Bonnievale Wines

Bonnievale Wines in the Bonnievale  Valley (were the Breede River flows through the Robertson wine valley )

To those looking for a real wine experience that is truly unpretentious, BONNIEVALE WINES promises delightful wines that consistently exceed expectations. Our passionate and skilled wine-makers can select the best grapes from a large expanse of vineyards, accessing an amazing diversity of our area’s varied terroir. Only the very best of each vintage is bottled, assuring quality for the wine lover. Our wines are as welcoming and soothing as the beautiful valley that produces them. Evocative of an elegant country lifestyle, the wines invite you to become part of the real-life stories of the people rooted here.

Bonnievale Wines is named after our quaint town that was founded by the visionary Scotsman Christopher Forrest Rigg around the turn of the 19th century. Rigg saw potential in the then semi-arid valley on the banks of the Breede River and used most of his personal resources and all of his persuasive ability to sell the idea to like-minded pioneers and people seeking their fortune in the aftermath of the Gold Rush. He oversaw the construction of an irrigation canal that helped unlock the agricultural potential of the rich soils and still provides most of the town’s water to this day…

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