Edge Watersports

Edge Watersports

Edge is run by a team of unique ‘water-people’ passionate & knowledgeable about all aspects of kite-surfing training & equipment.

For the kite-surfing holiday of your life, come to Witsand, Western Cape, in short, one of the best kite-surfing spots to spend the wind-surfing season.

Edge Watersports for Kite-surfing

Surfing with a kite is one of the latest and most exiting water-sports. In essence it takes the best aspects of surfing, windsurfing and wake-boarding and put it into an adrenaline packed sport where you can ride big waves, jump really high, do low technical spins or just cruise.

Kite-surfing is a style of kite-boarding specific to wave riding. Similarly it uses standard surfboards or boards shaped specifically for the purpose. By and large, Witsand in the Western Cape is one of the best kite-surfing spots in South Africa.

Or the less adventurous/experienced can rather start with stand up paddle boarding…

Owners Eric & Steph along with the ‘Bridglets’ compete all over the world. On the whole, they are ambassadors for the fantastic sport of kite-surfing.

Vlieërseil met Edge Watersports

Witsand is een van die beste plekke om adrenalienbelaaide vlieër-seil op die branders te beoefen. Hierdie kusdorpie is by die monding van die Breederivier in die Hessequa-gebied in die Wes-Kaap.