Hi-Q Bande / Tyres Stilbaai

Hi-Q Bande /Tyres Stilbaai

Hi-Q Bande / Tyres Stilbaai

Hi-Q Bande/Tyres Stilbaai

for new tyres, exhaust, batteries, shocks, tow bars as well as brakes. We also provide a wheel balancing and wheel alignment service in Still Bay and Jongensfontein.

Hi-Q Tyres Still Bay offers a full range of fitment centre services and products such as new tyres, brakes, tow bars, exhausts and shocks. Also batteries, rims and nitrogen. Their services include tyre or puncture repairs, wheel balancing, wheel alignment as well as wheel rotation.

They are an approved TuffStuff fitment centre and can also install a SWAT system for your vehicle. This refers to Spare Wheel Alarm Technologies which is a warning system that of course works through your existing alarm system the moment somebody tampers with the spare wheel. It is meant to protect spare wheels fitted to the chassis, tail door or likewise any exterior part of the vehicle.

The Hi-Q Tyres 10 point safety check

-Tyre tread depth
-Uneven wear on tyres
-Exact tyre pressure
-Wheel alignment
-Wheel rotation
-Shock absorbers
-Exhaust system
-Brakes (pads, discs and brake fluid)
-Battery health
-Wiper blades

They also offer TyreSurance as well as a 24/7 emergency call out service.

In Still Bay West next to the Engen Garage.


Hi Q Bande/Tyres Stilbaai verskaf nuwe bande, skokbrekers, uitlaatstelsels sowel as batterye en remme of brieke. So ook wippers vir motors en trekkers en ook trekkerbande.
Kom na hulle vir wielbalansering, wielsporing en wielrotering, pap wiele asook enige ander probleem met jou bande.
Verder bied hulle ook TyreSurance en kan ook TuffStuff produkte installeer. So ook die SWAT stelsel wat jou waarsku wanneer iemand aan die spaarwiel karring wat iewer buite-op die voertuig gemonteer is.
In Stilbaai-wes langs die Engengarage.


Hi-Q Bande / Tyres Stilbaai

164 Main Road West

Next to Engen




David Vosloo

Tel: 028 754 1238

Fax: 028 713 4596

24 Hours Emergency : 072 460 7359

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Hi-Q Bande / Tyres Stilbaai