Hessequa Abattoir / Slagpale

Hessequa Abattoir

Hessequa Abattoir / Slagpale

Hessequa Abattoir

Meat suppliers in Riversdale, Western Cape which processes and then distributes meat products to wholesalers and butchers in South Africa.

Established in 2007, the company operates as an abattoir, in essence purchasing livestock from producers throughout the Southern Cape. They then slaughter these animals in the slaughterhouse, process the meat and in addition distribute the fresh produce to various wholesalers and butchers.

Their modern facilities of course consistently applies the highest standards of hygiene. They are also one of the first to implement a biogas plant where they generate electricity from waste material.

In any event, Hessequa Abattoir is open from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 17h00. They are, however, not open on weekends.

Hessequa Abattoir is, of course, approved Halaal by SANHA (South African National Halaal Authority.

They supply meat to the whole of Hessequa in towns such as Still Bay, Albertinia, Heidelberg as well as the rest of the country.

Hessequa Slagpale

Die tuiste van kwaliteit lam. Groothandel vleisverskaffers in Riversdal, Wes-Kaap vir die beste vleis. Hulle slag, verwerk en versprei vleisprodukte na verskeie slaghuise en handelaars in Suid-Afrika.

Hessequa Slagpale is Halaal-goedgekeur deur SANHA.

Hulle verskaf vleis aan die hele Hessequa in dorpe soos Stilbaai, Riversdal, Heidelberg en Albertinia, en ook die res van die land.





GPS coordinates

34.0928118, 21.2479048

Anton Swart

Tel : 028 713 1713

Sel : 082 443 1740

Faks:028 713 2257

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