CBS Garden Solutions – Mossel Bay

CBS Garden Solutions in Mossel Bay

CBS Garden Solutions – Mossel Bay

Specialising in tree pruning, trimming or felling, along with stripping, sanding and treating wooden decks. CBS Garden Solutions also clears waste areas and removes garden refuse. In addition they clean paving using high-pressure water jetting as well as remove weeds by implementing chemical weed control. This garden services company is the perfect answer to your garden problems.

About This Business

CBS Garden Solutions is situated in the popular coastal town of Mossel Bay. This splendid town is smack in the middle of the Western Cape Garden Route. Christiaan and his energetic team work all over Mossel Bay as well as the surrounding areas. These include places such as Dana Bay, Heiderand, Die Voor Bay and Hartenbos, along with Little Brak River, Reebok and Tergniet.

This company is not your traditional garden maintenance and lawn mowing business. While performing a makeover on your garden, though, they do cut the grass and trim the edges as well. Should you need them to conduct some of their services monthly, you can enter into a contract with them.

They also provide the professional service on stripping and sanding wooden decks and reapply treatment against weather and other hazards. Furthermore they specialise in cutting down trees, as well as removing cut branches and other garden refuse.

They have at their disposal all the necessary tools, equipment as well as vehicles. With these they perform their services swiftly, efficiently as well as professionally at reasonable rates.

CBS Garden Solutions – Services in Mossel Bay, Hartenbos, Dana Bay and Surrounding Areas

Tree Trimming in Mossel Bay

Trimming a tree at the right time keeps the tree neat as well as stimulates healthy growth. Let them help you prevent your trees from growing out of control and becoming unmanageable and untidy.

Tree Felling and/or Removal in the Mossel Bay Area

There are many reasons why you might need a tree to be cut down and removed. A tree might be old and dead, blown over by a storm wind, in the way, or simply in the wrong spot. Don’t fret, just call Christiaan.

Tree Pruning in Mossel Bay and Surrounding Areas

They cut away dead and unnecessary branches from your tree to restore its handsome appearance. Of course they remove all the fallen branches and leaves from your property afterwards.

Hedge Trimming in Mossel Bay

Is your hedge overgrown and in need of some serious cutting back? Let Christiaan and his team trim the sides and top back into shape thus promoting new growth and a healthy looking hedge.

Brush Cutting

Do you have a problem with weeds, small trees and other foliage growing where you can’t reach them with the lawn mower? Call CBS Garden Solutions to come to the rescue with their brush cutters.

Garden Refuse Removal – Mossel Bay

Get rid of that heap of garden refuse behind the garage before it becomes infested with rodents or snakes. Call Christiaan today!

Clear up Waste Areas

Not only will they remove the garden refuse, but they will also clean up waste areas. Simply call them!

Cleaning of Paving

They properly clean paved areas with a high-pressure water jet as well as remove weeds in the paving. Alternatively they spray the weeds with a weed killing chemical, thus preventing it from simply growing back. Save your poor back and call them now!

Clearing/Fixing Gutters

Need to have the gutters cleaned out and cleared of any obstructions before the rain season arrives? Is the gutter system damaged or broken in any way? Call CBS Garden Solutions straight away!

Stripping/Treating Wooden Decks in Mossel Bay

Is the deck is dire need of stripping and sanding, along with a thorough treatment against the weather, etc.? CBS Garden Solutions specialises in doing just that, so why not give them a call?

Weed Control

Get rid of those annoying weeds defacing the lawn and maybe the paving as well. The CBS team can help, just call them.

Lawn Dressing/Compost

Is it time to fertilise the lawn to ensure a lush lawn in summer? Christiaan and team supplies the compost, applies it to the lawn, as well as to garden beds where needed. Just make that call…

Garden Edging

They create new garden beds where you need them as well as redo and tidy up the edges of the existing ones. Let them do that while they are around anyway to fertilise the lawn and beds.

Relocating/Moving Garden Fixtures in Mossel Bay

Are you moving to a new house in Mossel Bay and surrounding areas? Do you have garden fixtures you would like to take along, such as a wooden bench or jungle gym? What do you know, CBS Garden Solutions offers to break down whichever wooden structure you want to move. They also transport it to the new site whereupon they reconstruct it where you want it. Just make that call!

Christaan Heyns

Cell: 066 046 9851

CBS Garden Solutions – Tuinverwante Dienste in Mosselbaai

Hierdie besigheid is geleë in die gewilde kusdorp, Mosselbaai, in die middel van die Wes-Kaapse Tuinroete. Christiaan en sy op-en-wakker span werk oral in Mosselbaai en omliggende gebiede. Dit sluit in plekke soos Danabaai, Heiderand, Voorbaai, Hartenbos, Kleinbrak en so ook Reebok en Tergniet.

CBS Garden Solutions is nie die gewone tuindiensbesigheid wat gras sny nie. Maar wanneer hulle jou tuin kom regruk, sny hulle wel die gras en so ook die rante. Sou jy sekere van hulle dienste op gereelde basis gelewer wil hê, kan jy wel ‘n kontrak met hulle aangaan.

Hulle fokus veral op die afskuur en behandeling van houtdekke en so ook die uitsny/afsny van bome en wegry van die takke. Al die nodige toerusting, gereedskap en voertuie is tot hulle beskikking. Hiermee lewer hulle hulle dienste vinnig, doeltreffend en professioneel, teen billike pryse.

CBS Garden Solutions – Dienste (Mosselbaai, Hartenbos, Danabaai en Omliggende Gebiede)

  • Terugsny van bome – Laat hulle ‘n slaggie daardie boom bietjie terugsny sodat dit weer netjies is en so sommer ook gesonde groei stimuleer.
  • Afkap en/of verwydering van bome – daardie boom wat al so lank in jou pad is om watter rede ookal, laat Christiaan en sy span dit vir jou kom afkap en verwyder.
  • Snoei van bome – laat hulle vir jou al die dooie of oortollige takke uit jou boom kom sny sodat dit weer mooi in fatsoen lyk.
  • Knip/Regsny van heinings – laat CBS Garden Solutions dit bo-op en langs die kante weer netjies sny.
  • Sny/kap van bossies/onkruid – hulle kom sny met ‘n bossiekapper (weed-eater) daardie onkruid en bossies af waar die grassnyer nie kan inkom nie.
  • Verwydering van tuinafval – nie net verwyder hulle tuinafval nie, maar hulle ruim ook ashope op.
  • Skoonmaak van plaveisel – hulle spuit dit skoon met ‘n hoëdrukspuit, en haal ook onkruid uit of spuit dit met onkruiddoder.
  • Skoonmaak en/of herstel van geute – so, voor die reënseisoen begin, kry hulle om die geute gereed te maak.
  • Afskuur en behandeling van houtdekke – hulle spesialiseer hierin, so kry hulle om jou te help.
  • Onkruidbeheer d.m.v. chemiese onkruiddoders wat hulle daarop spuit.
  • Grasperk bemesting/kompos – hulle bring die kompos en werk dit in die grasperk en so ook in beddings waar nodig.
  • Beddingrandjies in tuine – hulle maak nuwe beddings en so ook sny hulle die oue kante weer reg en netjies.
  • Verskuiwing van vaste tuinstrukture – hulle breek houtstrukture, soos klimrame af op een perseel, vervoer dit na die volgende en bou dit weer daar.

Maak gebruik van hierdie mense – hulle kan so baie vir jou doen!

Christaan Heyns

Cell: 066 046 9851

CBS Garden Solutions Mossel Bay