Japtrap Vervoer en Algemene Dienste

Japtrap Vervoer & Algemene Dienste

Japtrap Vervoer  – Japtrap Transport

Company for the removal and transportation of building rubble, garden refuse, sand, crushed stone, cement, etc. Japtrap Vervoer removes or transports anything (except furniture) that can fit on their truck. Cleaning or clearing of vacant plots (erven). Their motto is ‘No Hassles – Only Solutions’ and they work in the Still Bay/Jongensfontein area where their truck has become a familiar sight over the years.

Freddie Oosthuizen has been in the industry for a long time already and is well-known for his reliability and honesty, prompt service as well as affordable prices. His services cover residential properties as well as commercial properties, building sites, housing complexes, public grounds, etc. Whenever there is something to be picked up and removed or to be delivered, contact Freddie for a swift solution.

Japtrap Transport Services

  • Removal Services
    – Japtrap Transport removes building rubble from building sites where renovations or extensions are under way. – Or cleans up and removes piled up trash on a property.     -The cleaning or clearing of bush, trees and plants on vacant plots or erven in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein.
    – Picks up and removes garden refuse which can become a problem especially during spring and summer.
    – Removes branches after pruning of trees.
    – Assists with removing rubbish in the event of a problem with the normal garbage trucks.
    – The list of possibilities goes on and on and his services are available to anyone and everyone!
  • Delivery Services
    – Building materials such as sand, stone, bags of cement, bricks, tiles, timber, etc.
    – Gardening materials such as bags of compost, potting soil or fertiliser, support blocks, big pots, plants, potted trees and more.
    – Any other load too big for your own vehicle that you need transported (except furniture – no moving house) – these are but a few examples.

No need to struggle – simply call Freddie!

Freddie Oosthuizen

Cell: 084 702 1224

Japtrap Vervoer & Algemene Dienste Stilbaai

Japtrap Vervoer bied ‘n aflewerings- en verwyderingsdiens in Stilbaai en is al lank in die bedryf. Hy is vinnig, betroubaar, eerlik en beskostigbaar. Hy vervoer enigiets met sy trok behalwe meubels, so hy doen nie trekke nie, en hy werk in die Stilbaai/Jongensfonteingebied. Sy dienste dek residensiële eiendomme, kommersiële eiendomme, boupersele, woonkomplekse, openbare gronde, en so meer. Waar daar iets is om te verwyder of af te lewer, skakel Freddie vir ‘n probleemvrye oplossing.

Japtrap Vervoer – Dienste

  • Verwyderingsdienste – Hulle verwyder en vervoer bourommel, tuinvullis, maak erwe skoon, en so ook enige ander vrag wat jy ookal verwyder wil hê.
  • Afleweringsdienste – Hulle kan vir jou vragte aflewer wat te groot is vir jou eie voertuig, bv. boumateriaal soos sakkies sement, sand, klip, en so meer. Ook tuinmaakbenodigdhede soos sakke kompos, potgrond en kunsmis, groot potte, stutblokke, en so meer. Die lys gaan aan…

Moenie sukkel nie, man – bel vir Freddie!

Freddie Oosthuizen

Cell: 084 702 1224