Jongensfontein Betonwerke Cement and Brick works

Jongensfontein Betonprodukte

Jongensfontein Betonwerke Cement and Brick works

Jongensfontein Betonprodukte / Jongensfontein Concrete Products and Paving bricks.

Manufacturer of paving bricks, lintels, garden furniture and also garden pots. Vervaardiger van plaveistene, lateie, tuinmeubels en tuinpotte.

Jongensfontein Betonprodukte is a garden lover’s paradise manufacturing the most enticing garden furniture, pots, water features as well as cement ornaments. Take your time to peruse and admire the imaginative garden pots while already placing them in your mind somewhere in your own garden, complete with plants and all.

Some look like baskets, some like books lying flat and some like old fashioned suitcases of course all in different sizes. Also folded hands, Victorian pots, round ones, square ones, deep ones, wide ones and narrow ones in bronze or cement colour. Or lose yourself among the cement tables, small benches and also bird-baths on stands. You can just picture them in that shady spot in your garden next to the murmuring water fountain…Oh man!

Other products at Jongensfontein Concrete Products and Paving Bricks

Apart from all the above-mentioned garden treasures, they also produce lintels, paving bricks, cement building blocks and cement bricks. Also various sizes and shapes of steppingstones such as cement tree trunk discs, grass blocks, cement sleepers and cute little cobble stones. Likewise they have cement stop/retaining blocks, tree rings and half-rings as well as edge stones resembling a loaf of bread.

On top of manufacturing all these products, they also build cement retaining walls or stop walls in your garden or wherever such walls or blocks are needed. One can even put plants in them. In addition they also lay paving anywhere you need it.

Be warned you will not leave that place empty handed… They do NOT have Credit card facilities, so make sure you bring enough cash. You will want everything you see! Passionately!

Jongensfontein Betonprodukte en Plaveiselstene.

Vir die tuinmaker en planteliefhebber is Jongensfontein Betonprodukte ‘n paradys met hulle verloklike tuinmeubels. So ook kreatiewe tuinpotte, waterwerke en fonteintjies en sement tuinornamente. Sement tafels en bankies en voëlbadjies en kreatiewe potte in sementkleur of brons. Vir elke ding sien jy sommer ‘n plek in jou tuin en is jy dadelik oortuig jy moet dit net hê!

Behalwe dit, maak hulle ook lateie, plaveistene, sement boublokke en sement stene. So ook trapstene vir gras en paadjies in tuine in die vorm van blokke, sement boomstompskywe, sement dwarslêers, en oulike klein keisteentjies. Ook stutwalblokke of keerwalblokke sowel as boomringe, halfringe en randstene wat soos ‘n brode lyk.

En dan pak hulle ook die keerwalblokke en hulle lê plaveisel vir kliënte. Jy kan natuurlik in die keerwalblokke plant ook.

Onthou hulle het NIE kredietkaartfasiliteite NIE. Wees dus gewaarsku om genoeg kontant saam te vat, want jy gaan alles wil hê. Met ‘n passie!
+/- 1 km on Blombos Road

Off Stilbaai/Jongensfontein Road



Marijke & Rudie Kleynhans

Tel: 028 755 8974

Cell: 082 614 4344 (Marijké)

072 174 4920 (Rudie)

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