Geelkrans Hiking Trail – Geelkrans Staproete Stilbaai

Geelkrans staproete

Geelkrans Hiking Trail – Geelkrans Staproete Stilbaai

Stilbaai Geelkrans Trail - Staproete

Geelkrans Hiking Trail – Geelkrans Staproete Stilbaai

Popular Hiking trail near Still Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Along the really spectacular Garden Route. Still Bay lies around the Goukou River estuary which makes it the hot-spot for all kinds of water sports. Kite-surfing, boating, fishing, swimming and diving to name but a few. Still Bay offers locals as well as visitors everything they need including shops, restaurants, doctors and pharmacies. Also a very competent NSRI office as well as a highly alert and vigilant Police Station.

Still Bay Geelkrans Hiking Trail – Stilbaai Geelkrans Staproete Information

Under the auspices of The Still Bay Conservation Trust.

Starting Point – In the Geelkrans Nature Reserve close to the Preekstoel east of Still Bay (S 34° 21′ 54.93” E 21° 27′ 17.26”)

Ending Point – It is a circular route, thus it ends where it started.

Distance – 5 to 12 kilometres.

Time to Complete – 3 to 6 hours.

Rating – Easy, to fairly challenging, to difficult.

Useful Advice – Take along water as well as snacks, binoculars and a camera. Also wear hiking shoes, a hat and remember the sunblock!

Permits – These are self-issued and can be obtained at the gate.

Regulations – Where applicable, regulations are displayed at entrance points. General rules with reference to nature conservation as well as consideration towards other hikers are applicable to all hiking routes.

Features – This area is for rehabilitation of dune fynbos, there are limestone caves, and various bird species as well as fauna and flora species.

The Trail – The Still Bay Geelkrans Trail – Stilbaai Geelkrans Staproete gets its name from the yellow sand cliffs visible above the high-water mark. The trail is in the Geelkrans Nature Reserve to the east of Still Bay. From close to the Preekstoel the trail twists and snakes through fynbos with their unique smell and rhenosterveld, then loops around and returns along the coast. The trail is not very well marked, but one cannot really get lost if you follow the routes. (If you think you lost the route, turn towards the sea and once you reach the beach, turn west and hike until you find the Preekstoel!)

Hikers, you simply cannot miss out on this one!

Geelkrans Staproete Stilbaai

Onder beskerming van die Stilbaai Bewaringstrust.

Die roete begin in die Geelkrans Natuurreservaat oos van Stilbaai naby die Preekstoel. Dit loop veldlangs tot by die draaipunt waarvandaan dit dan seelangs terugkeer na die beginpunt. Dis 5 -12 kilometers lank, afhangende van watter roete jy kies en kan tussen 3-6 ure neem om te voltooi. Onthou die stapskoene, water, eetgoed en so ook jou verkyker en kamera. Ook die hoed en sonblok!

Die roete vleg tussen die fynbos en renosterbos deur, so ook duineveld en is van maklik tot regtig moeilik. Hoewel die roete nie oral baie duidelik gemerk is nie, is dit amper onmoontlik om te verdwaal as jy die paadjies volg.