Groenewald Konstruksie Stilbaai

Groenewald Konstruksie

Groenewald Konstruksie Stilbaai

Groenewald Konstruksie / Construction Stilbaai

Earthmoving and excavator contractors in Still Bay for all digging where there is a need for heavy machinery. With their powerful equipment they clear away large quantities of soil. They also deliver sand and stone for building as well as remove excavated soil and debris. Furthermore they build concrete walls in Still Bay and surrounds

Groenewald Konstruksie / Construction Activities

Still Bay is a growing town with lots of new homes to be built. The building sites are not on flat soil, in fact the area is quite hilly and rocky or sandy in places. There are also a lot of natural vegetation, bushes and trees all over the empty plots. This earthworks contractor has the all the mechanical resources to clear your building site from rock as bushes. They will also shape the ground and remove the debris with their tipper trucks.

With their three in one TLB machines (tractor, loader, backhoe) as well as their scrapers and tipper trucks, these contractors will excavate the soil for building new roads. They will also use their heavy diggers and scrapers to dig a new dam or swimming pool as well as shape the ground to form the contours of the dam. If you need soil to fill in a trench or hole or slope the garden, Groenewald Construction is your answer.

Also make use of them to deliver sand and stone at your building site to use for building as well as paving and filling uneven sites. On top of all the ground moving, digging and clearing, they also build concrete walls.

Call Groenewald Konstruksie / Construction for fast, efficient as well as professional service at competitive prices. They will excavate your building site, but not your bank account!

Grondverskuiwing en Betonmure in Stilbaai

Kontak Groenewald Konstruksie / Construction vir enige grondverskuiwingswerk, skoonmaak van erwe van bosse en klippe en so ook aflewering van bousand en klip. Hulle sit ook betonmure op.

Hulle swaar masjienerie, meganiese slootgrawers, skopgrawe en stootskrapers is die perfekte toerusting om damme te skrop en kontoere te stoot. So ook uitgrawings vir paaie, die gelykmaak van grond asook die wegry van grond, bosse en klippe waar erwe skoongemaak is.

Hulle is vinnig, effektief en so ook profesioneel en hulle pryse is kompeterend.

Groenewald Konstruksie Stilbaai - Kobus Groenewald  Groenewald Konstruksie Stilbaai - Gielie Broenewald


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