Deja Vu Antiques

Deja Vu Antiques (Collectables, Novelties and Object d’Art)

Knysna’s very own antique shop. A haven for objets d’art, Africana books and beautiful memoirs. Whether you are an antique collector, someone who has a deep affinity for the days of yore, or someone just discovering the value and wonder of antiquities and collectables, you will love wandering around in this unique antique store. Déjà Vu Antiques and Collectables has everything from delicate brooches, sturdy antique chests to gorgeous collectable sculptures. It’s easy to get lost in time while browsing around this store. Whether you are looking for antique tea sets, perfectly preserved silverware or a piece of furniture with a history of its own, Déjà Vu Antiques has something special for you. Collected with a connoisseur’s eye and passion, you are sure to find a trinket or two to please even the most discerning collector in Déjà Vu Antiques treasure trove.

Woodmill Lane

Main Street



Tony O’Hagan

Tel: 044 382 1259

Cell: 073 220 6015