Flentertjies Stilbaai

Flentertjies Stilbaai

Flentertjies Stilbaai

Secondhand Bookstore and clothing store in Stilbaai. Offering a huge selection of well-preserved second-hand books as well as hand-picked second-hand clothing. Flentertjies Stilbaai also sells second-hand accessories such as shoes and jewellery. They also have a number of puzzles for the puzzle building enthusiasts. Furthermore they sell educational toys as well as arts and crafts for kids. Moreover Henriette offers extra classes in mathematics as well as operates a reading lab. Stay a while and enjoy some Barista coffee and perhaps something small to eat.

Flentertjies is one of those unique Afrikaans words that brings more than one concept together in a single word. Hard to translate while still preserving the precise meaning without losing any of the impact while trying. ‘Bits and Pieces’ is probably a good try, though ‘Flentertjies’ refers to ‘bits and pieces’ as well as ‘second-hand’ in one perfectly chosen word.

This fascinating and adeptly named shop is in a house close to the Fynbos Centre in Excelsior Street in Stilbaai-West. In fact, just around the corner from the Amana Estate Agency. The friendly owners, Harry and Henriette, invites you to visit their establishment soon. Stilbaai is a lovely and popular coastal town in the Hessequa area in the Garden Route, Western Cape.

Flentertjies Stilbaai – Products

Books, Books, Books in Stilbaai

  • They have a huge collection of second-hand books all in very good condition and also neatly shelved in alphabetical order. Books for adults, teenagers as well as children. There are even books written by Stilbaai authors.
  • Most books are written in English, but there is a fair number of Afrikaans books as well. Also a few Dutch and German books.
  • There are lots of fiction books covering a variety of genres. Action, Adventure, Crime, Christian, Historical, Fantasy as well as Romance. Also Science fiction, War, Classics and an all-time favourite, namely Westerns which is hard to find these days because not many authors write westerns anymore.
  • Many popular authors. Older favourites such as Agatha Christie, Hammond Innes, James A Michener, Barbara Cartland, Robert Ludlam and John Grisham. More current ones like Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown and Ken Follett. Also Lee Child, David Baldacci, James Patterson, Danielle Steel, Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury any many more.
  • Publisher series such as Mills & Boon, Readers Digest.
  • Also a wide variety of quality non-fiction books on just about any topic such as Gardening, Sports, Autobiographies, Cooking, Religion, Hobbies, etc.
  • Not only do they sell books, but they also buy your second-hand books.
  • Moreover, they also have an exchange scheme going.

So holiday makers, you don’t have to haul along your holiday reading. Simply pop into Flentertjies and select your favourites.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothing in Stilbaai

  • Browse through their affordable as well as hand-picked quality second-hand clothes and find that special piece of clothing with your name on it.
  • They have a good variety of winter’s as well as summer’s clothing for adults. Although mostly for ladies, they have men’s clothing too.
  • Tops, t-shirts, blouses, long sleeves as well as short sleeves and sleeveless, dresses, jeans, pants and also swimsuits are all there.
  • Flentertjies is a great place to find quality, but affordable baby clothes such as baby-grows, some warmer for deep winter. Also other baby things like blankets and shoes.
  • Remember, these items all come as a single item since they are second-hand items. So, if you see something you like, better take it straight away, or risk losing the opportunity.
  • Of course you can bring your used, but well cared for clothes to the shop and make a deal.

Accessories and Other Odds and Ends

  • Shoes – a small selection of all kinds of good-as-new adult as well as children’s shoes, sandals, boots and more.
  • Handbags – various types of ladies handbags, second-hand, but in pristine condition.
  • Scarves – also a small variety of beautiful, silky soft scarves.
  • Jewellery – peruse their collection of bold necklaces as well as lovely earrings, bracelets, and more.
  • Skin products – such as Marula body butter, Marula hand cream as well as Safe-Sun after sun soother.

Puzzles in Stilbaai

  • Puzzle building enthusiasts, if you have used puzzles in good condition and still containing all the pieces, you might want to make a deal with Flentertjies.
  • You could either swap your puzzle for another second-hand puzzle, or you could sell it to Flentertjies.
  • Or you could just buy one of the second-hand puzzles they have available.
  • The puzzles vary in difficulty as well as number of pieces, e.g. 500, 1500 or 2000 pieces.
  • Depending on what they have in stock at the time of your visit, they might even have 3D puzzles available.
  • Of course you could ask them to let you know when they receive ‘new’ puzzles befitting your requirements.

Children – Educational Toys and Arts and Crafts in Stilbaai

  • Flentertjies Stilbaai has a special thing for children, therefore they have a special section for kids.
  • They offer fun educational toys which help with the development of children’s fine motor skills as well as sense of touch.
  • Their toys encourage learning and discovering whilst having great fun. Items such as Acorn fun bath jelly and Super Slush that changes the bath water to coloured slush and back to water again. How cool is that?
  • They also offer art and crafts items that stimulate the natural creativity of children such as face paints, paint sets, bath and body crayons, colouring books, sand art and much more.
  • So, visit them and see for yourself.

Flentertjies – Services

Reading Lab

  • A great number of children suffer at school because they can’t read or can’t understand what they are reading. This is actually a much larger problem than most people realise.
  • Henriette is qualified to assist or support children with reading problems.
  • Flentertjies also sports a reading lab where she spends one-on-one time with her young clients. Teaching them not only to read, but also to interpret the words.

Mathematics Extra Classes at Flentertjies Stilbaai

  • If your child struggles with mathematics, contact Henriette for assistance.
  • She is a qualified person also offering one-on-one extra classes in Mathematics at Flentertjies.

Reading Corner

  • In the front part of the Flentertjies Stilbaai house is a comfortable area where clients can relax while reading or perusing books they contemplate to buy.
  • There you can also enjoy a cup of Barista Coffee while reading or chatting with a friend.
  • In addition you can order something to eat such as a toasted sandwich or a chicken salad which they will prepare on request.

Business Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 – 17:00
Saturdays: 09:00 – 12:00
Public Holidays: 09:00 – 12:00

Flentertjies – Tweedehandse winkel in Stilbaai

Boekwinkel en klerewinkel wat ‘n groot verskeidenheid kwaliteit tweedehandse boeke en met die hand uitgesoekte gebruikte klere aanbied. So ook ‘n klompie ander tweedehandse artikels en opvoedkundige speelgoed vir kinders.

Henriette is gekwalifiseerd en bied ekstra wiskundeklasse aan daar by Flentertjies. Sy help ook kinders met leesprobleme in hulle lees-laboratorium.

Hierdie baie interessante en veelsydige winkel is in ‘n huis in Excelsiorstraat net so om die hoek van die Amana Eiendomsagentskap. Die vriendelike eienaars, Harry en Henriette, nooi jou uit om die oulike plek te besoek.

Flentertjies – Produkte

Tweedehandse Boeke  – Boekwinkel in Stilbaai

Daar is rakke en rakke vol goedopgepaste reedsgeleesde boeke in Engels, Afrikaans en self ‘n paar in Duits en Hollands. Boeke vir volwassenes, tieners en so ook kleiner kinders. Die groot voorraad sluit fiksie en nie-fiksie in van ‘n verskeidenheid bekende en minder bekende outeurs.

Jy kan ook jou boeke bring wat in ‘n goeie toestand is en aan hulle verkoop. Verder het hulle ‘n ruilskema aan die gang so jy kan ook jou boeke uitruil vir ander.

Hoe gaaf is dit?

Tweedehandse Klere – Klerewinkel in Stilbaai

Goed opgepaste, handuitgesoekte reedsgebruikte klere vir die hele gesin. Dit sluit in rokke, kortmou en langmou toppies, bloeses, langbroeke, jannas, swemklere, warm baadjies, en so meer. Daar is ook baie babaklere, veral ‘babygrows’ kortmou, langmou en so ook dik wintersbabapakkies.

Jy kan ook jou gebruikte goedversorgde klere wat jy nie meer gebruik nie bring vir ‘n aanbod.

Bybehore en Ander Parafernalia

Hulle verkoop ook so-goed-soos-nuut tweedehandse skoene, handsakke, serpe, juwele soos stringe krale, oorbelle, armbande en so meer. Ook velprodukte soos Marula lyfbotter, Marula handeroom en Safe-Sun na-sonbrand room.

Gebruikte Legkaarte

Vir die legkaartbouers is daar tweedehandse legkaarte, bv. 500, 1500 of 2000 stukke wat jy kan koop. So ook kan jy jou gebruikte volledige legkaarte kom omruil by hulle of selfs aan hulle verkoop.

Kinders – Opvoedkundige Speelgoed in Stilbaai

Kinders is vir Flentertjies belangrik, daarom stel hulle opvoedkundige soort speelgoed beskikbaar. Die speelgoed help met die kleintjies se motoriese- en so ook kreatiewe ontwikkeling. Hulle leer speel-speel met goed soos gesigverf, inkleurboeke, verfstelle, bad- en lyfkryte en so meer. Oumas met klein kleinkinders vir die vakansie, kom kyk gerus self.

Flentertjies  – Dienste


So baie kinders sukkel om te lees. Henriette is gekwalifiseer om kinders met leesprobleme te help. Vir hierdie doel is daar ‘n leeslab ingerig by Flentertjies.

Ekstra Wiskundeklasse in Stilbaai en Jongensfontein

Henriette is ook gekwalifiseer om ekstra wiskundeklasse aan te bied by Flentertjies, so maak gerus gebruik daarvan.


Voor in die huis is so ‘n gemaklike area’tjie waar jy kan sit en lees terwyl jy ‘n koppie Barista-koffie geniet. Op aanvraag kan hulle vir jou ‘n gebraaide toebroodjie, hoenderslaai of so ietsie voorberei.


Maandae tot Vrydae: 09:00 – 17:00
Saterdae: 09:00 – 12:00
Openbare Vakansiedae: 09:00 – 12:00