Head over Hills Luxury Retreat

Head over Hills Luxury Retreat (5 Star, Guest House)

Head over Hills is a unique 5 Star luxury retreat situated on the beautiful edge of the iconic Knysna heads. Our luxury accommodation and world-class views are the perfect backdrop to a well-deserved getaway, honeymoon or to simply take in the splendor of our naturally beautiful location.

Our suites and deluxe rooms at The Head over Hills Luxury Retreat

Choose from a nice selection of four suites and four deluxe rooms all with Sea view

Captains Suite

Enjoy watching the sun set while relaxing in the spa bath with the indoor fireplace setting the perfect atmosphere. Being positioned on the upper level, this suite offers privacy and excellent views which can be enjoyed while sitting outside on its personal balcony.

Whale Suite

Positioned on the farthest left hand side of the guest house, the Whale suite has panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the other famous Knysna Heads Mountain. With its uniquely designed bathroom, being set behind and above the bedroom makes sure that the beautiful view is always in sight.

Elephant Suite

Luxurious is just one way to describe this suite. With a view facing the ocean, a spacious bathroom including a sauna and exquisite private balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean, there is no better place to unwind and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Seahorse Suite

A spaciously open-planned bedroom with straight on and side views of the Indian Ocean and Knysna lagoon makes this suite the perfect blend of comfort and natural scenery.

Oyster Room

The ground floor views of both the Indian Ocean and the other Knysna Heads Mountain, makes this modest room have the best of both worlds.

Pansy Shell Room

This is a convenient room, with two single beds and an enclosed bathroom. The view of the Indian Ocean can be enjoyed while relaxing on sun chairs on your personal balcony.

Viewpoint Room

A straight-on view of the ocean from the bedroom, allows one to embrace their surroundings while relaxing.

Dolphin Room

A beautiful bedroom with an enclosed bathroom and a balcony overlooking the ocean, on which you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

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