Stilbaai Security Network
Stilbaai Sekuriteitsnetwerk


“Security is not expensive, it is priceless” – Jerry Smith

Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein and Rural Areas

Our Security is NOT Negotiable!

According to Maslow’s hierachy of needs, safety is the

second most important

need of a human being, the first being the physiological needs.

Crime Touches our Towns Too

Break-ins, drug smuggling and even murder is not unheard of any more. Our concern is not only the safety and security of our residents, but also that of tourists and holiday makers. They are the lifeblood of the businesses in our towns. A security camera system deters crime, and the footage is also a valuable and reliable tool in an investigation. The IP Overview cameras capture movement in its line of sight 24/7. They transmit the images to the Coastal Security's monitoring facility where it is recorded and stored and can be replayed when necessary. The LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras read license plate numbers day and night. These numbers are stored in the Visec Cloud where it is available for the use of various investigating organisations.

Nothing Comes for Free

Security does not happen by itself. The SSN non-profit organisation is the custodian of our security camera system. The organisation needs funding to fulfill the purpose for which it was created. Funding the SSN is the responsibility of the community it serves. The cameras look after our security, we all need to look after the cameras.

Stilbaai Security Network Bridge Cameras

What is the Stilbaai Security Network (SSN)?

The SSN is a non-profit organisation that was established to manage the complete security camera project. This includes further installations, maintenance, transparent management of the finances as well as any further security requirements.

SSN Management

Representatives from the following organisations

  • SAP Commander
  • Community Police Forum
  • Stilbaai Business Chamber
  • Jongensfontein Residents Association
  • Tourism
  • Farm Watch
  • Coastal Security
  • Stilbaai Neighbourhood  Watch
  • Law Consultant/Lawyer
  • Existing Camera Project
Stilbaai Security Network Bridge Cameras

Questions You May Have

The purpose of the project is to help secure Stilbaai, Jongensfontein and Melkhoutfontein. Footage of these cameras is used regularly to investigate criminal incidents. Cameras also discourage crime.

The initiative came from the Stilbaai Business Chamber. The first camera was installed in 2013 at the Stilbaai Bridge. In 2014 Jongensfontein received their first camera to secure their main entrances. Five years later (2019) 15 cameras have been installed the last of which in Melkhoutfontein. Phase one of the project is nearing completion with the last LPR cameras at Melkhoutfontein. During the next phase cameras will be installed at various identified points to cover the outer perimeter.

The project has come thus far because of generous contributions received from individuals, neighbourhood watches, the Stilbaai Business Chamber as well as organisations. The Technical and Traffic departments of the Hessequa Municipality as well as the SA Police graciously contributed by handling the practical aspects like electricity.

Wispernet Internet Service Provider provides free WiFi. Coastal Security made their recording and storage facilities available for free for recording and storing the footage from the overview cameras.

The project has become too extensive for the Business Chamber to manage. A need for a non-profit organisation was identified to manage the funding in a fully transparent way. We work with donated money coming from the community therefore we need to be transparent in management of such funds.

The SSN is a transparent registered non-profit organisation which is independently reviewed. It has a legitimate bank account with one of South Africa’s largest banks and all financial transactions are done through this account. Any incoming funding are paid directly into the bank account. We are making use of a registered accounting system (Sage Pastel), thus we are able to provide the necessary invoices and receipts. of such funds.

The Overview IP cameras record when movement is detected in their line of vision and stream a complete video. The video material is transmitted to Coastal Security’s monitoring facilities (for free) where it is recorded and stored. The footage can be viewed and reviewed in the same way as any video. These recordings regularly play an important role in police and neighbourhood watch investigations.

The Visec LPR (license plate recognition) cameras focus on the number plate snapshots of vehicles. They take a crystal clear snapshot of a license plate by day and by night as well as at relatively high speeds. These images are transmitted to the verification centre, processed and given through to the various relevant people (SAP, Hawks, Traffic, etc.) for action such as recovering a stolen vehicle.

Visec Cloud, now called NAVIC (National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud) is a vehicle of Interest database. It provides the framework for the support of security organisations to obtain relevant vehicle related data in real time and act on such data in order to fight crime.

The NAVIC Cloud stores digital license plate information of almost 2 billion plate numbers. There is a network of LPR cameras all over the country uploading snapshots of license plate numbers 24/7 as vehicles pass the cameras. The system provides valuable information about the whereabouts of vehicles of interest.

NAVIC Cloud’s license plate number footage is available to approved users from the SA Police, Hawks, NPA, SanParks, City councils, Metro police, law enforcement, approved neighbourhood watch operations, border control, cash-in-transit and car risk investigators.

At the moment (Jan 2024) the network consist of 54 cameras spread over Stilbaai, N2/R305 Turn-off: Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein, Windsor, Melkhoutkraal; Spuithoek; Ystervarkfontein/Blikhuis and the Blombos rural area. All placed at strategic points:

• 18 Navic/Visec LPR cameras – Stilbaai 4; N2/R305 Turn-off 2; Jongensfontein 2; Melkhoutfontein 2; Blombos 4: Windsor 1; Melkhoutkraal 1; Spuithoek 1; Ystervarkfontein/Blikhuis 1
• 36 Overview IP cameras – Stilbaai 18; Jongensfontein 5, Melkhoutfontein 2, Blombos 4, Spuithoek 1,Windsor 1, Melkhoutkraal 1 , Ystervarkfontein/Blikhuis 1,  N2/R305 Turn-off 2, Control room 1

Currently there are two focus points/projects, one by the the Stilbaai Heights residents and another one that focuses on the outside perimeter and will cover all incoming routes into the area. The plan is to add another +/- 15 Navic/Visec LPR and about +/- 30 overview cameras. These cameras will be strategically positioned to cover the areas of Stilbaai Heights, Hectorskraal, Swartklip, Melkhoutkraal as well as Rietvlei. Also Blikhuis, Spuithoek, Klipfontein, R305, Blombos/Riverdale and Blombos/Jongensfontein.

On completion of the current phase there should be a total of +/- 100 cameras +/- 30 LPR and 70 overview cameras. The finalisation of the project, of course, fully depends upon funding received from the communities concerned.

Current estimation/aim is to raise approximately R400 000. The longer we wait, the higher the costs.

LPR and Overview cameras as well s upgrade of existing power camera points to accommodate load shedding (power backups)

1 complete point if there are power available is about R33 000. But adding solar power to an installation, costs go up to about R37 000 per camera point.

A complete Camera-point: LPR Camera, Overview Camera, Solar Panels, Batteries and chargers, Pole, Civil costs, labour, etc.

1 – Hikvision LPR camera

1or 2 – 2MP Bullet cameras

2 – 12 PSU

2 – Stainless steel camera mounting brackets

1 – Data wireless link

1 – equipment cabinet

1 – Battery and charger for loadshedding

 installation, sundries and travel fees 

(New installations not Solar installations – Backup Battery and Charger for loadshedding)

If there is already – line of sight, a network and a power source, the cost currently about R33 000 for the installation of one camera-point. If solar power, batteries, chargers etc has to be added to provide power, the costs is about R37 000 per camera-point.

Maintaining the LPR camera will cost R400 + VAT (R460) per month = R5 520 per year (this figure includes the Visec license and 10Mbps Internet)

R400 pm + vat consist of a   R200 for a verification agent licence  – fee charged (Navic) and ONLY R200 pm charged for 1 x 10Mbps internet connection.

At the moment streaming of all Overview cameras (WiFi) is generously sponsored by Wispernet.

  • The camera project is already 9 years old which means we will soon need to do maintenance on cameras and existing infrastructure.
  • Upgrading of excisting power/camerapoints to accommodate loadshedding (+/- R6500 p/p 
  • Completion of the Control Room
  • infrastructure for the network e.g. towers, solar or battery and charger, poles, etc.

SSN Management makes decisions about camera placements under the guidance of the SA Police and other safety organisations. The strategic placing of a camera is extremely important for maximum monitoring and effect.

No, there is a strict policy in place to control the use of such footage.

Overview camera footage can only be viewed by approved trained users on direct request from the SA Police. There has to be a case number, for instance. Information will only be used for securing and protecting residents.

Navic Cloud (license plate number) footage is available to approved users from the SA Police, Hawks, approved neighbourhood watch operations and many more.

No, footage will not be used for general traffic violations. It only be used if the violation is of a criminal nature.

Funding the Stilbaai Security Network

We call upon the Communities of Stilbaai, Stilbaai rural & farming community, Jongensfontein and Melkhoutfontein to help with funding – Businesses, Organisations, Institutions, Individuals…

Phase 2:​

In short the first goal  is to increase the amount of cameras from 14 to about 30 in and around the Stilbaai area – also starting to secure the outside parameter thus all the roads leading into our area.

 “Even with the Lockdown – Year 2020 we managed to increase the Network to 26 cameras” a Huge Thank You to everyone involved!!

NOW – Phase 3:​

To be able to secure all the routes leading into the Stilbaai area we strive to add up to 50 cameras. 

Special Funding Drive – Project 500

If 500 donors can contribute only R500 the SSN will have R250 000 to commence Phase 3 –Adding more camera points  securing the outer perimeters. A ‘donor’ can be an individual, a family, a group, a club, an organisation, a business, etc.)

FACT: A larger amount will positively harm no one!

You will be astounded by what we can achieve when:

“Side by Side, Hand in Hand - We All Stand Together!”
(compliments of Paul McCartney and The Frog Chorus)

Funding the Stilbaai Security Network

Other ways you can get involved and support the project:

  • Sponsor the monthly cost for one LPR camera for a year (licence + Internet + VAT) R460 X 12 = R5 520
  • Pledge monthly contributions paid by debit order or EFT.
  • Donations by businesses, organisations, institutions, individuals.
  • Contributions from property owners not permanently residing in the area realising the importance of this project in safekeeping their investment in their absence.
  • Concerned members of the public organising special fund-raising events.
  • Thoughtful donations from visitors, tourists and holiday makers.

Any contributions other than money are also welcome. Offering service, skills, machinery and labour free of charge. Or donating products to put the necessary infrastructure in place such as poles, solar panels, batteries, chargers, etc.

Make a Secure Payment with PayFast

You can also just send us a “pledge amount” via the contact form below. We will then send you an proper invoice for a payment. 

or you can make a direct Payment/Donation into the account.

Stilbaai Sekuriteits Netwerk NPC

Stilbaai Absa
Account: 40 9718 6663
Bank code – 632005


Thank You so much for helping us in  making our complete area a save area to live 

Friends,Donors and Sponsors of the camera project