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Jongensfontein Holiday Accommodation & Rentals

Jongensfontein Holiday Accommodation & Rentals

In Jongensfontein in the holiday accommodation business thus assisting you to find a holiday home, flat or apartment in the area.

Jongensfontein is a tiny coastal town near Still Bay, quite popular for fishing due to the rocky beach. There is a lovely tidal pool as well which makes this an ideal place for an unforgettable holiday. To find a suitable place to stay while on holiday, contact holiday letting agent, Danie van Rensburg of Agrisell for professional and friendly service.

There are many self-catering holiday houses, apartments, flats and other housing and living space for rent available. Danie of Jongensfontein Holiday Accommodation & Rentals will help you to find something to suit your particular needs.

Keep in mind, though, that Jongensfontein is a very popular holiday location and always full during the holiday season. So, it is advisable to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Once you’ve been there, you will want to stay. No problem – Danie van Rensburg is also a Real Estate Agent for Agrisell, the source of prime property. So, call him if you want to buy, rent or sell property such as a plot, farm or house. Also an apartment, flat or any other real estate.

Jongensfontein Vakansie Akkommodasie & Verhurings

Jongensfontein is die perfekte plekkie om ‘n vakansie deur te bring. Daar is baie selfsorg huise en woonstelle te huur. So ook rondawels en ander behuising en blyplekke. Laat Danie van Rensburg jou help om die regte vakansie-akkommodasie te vind.

Hou in gedagte dat Jongensfontein ‘n baie gewilde vakansieplek is en gedurende die vakansieseisoen baie vol is. So, bespreek jou vakansieverblyf lank voor die tyd as jy nie teleurgesteld wil wees nie.

As jy eers in Jongensfontein was, wil jy sommer bly. Geen probleem – Danie is ook ‘n Agrisell eiendomsagent so hy kan ook help met die koop en verkoop van huise. So ook besighede, plase en erwe en ander vaste eiendom in Jongensfontein en Stilbaai.

Jongensfontein Holiday Accommodation & Rentals

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