch, Italian as well as South African made of cow’s milk or goat’s milk. Feta, Camembert, Petit Brie, Blue, Mozzarella, Smoked Burratina, Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Cheddar, to name a few.

Bottled Products – Imported and Local

  • Wide range of different brands olive oil, including Italian oil, and even white Truffle oil. (Truffle, by the way, is a kind of fungus that grows under the ground near the roots of hardwood trees in Southern Europe.)
  • They also offer Kleinbergskloof olive products such as (also) oil, as well as bottled olives and olive salsa, etc.
  • Sought after pickled quail eggs as well as pickled peppers.
  • Also beetroot salad, bean salad, dressings, etc.
  • Home-made jam like popular apricot jam, quince jam, smooth fig jam as well as whole green figs.
  • Also tomato and Calabrian chili (traditional Italian taste), peach atchar, apricot chutney, different kinds of tomato sauce.
  • Raw honey as well.

Exotic and Deli-made Sweets

All those wickedly sinful but oh, so deliciously tempting stuff (which, of course, is not fattening if eaten in private!)

  • First of all handmade chocolates from their Deli like dainty truffles, red chocolate hearts, chocolate coated cherries, etc.
  • Range of Danish chocolate coated liquorice (Lakrids by Bulow). Flavours like raspberry, salt and caramel, also salt and pepper, butter cookie and more.
  • Nordic wine gums in various natural flavours, preservative free, vegan, gluten free as well as gelatine free.
  • Native brand dark chocolate coated fruits and nuts, also free of gluten, cane sugar, GMO, preservatives as well as dairy products.
  • Handmade loukoumi which is a Greek version of Turkish Delight.
  • Greek sweets such as Baklava, Halva, Halva Stevia (sugar free Halva) as well as Kourabiedes.
  • New Yorkers

Drinks – Imported and Local Products

  • Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse is an agent for the gourmet Italian illy Coffee Brand in Stilbaai. Not only do they serve a splendid cup of illy coffee in the Deli, but they also sell their classic instant coffee. Find their coffee variety on the shelf: instant decaf, forte, classico, intenso and also classico espresso. Also available in ground form, as whole beans, or in capsule form.
  • Italian Sanpellegrino sparklikg drinks
  • A variety of ice teas like black tea, green tea, chamomile and more.
  • Different brands of spring water.
  • Fruit juice on tap, milkshakes and milk drinks, Steri Stumpies, etc.
  • Ice cream cones – soft swirl.

Scattered among already mentioned products are various miscellaneous items not specifically mentioned, but also of equal quality and taste. Enjoy your treasure hunting expedition!

Cell: 072 586 9075

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1 Buitekant Street

Shop 19 Fynbos Centre

Stilbaai West

Vars Vis en Voorbereide Kos in Stilbaai

Hierdie buitengewone winkel het sy deure op 20 Desember 2020 oopgemaak. Hulle het met die plaaslike vissermanne ingekontrakteer om vars vis direk by hulle te koop. So kan kliënte in Stilbaai vars vis bekom, en die vissermanne word ook op heel volhoubare wyse ondersteun.

Die Stilbaai-gemeenskap het ook baie inwoners wat ‘n behoefte het aan klaar voorbereide kos. So, die eienaars het dit goedgedink om ook ‘n Delikatesse te begin wat dan heerlike kos en gebak daagliks voorsien. Smaaklik voorberei deur hulle eie Michelin Ster Sjef.

Maar dis nie al nie, hulle wil ook voorsiening maak vir vakansiegangers en fynproewerkliënte. So, buiten vir die plaaslike kosprodukte, voorsien hulle ook ingevoerde kosprodukte. Hoofsaaklik Franse, Deense, Italiaanse en Griekse kosprodukte.

Die Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse is in die Fynbossentrum naby die Spar op die perseel waar Mamma Mia voorheen was. Gaan kyk, jy sal so verras wees!

Oor Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

  • Die winkel is oop elke dag van die week.
  • Hulle sal die vars vis van jou keuse sommer vir jou filletteer as jy dit so gedoen wil hê.
  • Kliënte kan klein, medium of groot sushi-borde bestel by die Sushi-toonbank.
  • Woensdae is pensioenarisdag, so pensioenarisse kan die spesiale maaltyd van die dag teen ‘n spesiale prys koop. Nie-pensioenarisse kan dit ook koop, maar teen die gewone prys, natuurlik. Jy kan ook hierdie maaltyd bestel en dit sal gratis afgelewer word.
  • Buite, so al met die stoepreling langs, is ‘n smal tafelblad aangebring met ‘n paar hoë stoeltjies, plekmatjies en sout- en peperpotjies. Jy kan daar sit terwyl jy ietsie uit die Deli eet en ‘n smaaklike illy koffietjie geniet.
  • Nie net bedien hulle illy koffie nie, maar hulle is ook agente vir dié eksotiese Italiaanse produk.
  • Hulle pryse is bekostigbaar en billik.
  • Verder doen hulle gratis aflewering van bestellings soos vars vis, pizzas, sushi, vasgebakte pasteitjies, slaaie en so meer.
  • Beurtkrag affekteer nie hulle dienste nie – hulle is oop en gereed om te help.
  • Die Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse maak gebruik van lugversorging, so hulle is genoodsaak om die deure toe te hou.

So, ontsmet daai hande, skuif daai masker reg, gryp ‘n trollie en begin ontdek!

Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse – Produkte en Dienste

Uit die Deli-kombuis

Gratis aflewering van bestellings!

Hulle het ‘n Michelin Ster Sjef wat die kook- en so ook bakwerk behartig. Sy kwaliteit fynproewerskos berei hy daagliks vars voor:

  • Watertand soutighede.
  • Soetighede vir daai soettande.
  • Interressante varsgebakte brood soos ciabatta, rogbrood en so meer.
  • Verloklike pastageregte – kom kyk self.

Vis en ander Seekos – Vars of Bevrore

Hulle sal nie ‘n vismark wees sonder vis en ander seekosse nie, so hulle gaan groot:

  • Daar is ‘n spesiale Sushi-toonbank met sy eie Sushi-Sjef en ‘n hele spyskaart van moontlike disse. Jy kan ook klein, medium en groot borde vir geleenthede bestel.
  • Verder is daar ‘n Mosseltenk en so ook ‘n Oestertenk waarin lewendige mossels en oesters gehou word. Jy kan nie eintlik varser as dit kry nie.
  • Hulle groot trots is die toonbank waar die vars vis op ys uitgestal word. Daardie kabeljou sal hulle sommer in ‘n japtrap vir jou filletteer as jy so verkies.
  • Dan is daar natuurlik ook ‘n groot verskeidenheid bevrore seekos soos garnale, krap, seekat/inkvis, kreefstert en so meer.

Ingevoerde en Plaaslike Vleisprodukte byStilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

Hulle is ook sterk op vleis:

  • Rypgemaakte vleis uit hulle eie Dry Ager.
  • Ook ‘n verskeidenheid ingevoerde koue vleise soos Black Forest ham, Landjäger wors, salami en so meer.
  • Verskillende soorte gevriesde vleisprodukte, o.a. skoongemaakte skaapkoppe, skaapstertjies, skilpadjies en so meer.
  • Braai-items vir jou gemak soos geelmeel vir pap, braaivleisspeserye, souse, braaikole. ens.

Ingevoerde en Plaaslike Suiwelprodukte by Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse

Die winkel hou ook ‘n verskeidenheid van room, regte botter asook kaas aan, die oorgrote meerderheid daarvan ingevoer. Daar is Franse, Deense, Italiaanse en so ook Suid-Afrikaanse koeimelk- en bokmelkkaas om van die kies.

Ingevoerde en Plaaslike Gebottelde Produkte

Hulle het heelwat verskillende make olyfolie, ander olyfprodukte, tuisgemaakte konfyte, ingemaakte slaaie, souse en so meer.

Eksotiese en Deli-kombuis Lekkers en Soetgoed 

En natuurlik al daardie afgryslik sondige, maar o, so te lekker versoekings (toemaar, dit maak nie vet as jy dit alleen eet nie!):

  • Handgemaakte sjokolades uit hulle eie Delikatesse.
  • ‘n Reeks Deense sjokoladebedekte drop.
  • So ook natuurlikgegeurde Noorse wyngomlekkers.
  • Native se vrugte en neute bedek met donker sjokolade.
  • Handgemaakte loukoumi (Griekse lekkers).
  • Griekse Baklava, Halva, Halva Stevia en so ook Kourabiedes.

Ingevoerde en Plaaslike Drinkgoed

  • Stilbaai Vismark & Delikatesse is ‘n agent vir die fynproewer Italiaanse koffie, illy, wat in die winkel te koop is.
  • Hulle het ook verskillende ystee’s, verskillende make fonteinwater, vrugtesappe, melkskommels, melkdrankies en so meer.
  • En draairoomys op ‘n horinkie …

Oraloor versprei tussen al die genoemde produkte, is nog vele ander produkte, van ewe goeie kwaliteit en ewe lekker. So, spring weg en geniet jou skattejagekspedisie!

Cell: 072 586 9075

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1 Buitekant Street

Shop 19 Fynbos Centre

Stilbaai West