Go Bikes Bicycle Repairs at your home.

Go Bikes Bicycle Repairs

Go Bikes Bicycle Repairs at your home.

Go Bikes Bicycle Repairs

In Riversdale for bicycle repairs, bicycle service as well as bicycle maintenance on any model/make bicycle at your home by appointment.

Go Bikes Bicycle Repairs will do routine services, repairs and maintenance of your bike at your home. We work on any make, mountain bikes, racing bikes, any brand.

Our services include forks and shocks maintenance and repairs as well as cables and housing. We do adjusting of brakes, brake cables and pads as well as adjustment of derailleur gears. Furthermore we remove, mend and install chains, or replace chains and sprockets.

Go Bikes will lubricate the suspension, shifter and chain. We work on wheels, spokes and tire valves, including true wheels and fix punctures or flats.

We work in and around Riversdale and also in the Still Bay, Jongensfontein area. When in need of parts, there is Atlas Sport in Still Bay and Jackson Motor Parts in Riversdale where the necessary part can be obtained.

Additionally Go Bikes Bicycle Repairs deliver repair services at bicycle rallies and events.

Go Bikes Fiets Herstelwerk

Hulle diens, doen herstelwerk en onderhoud aan enige maak fiets. Go Bikes kom werk by jou huis op afspraak.

Hulle lewer ook hersteldiens tydens fietstoernooie en fietsry-byeenkomste.

Go Bikes werk in die Riversdal-, Stilbaai- en Jongensfonteinomgewings.


Cell: 079 676 0130

Cell: 084 756 7370

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