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For the design, manufacturing and installation of quality and affordable signage. Sign manufacturers since 1992, Albertinia Signs & Designs can confidently offer advice regarding the best product to use for your specific requirements. They can deliver just about anything from a small desk sign to a large billboard. This signage company has invested in sound modern sign manufacturing equipment such as a large full colour digital printer. Also large sign plotters to enable them to manufacture quality signs.

Albertinia Signs believes in doing a quality job every time as well as offering their clients competitive prices coupled with reliable and realistic delivery dates. Their aim is that their sign should add value to their customer’s business which in turn will lure them back with more orders.

Albertinia Signs & Designs Signage Services

Their services can be summed up as consisting of a variety of sign writing and printing processes using different materials. The work of a sign writer is to design, manufacture and install signs for businesses, private customers as well as the public sector. Not a day goes by that one hasn’t laid an eye upon the work of some sign writer or another. The very name on the front wall of your favourite store was the work of a sign writer, as a matter of fact.

Window and Vehicle Graphics and Signs

Signs or signage on a business window and also vehicle display information about the company who owns the business and vehicle. They are in fact very visual advertisements of the business, its purpose, its hours, etc. Albertinia Signs & Designs offers various options for using the business windows and vehicles to advertise the business.

  • One-way vinyl to keep out the sun. The signage is printed on one side (outside) of the perforated material and from the other side the material is translucent.
  • Window frosting or window graphics. It’s a type of film which resembles a frosted look or presents a more visual design while creating a sense of privacy.
  • Signage on the clear glass.
  • Vehicle branding using car decals or car stickers or car graphics. The images, graphics and lettering are printed onto self-adhesive vinyl material and then placed on the vehicle.
  • Vehicle branding using magnetic signs. These are vinyl with a magnetic backing, lightweight and flexible and come in various shapes and sizes. They are easy to place or remove, easy to use and clean as well as cost-effective and are widely used on cars, bakkies, trucks, trailer, etc.

Decals, Stickers, Labels and Stencils

More ways in which Albertinia Signs and Designs can assist in promoting and advertising your business:

  • Decals or transfers are plastic, cloth or paper layers on which a pattern is printed that can be removed with water or heat and transferred onto another surface. They are usually applied to walls, windows, floors and vehicles, etc.
  • Stickers are self-adhesive and used for smaller products such as laptops, water bottles and other items.
  • Labels printed with promotional information for wine bottles, home-made products such as jams, preserves, cookies, rusks, sauces and more.
  • Stencils. A device for applying a design or pattern or words to a surface made of a thin sheet of cardboard or metal with letters or a design cut from it.

Vinyl and Chromadek Signs

  • Vinyl signs – Sign vinyl is a self-adhesive material which can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as vehicles, windows, walls and also different flat or curved surfaces. Backed with a magnetic layer, lightweight and flexible vinyl signs can come in different shapes and sizes. They are great for decorative or promotional items, lawn signs, magnetic advertising boards, branded fridge magnets, etc. Talk to Albertinia Signs about designing, manufacturing as well as installing your required vinyl signs.
  • Chromadek signs (Chromadek is the trade name for a range of exceptionally colour-fast colour coated sheet products) They produce exterior as well as interior signs like sign boards, safety signs, directional signs, billboards, pavement signs, parking signs, business signs, etc. Albertinia Signs also repairs and renovates existing damaged and faded boards.

Graphic design – design of logos, ads and posters

Albertinia Signs & Designs is also a graphic designer. They will gladly design, manufacture or print (screen printing, digital printing) as well as install when required any signage you may require, no matter the size.

  • Logos – a logo is a symbol, emblem, trademark or other small design belonging to a specific organisation. The design is displayed on its products, uniforms, vehicles, business windows as well as letterheads, etc. This logo in turn identifies items displaying the logo as items belonging to this business. Ask Albertinia Signs to design your logo as well as apply the logo to your business’s windows, vehicles, etc.
  • Digital printing of business/courtesy cards with your business details and logo.
  • Design and produce advertising material such as flyers and pamphlets.
  • They also design and produce large advertising material which they digitally print on the wide format printer. These include items like banners and posters, as well as vehicle wraps which instantly transform your vehicle into a moving billboard.
  • Design and print on glass, ceramics and fabrics to produce promotional items such as branded baseball caps. Also T-shirts, glasses, mugs, water bottles, plates, pens, bags and lots more.

Freehand Chalkboards and Traditional Hand-Painted Signs

  • Freehand chalkboards (also known as blackboards) – Chalkboards have become very popular for various reasons, the most important of which is their reusability. They are widely used in casual restaurants and small businesses for information that changes often such as menus and specials. Albertinia Signs will come to your business to do the freehand signage on the blackboard.
  • Traditional hand-painted signs – Computer generated signage, of course cannot be applied everywhere. Certain surfaces such as brick, sand-blasted and corrugated walls in essence call for a skilled sign writer, paint and brushes. Albertinia Signs also do hand-painted interior as well as exterior sign boards, wall art and window signs, etc. should your location or context require a hand-painted job.

Wide Format Printing – Printing of House Plans (Print roll width 1.37m)

With their wide format printer, Albertinia Signs can print banners, posters, vehicle image wraps as well as any other large artwork or signage. Contact them about your project.

The maximum print roll width of their printer is 1370mm. They will gladly print your house plans in your preferred size – A3, A2, A1, A0. There is a price difference between black and white or colour prints. You need to supply the file print ready in PDF. (Portable Document Format)

Uithangborde en Naamskilders in Albertinia – Albertinia Signs & Designs

Vir die ontwerp, vervaardiging en so ook installering van bekostigbare kwaliteit naamborde en aanplakborde. Hulle maak enigiets van die kleinste naambordjie op ‘n lessenaar tot werklik groot reklameborde. Die besigheid beskik oor betroubare moderne toerusting soos byvoorbeeld ‘n groot volkleur digitale drukker met ‘n drukrolwydte van 1370mm.

Dienste gelewer deur Albertinia Signs & Designs

  • Venster en voertuig grafika en letterskilderwerk
    • Eenrigting viniel om so die son uit te hou
    • Vensters met matglas voorkoms of ‘n fyn, onopvallende prent
    • Letterskilderwerk op deurskynende glas
    • Handelsmerke aanbring op voertuie d.m.v. voertuig dekals, en so ook
    • Handelsmerke aanbring op voertuie d.m.v. magnetiese borde
  • Ontwerp en vervaardiging van dekals, plakkers, etikette en stensils
  • Vinielborde en so ook
  • Chromadekborde
  • Grafiese ontwerp
    • Logo’s
    • Visitekaartjies
    • Strooibiljette en pamflette
    • Baniere en so ook
    • Plakkate
    • Voertuigomslae (wraps)
    • Promosie-items
  • Vryhand skryfwerk op krytborde – kom doen die skryfwerk by jou besigheid
  • Tradisionele handgeskilderde borde en tekens
  • Wye formaat drukwerk (tot 1370mm) van huisplanne, baniere, groot kunswerke, en so meer

In this business since 1992 – contact:


Cell: 072 497 9879

Landline: 082 513 9412