House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in Stilbaai

Company offering Custom Interior Decorating services in Still Bay throughout the year. Also a Florist and Nursery, Tea Garden, Pizza Shop as well as stockist of Velvet Furniture and exclusive Ladies Clothing. House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is the umbrella name for a number of divisions housed in different locations on the same premises. This brave dynamic and zealous enterprise is located on Main Road West in Still Bay, opposite the entrance to Palinggat-Oord.

House of Sarah Life Style Centre

Components of House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre

The main segment is called House of Sarah – Interior Decorators which is primarily what this business is about. Their interior decorating service include kitchen design and decorating, wallpaper, rugs, curtaining and tiebacks, blinds, upholstery, lighting, etc.

Then there is the Florist and Nursery called Violette, Vanilla, the Tea Garden as well as Oregano Pizza Shop, under construction (Jan 2020) and opening soon. Lastly, and coupled with the first, is Rosemary, the décor and exclusive ladies clothing shed offering custom furniture pieces to fit your space. Trust them to design your perfect home or business space.

The owner and industry-leading interior decorator has been in the decorating industry since 1998. She believes in attention to detail as well as investing in durable quality that can last a lifetime. She works with a team of experienced people who are studying continuously to stay well informed and up to date with developments in the field.

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is a branch of House of Sarah Interior in George, a lovely town at the foot of the stately Outeniqua Mountain. Right in the centre of the Garden Route.

House of Sarah – Interior Decorators

This is the first and main section on House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre. Their interior decorating service includes consultations with clients as well as designing, manufacturing and installing, fitting or mounting of decorative items. They offer advice on colour schemes, design style, decorating schemes and furnishings for your new or renovated house. All House of Sarah products are handmade.

Scope of their interior decorating service

  • Interior space design and decoration – house renovation, wallpaper, curtains, blinds, head rests as well as scatter cushions or pillows. Also throws, napkins, serviettes and other table linen, custom decorative items, etc.
  • Lighting – selecting lampshades, electrical wiring as well as hanging lights, etc.
  • Flooring – choice of floor finishing and decoration such as rugs or tiles, cemcrete, etc.
  • Kitchen layout, decoration, renovation, planning and design, as well as the physical work needed to realise the plans such as installing cupboards.
  • Furniture design, source special pieces, repair, restore as well as upholster furniture, manufacture chairs and other furniture according to customer specifications.

Furthermore they sell Annie Sloan chalk paint in assorted colours in quantities of 100 ml and 1 litre as well as gift cards or gift vouchers.

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House of Sarah Life Style Centre

Violette – Florist and Nursery in Stilbaai

The Florist part of the second section of House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre, Violette, shares a building with the Interior Decorators.

  • Florists – they keep a variety of fresh flowers, fillers as well as greens in the cold room to keep them fresh. Rosebuds, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, gypsophila, leather-leaf ferns, etc. are kept in bundles to enable clients to choose their flowers. Order bouquets or flower arrangements for your event, formal or informal, such as wedding flowers, nosegays, posies, funeral flowers casket sprays, etc. You can also hire the pot or vase for the bouquet from Violette.
  • Nursery – something for everyone’s garden. A variety of lovely roses as well as other flowering plants, succulents, shrubs and trees. Also indigenous plants such as proteas and spekboom (Portulacaria Afra), climbers like jasmine and a large number of bonsai trees.
Violette Florist & Nursery

Vanilla – Tea Garden or Coffee Shop in Stilbaai

Another section of House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is called Vanilla. A Tea garden, Coffee Shop or Restaurant with seating under the trees and shading nets among the rose bushes and other plants in the nursery. The ideal venue for small functions and events such as birthday parties. Offering various warm as well as cold drinks such as tea, coffee, milkshakes, health smoothies, decadent cake and other sweet things. They also serve gluten free cake and gluten free muffins as well as breakfast. (No liquor license yet, but it is in the pipeline)

Vanilla Coffee Shop in Stilbaai

Rosemary – Decor and Exclusive Ladies Clothing Shed at House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre

  • Furniture – They are stockists of Velvet Furniture, a company designing and manufacturing quality furniture for every room. Their furniture come in different styles, such as modern, contemporary, industrial, farmhouse style, etc. They also custom-manufacture all types of furniture such as wardrobes, chests of drawers, desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.
  • Decor for hire – this service is still in the planning stage (Jan 2020). More information will follow as soon as the service is in place.
  • Interior decorating – examples of various hand made items such as napkins, scatter cushions, framed mirrors of different shapes and sizes to choose from. Many of these items are for sale. Also samples of fabric for upholstery, material for curtaining and rolls of wallpaper are on display.
  • Exclusive ladies clothing – they sell garments from exclusive designers such as Le Riche Designs in George and Iconic Designs in Cape Town. Furthermore they carry a range of clothing made of the finest Italian silk.
Rosemary Decor & Clothing Shed in Stilbaai

Oregon Pizza Shop in Stilbaai

The pizza shop, Oregon is still under construction (Jan 2020) and located on your right hand side as you walk from the parking area towards the first building. The beautiful oven is already completed and will soon be in operation.

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in a Nutshell

  • Industry-leading interior decorator in Stilbaai
  • Consultations (at a fee)
  • Offering interior decorating service throughout the year
  • Custom interior decorations
  • All Home of Sarah products are hand-made
  • Annie Sloan chalk paint for sale
  • Gift cards as well as lots of special gifts
  • Free parking
  • Pet friendly coffee shop in Stilbaai
  • Florist – order bouquets, wreaths as well as casket sprays (Violette)
  • Nursery – also a large number of bonsai trees (Violette)
  • Tea Garden – ideal for small functions such as birthdays (Vanilla)
  • Exclusive ladies clothing (Rosemary)
  • Custom built chairs (Rosemary)
  • Stockists of Velvet Furniture (Rosemary)
  • Decor for hire (still in planning stage Jan 2020)
  • Oregano Pizza Shop under construction (Jan 2020) – opening soon

Sarlise Du Toit

Tel: 028 754 1551

Cell: 082 849 4241

Main Road West



Binneversiering en Leefstylwinkel in Stilbaai

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre is die oorkoepelende naam vir verskillende dienste aangebied deur dieselfde besigheid op dieselfde perseel. Elke afdeling het sy eie naam. Die vernaamste afdeling word genoem House of Sarah – Interior Decorators wat ook primêr die doel is van die besigheid. Hulle binneversieringsdiens sluit in kombuis ontwerp en dekorering, muurpapier, los matte, gordyne en blindings, stoffering, beligting en so meer.

Dan is daar die bloemiste en kwekery so paslik genaamd Violette, teetuin met die naam Vanilla en Oregano Pizzawinkel (wat binnekort oopmaak). Laastens, en gekoppel aan die eerste, is daar Rosemary, die dekor, meubels en eksklusiewe damesklerewinkel.

House of Sarah – Binneversierders

Hulle binneversieringsdienste sluit in konsultasies met kliënte en die ontwerp, maak en so ook installering van dekoratiewe items waar nodig. Hulle gee raad oor kleurskemas, ontwerpstyle, dekorskemas en meubilering van jou nuwe of opgeknapte huis. Alle House of Sarah produkte is handgemaak.

Binne bestek van hulle diens val dinge soos:

  • Binneruimte-ontwerp en -versiering – huisopknapping, muurpapier, gordyne, blindings, kopstukke en strooikussings. So ook throws, servette en ander tafellinne, spesiaalgemaakte gespesifiseerde dekoratiewe items.
  • Beligting – uitsoek van lampskerms, elektriese bedrading en die hang van ligte, en so meer.
  • Vloerafwerking en versiering – los matte en ander vloere soos cemcrete, teëls, ens.
  • Kombuisuitleg, dekorering, opknapping, beplanning en so ook die fisiese doen van die werk.
  • Meubelontwerp en opsporing van spesiale stukke, herstel van meubels, stoffering en so ook die maak van stoele of ander stukke op bestelling volgens eie spesifikasies.

Jy kan Annie Sloan krytverf in ‘n verskeidenheid van kleure hier koop in hoeveelhede van 100 ml en so ook 1 liter. Hulle verkoop ook geskenkbewyse.

Maak sommer nou ‘n afspraak vir ‘n konsultasie met Sarah.

Violette – Bloemiste en Kwekery in Stilbaai

  • Bloemiste – hulle hou ‘n verskeidenheid vars blomme en groenigheid in die koelkamer soos roosknoppe, lelies, krisante, angeliere, gipskruid, en so meer. Bestel by hulle ‘n ruiker vir jou geleentheid, formeel, informeel, trouruiker, skouerruiker, begrafnisblomme, kisruiker en so meer.
  • Kwekery – Iets vir elkeen se tuin – verskeidenheid lieflike rose en so ook ander blomplante, vetplante, struike en bome, inheemse plante soos proteas en spekbome, rankplante soos jasmyn en ‘n groot verskeidenheid bonsaiboompies.

Vanilla Teetuin/Koffiewinkel in Stilbaai

Teetuin, koffiewinkel of restaurant met sitplek onder die bome en skadunet, so tussen die rose en ander plante in die kwekerytuin. Die ideale plek vir klein funksies soos verjaarsdagvierings met verskillende warm of koue drinkgoed soos tee, koffie en melkskommels en dekadente koek en ander soetgoed. Hulle bedien onder andere glutenvrye koek en so ook glutenvrye muffins/kolwyntjies.

Rosemary – Dekor en Eksklusiewe Damesklerewinkel

  • Meubels – hulle is verspreiders van Velvet meubels wat kwaliteit meubels ontwerp en vervaardig vir elke vertrek en volgens verskillende style, bv. modern, kontemporêr, plaashuisgevoel, industrieël, en so meer. Hulle maak ook op bestelling volgens jou spesifikasies meubels soos hangkaste, laaikaste, lessenaars, stoele, tafels, kabinette en so baie meer.
  • Dekor te huur – hierdie diens is nog in die beplanningstadium (Jan 2020) Meer inligting wanneer dit in werking tree.
  • Binneversiering – allerhande voorbeelde van handgemaakte items soos servette, strooikussings, geraamde spieëls van verskillende groottes. So ook monsters van materiaal vir gordyne, stoffering en rolle muurpapier waaruit gekies kan word.
  • Eksklusiewe damesklere – hulle verkoop klere van eksklusiewe ontwerpers soos Le Riche Designs in George en Iconic Designs in Kaapstad. So ook dra hulle ‘n reeks van die fynste Italiaanse sy.

Oregon Pizza-winkel in Stilbaai

Nog ‘n deel van House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre. Die pizzawinkel, Oregon, is nog onder konstruksie (Jan 2020) en sit op jou regterhand soos jy van die parkeerterrein af stap na die eerste gebou. Die pragtige oond pizzaoond is reeds voltooi en sal binnekort in werking wees.

House of Sarah Lifestyle Centre in ‘n Neutedop

  • Leier in die binneversieringsindustrie
  • Konsultasies (teen ‘n fooi)
  • Binneshuise versierings volgens bestelling gemaak
  • Binneshuisversieringsdiens dwarsdeur die jaar
  • Alle produkte van House of Sarah is handgemaak
  • Annie Sloan krytverf te koop aangebied
  • Geskenkbewyse en so ook hope spesiale geskenke
  • Gratis parkering
  • Troeteldiervriendelike koffiewinkel in Stilbaai
  • Bloemiste – bestel ruikers, kranse en so ook kisruikers (Violette)
  • Kwekery – insluitende bonsaiboompies (Violette)
  • Teetuin – ideaal vir klein funksies soos verjaarsdae (Vanilla)
  • Eksklusiewe damesklere (Rosemary)
  • Stoele volgens bestelling gemaak (Rosemary)
  • Verspreiders van Velvet Meubels (Rosemary)
  • Dekor te huur – diens in beplanningstadium (Jan 2020) (Rosemary)
  • Pizzawinkel (Oregano) onder konstruksie (Jan 2020) – maak binnekort oop

Sarlise Du Toit

Tel: 028 754 1551

Cell: 082 849 4241

Main Road West