Becker Broers Canopies

Becker Broers Canopies

Becker Broers Canopies

Becker Broers Canopies / Becker Broers Aluminium Bakkie Canopies (Kappies)

Becker Broers in Still Bay are now also producing top quality aluminium canopies for all bakkies.

They specialise in manufacturing and installing their own very neatly made aluminium canopies with approval from various dealers. And of course custom made for the client. For this they make use of their own stainless steel and aluminium bending and cutting machines. They can also do laser cutting which allows them to produce specialised items.

Furthermore Becker Broers Canopies manufacture stainless steel railings as well as stainless steel tanks. Also aluminium products such as drawers and sliders for 4×4 vehicles as well as special and unique requests. The factory is in Still Bay and supply their products country wide.

They are in the Industrial area on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay. So, for quality steelwork and service in Still Bay, Jongensfontein, Riversdale and the whole of Hessequa, contact them.

Apart from Becker Broers Canopies, the Becker brothers also own Becker Broers Steelworks as well as Becker Transport.

Becker Broers Aluminium Bakkie Canopies (Kappies)

Hulle spesialiseer in die maak en installering van hulle eie netjies vervaardigde aluminium bakkie-kappies met goedkeuring van verskeie handelaars. Dit word volgens die kliënt se spesifikasies gemaak. Hiervoor gebruik hulle hulle eie vlekvrye staal en aluminium buigmasjiene en sny/knipmasjiene. So doen hulle ook laser snywerk en gespesialiseerde items.

Verder maak hulle vlekvrye staal relings vir die bakkies sowel as tenks. Ook aluminiumprodukte soos laaie en glyplate vir 4X4 voertuie asook enige spesiale en unieke versoeke.

Hulle is in die industriële gebied in Stilbaai-oos en doen werk vir Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Riversdal en ook die hele Hessequagebied.

Buiten vir Becker Broers Canopies, besit die Becker broers ook Becker Broers Staalwerke en Becker Transport.

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